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All the invitations on this site are free including this great Train invitation. You can use it as you wish.

This page gives full instructions on how to use the invitation,including how to print it. Also there are wording ideas, paper ideas, photo ideas and lots more projects you can complete with the same theme such as envelopes, favor tags, place cards and much more!

The Themed Printable Graduation Invitations page gives a large selection of themes such as Pirates, Balloons, Circus and lots, lots more!

If you’d prefer a non-themed graduation invitation then there is a great selection if you click on the following link - free printable graduation invitations.

Below you’ll find a great range of Train themed wording, simple to do photo invite ideas, paper and Train themed project ideas. 

train kindergarten graduation invitations

Train Kindergarten Graduation Invitations Wording 

The full set of instructions for using the Train themed invite is on the making graduation invitations page. The instructions will help you copy, print and personalize the Train themed invite. For ease of use this link will open a new window so you can work with the invite and the instructions. Just close the window to come back. 

Use simple but exciting wording to get your little graduates ready for the Train party. The young graduates will be very excited when they know they are going to a party.

For example:

Calling all Train Drivers.
Come and drive the Kindergarten Express
Lots of trains, train cake, games and prizes. 
Venue (details) 
RSVP (details) 

(Ticket Style)
Graduation Party Train
Departs: Grand Central (venue) at (time/date)
Returns: Grand Central (venue) at (time/date) 
Train Costume
RSVP (details) 

Don't Miss It!!
The biggest train party of the year at (venue)
Drive the trains, change the points, change the carriages, play games and eat train food.
Grand Central (venue)
Depart (time)
Arrive (time) 
RSVP (details)

Kindergarten (name) invites you to a train graduation party.
Awesome selection of toy trains
Depart (time/date)
Arrive (time)
RSVP (details) 

I hope your train themed invitations wording excites your little guests!

Kindergarten Graduation Invitations Paper

The Train themed free invite will look great on normal printer paper. You may even like to use a colored paper.

Thicker paper may be better. It can be used to give a quality feel and for ticket style invitations. Cardstock or scrapbook paper is great for tickets. 

The same paper can be used for Train thank you notes, Train place cards and Train announcements. 

Train Graduation Invitations Photo

Photo the graduate as a train driver, conductor with whistle and flag or an old style western train driver.

Arrange a background for the photo. That could be trains, scenery with a train passing by, train timetable or a flyer such as the Canadian Pacific train.

It is a simple task to make the best of your photos. The Homemade Invitations page has full instructions, including printing, sizing and handling photos.

Train Kindergarten Graduation Invitations Projects 

The Train theme does not need to stop at the Train themed graduation invitations. 

As well as Train themed graduation invitations, using clip art you can make Train envelopes, Train favor tags, Train place cards, Train party hats, Train game certificates, Train T-shirts, and Train save the date fridge magnets.

The clip art can be of any Train item such as a train, station or driver.

train kindergarten graduation invitations
train kindergarten graduation invitations

See the Graduation Clip Art page for full instructions.

Good luck with your train kindergarten graduation invitations.

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