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Please use this free printable Wizard invite as you wish. 

I hope the Wizard invitations page can give you a free printable invite, simple to make invites, wording ideas and how to create other projects like save the date cards.

Wizard Invitations - Free Printable

wizard party invitations

The Making Graduation Invitations page has the easy to use instructions on copying, re-sizing, personalizing and printing the invite.

Wizard Invitations - Homemade

Cut out Wizard shapes from cardstock or construction paper. The shape could be a cauldron, broomstick, wand or Wizards Hat. Decorate the invite with star stickers and write the invite details on the back. 

Some wording ideas are:

Cauldron Shaped Invitation

Come to the Wizard Graduation Party and brew to some magic potions.
Calling all wizards and witches, the spellbinding time starts at venue (details) on (time/date)
Let Merlin know you will come

Wizard Hat

Dare to wear the Wizard’s hat and come to the scariest graduation party
Test your magical powers against the evil forces at Merlin’s castle (venue) on (time/date)
Wizards and Witches only
RSVP (details)


Fly in to the Wizard Graduation Party at Graduate castle (venue)
Be ready at (time/date) to test your magical powers against the best wizards in the land.
Wizards and Witches only


Cast a spell on the graduate’s party
Come and show your magic powers at (venue)
Wizard costume required(br> Time/ Date (details)

Wizard Invitations - Wording

More wording ideas are:

Hocus Pocus!
The magic spell has worked and the graduate (name) has graduated.
Fly in to the wizard graduation party at (venue) and join the other sorcerers.
Costume: Wizard
RSVP to Merlin(details)

Look into the crystal ball
Can you see the wizard graduation party at (venue) on (time/date)
Spellbinding wizard costume
RSVP to (details)

Come and cast your magic spell at the wizard graduation party.
Join the other wizards for a magical time of spells, games and wizard's brews.
Venue Merlin's Castle(details)
Wear Wizard Costume
Time/date (details)
RSVP to (details)

The Wicked Witch challenges Merlin to a magic test
Is your magic strong enough to beat the witch
Sorcerers Cave (details)
Wizard costume
Time/date (details)
RSVP to Merlin(details)

Wizard Photo Party Invitations

The simplest way to make a photo wizard invite is to:

  • Photo the graduate in Wizard costume

  • Load the photo onto your pc

  • Using your photo software you can size and enhance the photo as you wish

  • Print the photo onto card

  • Write the invite details on the back

Wizard Party Clip Art

wizard party invitations
wizard party invitations

The graduation clip art page. has all the instruction you need to make great projects like save the date cards.

I hope these Wizard Party Invitations help put the magic into your wizard Party. 

Click here for all the Wizard Party Ideas you need, including decorations, costumes, games, favors and fun ideas. 

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