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Cast your spell and have a wizard themed graduation party. Have wizard games, food and serve magic potions brewed in your wizards cauldron. 

A wizard party can be a simple party and fun to do. Lots of fun and enthusiasm can make it truly magical.

The venue could be simply at home, which is great for relatives and friends who will be comfortable and relaxed. Why not try a local hall, school gym or even an atmospheric museum. Every venue can have some magic weaved on it to become a special wizards party.

I hope to give you lots of graduation party ideas, including:

  • Invitation ideas and wording

  • Costumes

  • Food

  • Games

  • Favors

  • Lots more graduation party ideas.

Graduation Wizard Party - Invitations

The Wizard Invitations page has ideas on

  • Simple, fun ideas you can make yourself

  • Wording to help you personalize your invites

  • How to use the free printable

  • Wizard ideas to help you create projects like save the date cards.

Graduation Wizard Party - Costumes

wizard party
wizard party
  • Merlin costume

  • Wizard hat

  • Wizard nose and chin. 

  • The forces of evil could be recreated by having characters like hobgoblins and dark witches and wizards.
  • Wand

  • Broom

  • Crystal Ball

  • Spell book

  • Magic potion bottles

  • Cape

  • Dress like the characters from the Nicholas Cage movie, especially the wild haired sorcerer.

Graduation Wizard Party - Decorations

wizard party
wizard party

A wizard graduation party offers the chance to make a truly spellbinding venue. 


  • Driveway - Cut out from construction paper wizard themed shapes like Hats, Cats, Bats and Spiders

  • Movie Entrance - make an entrance to a movie like Harry Potter using a movie sign, lighting, red carpet and helpers dressed as characters from the movie.

  • Wizard photo stand in

  • Door -Above the door have a banner announcing the graduation party
    Decorate with cobwebs
    Hanging toy bats and spiders
    Decorate with stars

  • Helpers dressed as Wizards, Cats and Bats

  • If you have a Wizard of Oz theme you could turn your driveway in to a Yellow Brick Road. You could create an Emerald City in green. Also create a scarecrow, tin man, lion man and have a helper dressed as Dorothy.

Scene Setters

  • Use poster of all kinds of wizards like Merlin and Harry Potter.

  • If you can borrow any magician props that would add to the decorations. Perhaps a magic box, magic mirrors, or top hat.

  • Hang up Wizard hats, Harry Potter Deluxe Magical Wand, brooms and a wizard costume.

  • Cauldron - Use a very large pot for making fake wizards potions.

  • Label a large old book as the Spell Book

  • Also, to create spell books, create wizard covers for your largest books complete with signs of the zodiac and write the words spell book on it in old fashioned writing.

  • Create spell book pages and use your imagination to create fake spells. You could have spells for turning people into cats, spells to make people disappear and spells to make turn enemies to dust, for example. In the same way you can create the recipes for magic potions.

  • Label old jars as wizards potions. You could call them Bats Wing, Creepy Worm Soup, Lizard Tail Ointment, and lots more creepy names. Perhaps you can die some water or gelatin in them to make them look horrible.

  • Hire some magicians equipment like magic mirrors.

  • You could create murals such as a scary castle with wizards, witches, owls, spell books, a cauldron and a broomstick. Also a Harry Potter with a scene from the movie recreated with the graduate and party guests in place of the movie characters. Also a scene around a cauldron with a witch or wizard with a scary cat and owl. You could have a scene with the graduate and friends flying around on broomsticks. Finally you may have kindergarten kids at the party and you can have a friendly scene such as from the Disney Merlin movie.

  • Colored lighting can add an excellent effect in many ways. For example if you can safely put a green light into a cauldron it could make a spooky effect.

  • Put up movie posters and photos of the Harry Potter movies, Merlin and The Wizard of Oz.

Great Decorations

  • Create an entrance to the graduation that will allow photographs to be taken. A standee of a wizard would be excellent. Of course with guests in costume you could have a blue sheet with yellow and silver stars.

  • Balloons can be Mylar wizard balloons, of plain balloons decorated with stars, glitter, wizard hats, spiders and bats.

  • Hang up streamers everywhere. Use blue, black, yellow and white.

  • Hang toy (or card cutout) spiders and bats everywhere, great if they can hang from the ceiling.

  • Make crystal balls from card. Perhaps you can borrow a real crystal ball.

  • Owls and bat toys or posters.

  • Set out jars filled with Jell-O which include cocktail onions or fake spiders or fake bats for effect.

