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Score a goal with a soccer party. Play soccer games, win trophies, wear great soccer gear and represent your club or country, keep fit and avoid a red card!

I hope to give you lots of soccer party ideas, including:

  • Invitation ideas and wording

  • Costumes

  • Food

  • Games

  • Favors

  • Plus, lots more ideas.

In advance of the party create a Program with key details on the party, guests and graduate. Include photos, venue details, kick off time and date, key facts on key people, schedule for the party and a note from the graduates family on how much fun they hope it will be. You could use this in place of invites or to compliment them. 

soccer theme party

Try a Soccer pinatta  to get the party started!

Graduation Soccer Theme Party - Invitations

You can put together homemade graduation invitations, use clip art, photo graduation invitations and use the free printable. 

Free Printable Graduation Invitations 

soccer theme party invitation

The Making Graduation Invitations page has the full set of easy to use instructions to help you copy, re-size, personalize and print the invite. 

Photo Soccer Theme Party Invitations

  • Simply arrange a good quality soccer photograph (a photograph of the young graduates dressed in soccer would be perfect.)

  • You can use gear from a local team, favorite club or country. Fabulous Brazilian, Italian and French soccer gear is very colorful.

  • Scan it onto your computer.

  • Using photo editing software, change the picture dimensions to the size you need.

  • Then simply print onto your choice of paper and write the party invitations on the back.

  • Another way to do this is to emulate Soccer cards. Using the same photo, print it onto flat card and write the graduates details on the back alongside the party details. That can be height, weight, position and past record.

Decorate the invitations, and envelopes, with soccer stickers.


Regular white printer paper is just fine. You can also use any invitations or stationary that a local soccer stadium provides. You can customize the invitation with your own wording.

There is also the option of using white construction paper to create soccer ball invitations. Cut out circles which form the soccer balls. 

Decorate the balls with black lines to form the detail of the ball, perhaps even putting a manufacturers name on the ball for authenticity. Write your invitation on the back. 

You can also use silver construction paper cut out in the shape of soccer trophies. Write the graduation party details on the back. 


Come to the High School (name) Graduation World Cup Party and win a trophy.
Soccer gear required, you can represent a club or country.
Kick Off (details)
Stadium (details)
RSVP to (details)

Shoot for Goal at the Graduation Soccer Party.
Win prizes in the penalty shoot out, show off your skills and have fun!
Soccer gear required
Stadium (details)
Kick Off (details)
RSVP to (details)

Come and show off your skills at the Graduation Soccer Party.
Represent a country and wear their soccer gear.
Kick Off (details)
Stadium (details) 
RSVP (details)

David Beckham (the graduate) invites you to their soccer skills academy. 
Score goals, learn new skills and score goals.
Kick Off (details)
Stadium (details)
RSVP (details)

Join the Brazilian masters (graduates) and show off you soccer skills.
Join in the graduation with a celebration of the best soccer.
Kick Off (details)
Stadium (details)
RSVP (details)

Follow team USA on the World Cup journey at the soccer graduation party.
Support your team and party he night away.
Wear supporters gear like jerseys, scarves, hats and flags.
Kick Off at (details)
Final Whistle at (details)
Venue (details)

Join the winning team at the graduation soccer party.
Wear soccer gear, play soccer games and support your team.
Kick Off at (details)
Final Whistle at (details)
Venue (details)

Other phrases to use could be, celebrate the winning goal, don't get caught offside, compete against the best, striking fun, and penalty. 

Clip Art Graduation Invitations

The simplest way to complete the graduation soccer theme party invitations is to use soccer clip art. 

soccer theme party
soccer theme party

The Graduation Clip Art page gives all the instructions you need to produce excellent soccer invites and projects like save the date cards.

Graduation Soccer Theme Party - Costumes

There is a lot of simple and excellent costumes themed on soccer that will add flair and color to the graduation party.

Represent a country and wear a national strip from colorful countries like Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Mexico, USA, England, Scotland, and Argentina.

Represent a world famous club team like Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United, Boca Juniors, Marseille, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Barcelona, and many, many more. 

You could also simply wear soccer gear from a local store. There is too, the option of wearing a goalkeeping outfit or even be a referee. 

Of course, you could arrange personalized tops with team, school, guests and graduate names. You may have a local store that can print the names on the tops for you.

Have a unique soccer jersey created for the graduate in their choice of colors and design. Include a logo with the graduate’s own motto. Arrange a jersey for each guest with their name on it.

Great accessories would be soccer balls, face paints, and caps. 

Graduation Soccer Theme Party - Decorations

soccer theme party


You can set up the entrance and the lead up to the party just like a soccer stadium.

  • Announce the graduation party with a soccer theme banner. This can be customized with the school or graduate's name.

  • Soccer standin 

  • Street Vendors - set up some helpers with soccer flags, foam fingers and clackers. They can give them to guests as they arrive at the party.