  • Make up jars of magic potions of all different colors. Put labels on them such as shrinking potions and disappearing potion.

  • Use plastic aquarium lighting or Xmas tree lighting to light up dark areas of the party.

  • Create a dark room full of glow in the dark wizard hats, cats eyes, bats, worms, spiders, and scary images of goblins.

  • Bunting in the shape of wizard hats, bats and spiders.

  • Use Xmas Tree lights


  • Centerpiece - Wizard hat with a photo of the graduate plus wand.

  • Make wizard's hat place mats, broom menus and wand place cards.

  • Colored napkins, plates and cutlery, perhaps in blue color. You can add white or yellow star stickers.

  • Tablecloth - say blue or black which can be decorated with stars and other wizard symbols

Decorate Your Guests

  • Face paints, painting bats, spiders and stars on guests cheeks.

  • Wizard hats and cloaks

  • Funtoos, like the Harry Potter lightning bolt.

  • Fake cobwebs

One of the great graduation party ideas is to have a box of guest decorations at the wizard graduation party entrance and hand them out liberally!

Graduation Wizard Party - Food and Drink

Make the wizard food exciting. It is amazing how much more fun the right label can make good food sound.

  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce can be Guts and Blood.

  • Spaghetti with meatballs can be Guts and Eyes

  • Chicken wings can be called Bat Wings

  • Wands could be fish sticks

  • A chicken and vegetable pie could be worm, snake and bat pie.

  • Grapes labelled as eyeballs.

  • Jell-O cut into wizard type shapes like half moons and stars.

To give the party enough variety of food:

  • Green salad

  • Fruit bowls with grapes, banana, apple and orange

  • French fries

  • Carrots and dip

  • Boxes of raisins

  • Bowls of jelly beans and M&Ms

To drink have lots of sodas, fruit juices and water. You may like to try out combinations of fruit juice to give blood color and a good taste. Perhaps some combination of orange and blackcurrant. Green Kool Aid can be served as witches brew

Graduation Cake

The Graduation Cake page gives all the details you need on the recipe, cooking tools and ingredients. Great ideas on cupcakes, graduation cap cakes, cake decorating and lots of tips and techniques. 

Simple Decorating Idea for Your Graduation Party Cake

Try out your skills with cakes. There are some great shapes like wizards hats, wands and brooms.

1) Decorate a hat shaped cake with black frosting and add toy spiders and bats. Then using colored frosting of your choice add the graduates name and congratulations.

2) Alternatively once the cake is frosted with black frosting, add a wand in black frosting or a broom in brown frosting.

Graduation Wizard Party - Games

  • Scary box, put a bowl into each of say 4 boxes which have a hole just big enough for a hand on the side. In each bowl place an item for the guest to feel. The bowls can have spaghetti, a plum tomato, jell-o, and meatballs. The guest is told there are some creepy things in the boxes and they must identify them by touch alone.

  • Challenge room, set out a dark room with some glow bats, toy snakes, bats and spiders. The guests have to go through the dark room by touch alone. They must find say 4 wands on the way through. In the dark their senses will make a lot more of the toy snakes!

  • Treasure Hunt, hide lots of wizard items around the venue. The task is to find as many as you can. If you can, make up clues and put them in a spellbook. You can do great things like printing clues backward onto a card and guests will need to hold it to a mirror to read it. Write a clue on white paper using a candle, to read it guests will need to go over the writing in felt pen. You could also give a numeric code with the key to translate it. The numeric code could simply be made by assigning each letter its number in the alphabet. Translate the clues to numeric code.

  • Have a blindfold taste test. You could blindfold the guest and tell them just how scary the taste test . In reality they could be tasting different flavored chocolate.

  • Mystery set up a mystery puzzle for guests to solve. The kids should work in teams with an adult helper. This one leads guests around your home as they solve each clue, get to the next location and find the next clue. They need to get round the course fastest to win.Clue 1 - The first part of this mystery, is somewhere you need to be, when you just need to go! ( location is the toilet where you need to hide the next clue)
    Clue 2 - It‘s at the portal to the graduate‘s world ( on their bedroom door)
    Clue 3 - Enter a deep dark world full of creepy things (under the graduate‘s bed)
    Clue 4 - Where I make the witches brew (in a fake cauldron)
    Clue 5 - This one is hidden from sight beside a magical world of entertainment ( In a box on the TV)
    Clue 6 - If you ask correctly, the graduate‘s dad will give you the final clue. (they have to say hocus pocus, or abracadabra, or please, for example.) (The final clue can take you to the graduate‘s mom who has a prize for the team)

  • Broomstick Race - give each contestant a broomstick to race like horse style racing. Set out a safe course and have guests race round the course.

  • Cocktails (one for the adults!) - Wizards make magic potions and guests can make theirs. Younger kids can cheer on the adults. Give each participant a non alcoholic cocktail recipe and the ingredients. Ask them to make their cocktail with a prize for the fastest and best cocktail. Try out their cocktails and judge who has made the best one.

  • Pin the hat on the wizard, first arrange a picture of a wizard, a hat and a blindfold. Spin the blindfold guests around and have them pin the hat on the wizard.

  • For younger ones buy wizard party coloring in books and set up an area for them to play.

  • Talent Spot, give each wizard say 2 weeks to perfect a magic trick which they must perform at the party.

  • Observation test - discretely display 6 to 10 pictures of well known magicians, or wizard hats with names on them, around the venue. Near the end ask guests to complete a sheet on what they observed. Ask for the people in the pictures and location of the pictures. Have prizes for those getting all answers correct.

  • Guess the Star - cover large photos of well known magicians almost completely except for say a distinguishing nose, their eyes or even a tattoo. Guests must guess who they are, and again prizes for getting them all right.

  • Disguise a guest in a wizard costume. Video them performing a magic trick for 2 minutes. Show the video at the party. Guests must guess who they are. First to guess wins the prize.

  • Give everyone construction paper. Each guest is to make their own paper wizards hat. Also give them paints, glitter and stickers.

  • Decorate a cape. Give each guest a cape, stickers, pens, glitter and glue.

  • Ask guests to create a wizard design using face paint. Decorate yourself and create your own scary wizard.

  • Guests can design a broomstick with lots of gadgets so they can fly high. Give them paper, pens and wizard stickers to design the broom

The Free Graduation Party Games page has a huge range of outdoor, indoor, noisy and quiet games to make the graduation party truly memorable.

Every party needs great music to make it come alive. The graduate's favorite, bearing in mind the audience, will be fine. Think of adding in the theme music from Merlin, Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings, to give the wizard party atmosphere.

Graduation Wizard Party - Favors

wizard party

Leave your guests with a great reminder of the party:

  • T-shirts with a wizard design and the graduate's name (or the guests name).

  • Wizard party stickers

  • Wizard Hat

  • Toy spiders and bats

  • Wands and brooms

  • Cake

  • Fun stuff like glow worms, glow bats, glow spiders, bracelets and glow necklaces

  • Magic tricks

  • Harry Potter lightning tattoos

  • Long white Merlin style beard

Graduation Wizard Party - Ideas

More ideas to make the graduation party just brilliant:

  • Make sure everyone has their photo taken, especially if you have a great wizard style entrance

  • Video the party

  • If you can find one of those mechanical fair ground fortune tellers. Everyone can ask a question about their future.

  • Have a fake medium or fortune teller and set them up in a booth at the wizard party.

  • Have some amateur actors play a scene from a Wizard movie.

  • If you can, safely set off some fake explosions and diversions. Put pop rocks into water. Make a mound of earth and put a hole in it large enough to take some baking soda. To make the volcano go off just add vinegar. All great wizard party tricks.

  • Hire a real wizard magician, also have a wandering magician to entertain guests at the wizard party.

  • Movies- take inspiration from the best Wizard movies. They have excellent posters, movie stills and merchandise. There will be a good supply of materials at stores and Ebay. Movies like The Harry Potter movies, Merlin and The Sorcerers Apprentice give costume ideas and the DVDs can be favors.

  • Set up a fake Tarot card reading which gives everyone mysterious messages at the wizard party.

  • Save money and have a joint wizard graduation party with other graduates.
    This can give excellent cost sharing, lots of people to do the work and help find wizard party items at cheaper costs.

  • Save money and book wizard party venues for the cheaper weeknights, perhaps giving more money to decorate your graduation party theme.

Share Your Graduation Wizard Party

If you would like to share your complete graduation party with us send us your graduation party story and photos and we will create your own party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your graduation party and comment on your ideas.) If you share your complete graduation party details you will be automatically entered into our next contest. This year we are having a bumper $100 prize fund. There will be an overall winner and runners up prizes. The winner will be the best overall graduation party story and photos. 

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