  • In the surrounding area set up, with permission, directional signs just like those directing fans to the stadium.

Scene Setters

  • Soccer Balls made from white construction paper, with black markings. A very big one, say 5 foot in diameter, would be great as part of the party entrance. Also have lots of real soccer balls spread around the venue.

  • Goals can be borrowed to use. Perhaps even drawn on a fence.

  • Find Poster and Photographs of famous soccer players like Messi, Pele, Cryuff, Beckham, Rooney and Ronaldo. Also famous people playing soccer and some retro soccer pictures in black and white, from a past World Cup. There are many, many images of teams receiving the World Cup you can find.

  • A Soccer Scoreboard made from a poster board and mounted on the wall or fence.

  • The backyard can be decorated with lots of balloons and streamers. Also with some white markings you could create a soccer pitch. Use soccer balls and arrange someone to be the referee.

  • Soccer team posters such as from Real Madrid, Barcelona, River Plate, Manchester United, LA Galaxy make good decorations.

  • Show videos of famous games on a large screen

  • Have lots of merchandise relating to many international soccer teams including any advertising posters you can find.

  • You can set your party up to support the USA team by putting up posters, photos, merchandise, newspaper and magazine articles. Your guests might like to be dressed in team USA jerseys and hats. You may have the soccer theme party on at the same time as one of their matches and can show it on a TV monitor. You can feature each player and have player facts on information sheets.

  • Have a historical area at the soccer theme party with all the past USA World Cup teams, their photos, books on their experiences and newspaper clippings.

  • Display amazing soccer facts with best ever penalty taker, best ever player (Pele), best team, player who scored the most goals, goalkeeper who saved the most penalties and longest serving player, for example. A soccer theme party can celebrate all that is great in the game.

  • Set the party up as a sports café. Erect large sports screens and show soccer matches. Have a café counter, tables and chairs and also lots of soccer memorabilia.

  • If you can have a soccer mural based on the graduate and guests. You could have the scene as a team photo, soccer game or the graduate scoring a goal.

  • Set out soccer training cones and put the graduates and some guests photos on them. Use them to line the driveway.

Great Decorations

  • Balloons are very flexible, colorful and cheap. They add greatly to the party feel. You can decorate them with soccer ball markings. Tie them in bunches and fix them to chairs, doors, pictures and light fittings. Hung up on the fence and entrance they start the party feel early. Arrange colors representing the graduate's favorite team, and many other teams.

  • Hang streamers everywhere, including the entrance, with lots of colors.

  • If the party is at a gym hall or park use balloons and streamers to decorate the hall and eating area.

  • Soccer Pinata

  • Photographs of the graduate are also needed as it is a graduation party. Include some soccer ones if you have any. If the graduate is a soccer player use any of their soccer gear and equipment as decorations.

  • Bunting, in the shape of soccer balls, which you can make from card and thread, then hang from light fittings.

  • Soccer team gear from famous teams

  • Any memorabilia, including trophies

  • Lots of sports pennants

  • Soccer Caps

  • If the soccer theme party is also patriotic then have lots of flags, jerseys, pennants, and bunting in team colors.


  • Use a green table cover marked out as a soccer pitch using athletic tape.

  • Or, using a white table cover, draw soccer balls, a field and goals.

  • Make soccer place mats, soccer menus and place cards.

  • Borrow some soccer trophies as the centerpiece and also have a photo of the graduate.

  • Use soccer theme party napkins, plates and cutlery.

  • Use personalized pennants on the back of each chair.

  • Stadium cups

Decorate Your Guests 

This is a brilliant way of getting your guests in the graduation party mood!

  • Face Paint Sticks painting soccer balls on your guests cheeks. Also can decorate the guests faces with flags of the country they would like to cheer on, example Brazil, just like travelling supporters.

  • Soccer themed Funtoos

  • Foam fingers and clackers

  • Soccer caps and t-shirts

A great idea is to have a box of guest decorations at the soccer theme party entrance and hand them out liberally! 

Cick here for the worlds largest party supply store.

Graduation Soccer Theme Party - Food and Drink

Soccer theme party food and drink can closely follow traditional soccer stadium offerings. The graduation soccer theme party may even be at a Soccer Stadium!

  • Pizza of various types.

  • Burgers

  • Hot Dogs

  • Nachos

  • Pretzels

  • Sandwiches

  • Ice Cream

  • Popcorn

  • Bowls of fruit, including grapes, strawberries and kiwi, for example.

  • Good drinks at a soccer theme party are lots of sodas and water. 

Graduation Cake

The Graduation Cake page gives all the details you need on the recipe, cooking tools and ingredients. Also great ideas on cake toppers, cupcakes, cake decorating and lot, lots more.

Simple Decorating Idea for Your Graduation Soccer Party Cake

1) Decorate the cake with green frosting. Using white frosting decorate the cake in the style of a soccer pitch.

2) Decorate the cake with a colored frosting, say green. Using white frosting decorate the cake with a soccer ball, then add black outline for the detail on the ball.

3) A more ambitious design would be of a soccer player.

Why not use a soccer cake pan!  

soccer theme party

Graduation Soccer Theme Party - Games

soccer theme party
  • Balance - put a soccer ball onto the foot of each guest and challenge them to keep it there the longest

  • Shoot - set up a safe area with small goals and a ball. Each guest must try and shoot the ball into the goal. The graduate would be the goalkeeper.

  • If you are using a gym or park, have a 5 a side soccer tournament. Split guests into teams of 5, appoint a referee and set up a league or cup style competition. A helper can keep the scores and points table. Play for say 5 minutes per game.

  • Have a penalty contest. Choose a goalkeeper and give each person say 3 penalties. Have prizes for the winner. A twist is to play blindfold.

  • Obstacle Course - set out lines of 5 cones, or even people or chairs. The aim of the game is to dribble the ball around the cones to the end of the course and back. Time the guests to decide the winner. You could blindfold the players and have a helper call out instructions from the side.

  • Soccer Volleyball - if you have a talented group of soccer players, play soccer volleyball. The players must keep the ball off the ground and not use their hands.

  • Training camp, have a soccer coach run a mini training camp with skills and fitness tests. This could have a warm up, jumping jacks, shuttle runs, ball skills and shooting practice.

  • Keep the ball in the air. Give each guest a soccer ball. The object of the game is use your feet and head to keep the ball off the ground. The player who has the most touches wins.

  • Have a fitness exercise. Ask a qualified fitness instructor to put volunteer guests through a genuine soccer warm up and fitness routine.

  • Beat The Goalkeeper - ask a local professional goalkeeper to keep goal and guests must try and beat them with a penalty.

  • Pin the ball in the goal - make a ball from card and add bluetack to the back. Draw goals on a fence or on a large piece of paper hung on the wall. Blindfold the players and have them pin the ball on the goal. Give points for putting it in the corner, and more in the middle.

  • Treasure Hunt, first make soccer balls with white construction paper. Next cut them up into identical pieces which are hidden around the venue. Teams must find the pieces and assemble their soccer ball. First team to complete wins the prize.

  • Soccer pinatta 

  • Observation test - discretely display 6 to 10 pictures of soccer stars (Kaka, Ronaldo, Henry, and lots of others), or soccer balls with names on them, around the venue. Near the end ask guests to complete a sheet on what they observed. Ask for the people in the pictures and location of the pictures. Have prizes for those getting all answers correct.

  • What Happened Next - line up a series of videos with the most amazing and amusing moments in soccer. The idea is to show guests the footage in the short period leading up to the amazing event. Then they guess what happened next. Lastly you run the video on showing them what happened. Try and have incidents such as where the player completely missed an opn goal, the keeper threw the ball in their own nets or knocked out the referee. You should be able to get amazing incidents. Perhaps there is time to show 3 or 4 of these.

  • Guess the Star, cover large photos of well known soccer stars almost completely except for say a distinguishing nose, their eyes or even a tattoo. Guests must guess who they are, and again prizes for getting them all right.

  • Target Soccer - set up a target just like an archery target. Guests must shoot at the target, getting points for the ball hitting the inner circles just like archery.

  • Blow SoccerSet up a table with a small ball, drinking straws and mini goals at each end.
    Place the ball in the middle of the table.
    The idea is each of 2 contestants try and blow, through their straw, the ball into the other players goal.
    Computer Soccer Game - play a Playstation or Xbox soccer game.
    For younger kids have soccer coloring in. Just buy soccer themed coloring in books and pens, setting up a table for them.
    Give guests card with pens and stickers so everyone could design their own soccer ball. Prize for best soccer design.
    Face Paint Sticks, paint a country's flag or teams colors to get that soccer fan feel.
    Decorate a soccer t-shirt. Provide a t-shirt and t-shirt pens and ask each guest to make their own soccer design. Prize for best design. You can do this with a ball too and also design a soccer team flag.

A soccer party needs great music to make it come alive. Get a soccer stadium play list and replicate the music.

Graduation Soccer Theme Party - Favors

Leave your guests with a great reminder of the soccer party:

  • T-shirts with a soccer design and the graduate's name (or the guests name)

  • Soccer stickers

  • Soccer water bottles

  • Soccer key chains

  • Mini soccer balls

  • Fun stuff like glow bracelets and glow necklaces

  • Stadium cups

  • Tickets for a soccer game

  • Whistle

  • Using a digital camera, photograph each guest in their soccer gear and make up a soccer card with their name and team.

  • Give everyone a soccer medal.

  • Personalized vinyl pennants

  • Mini soccer balls

Perhaps a local soccer team has merchandise that can be used for the soccer party. 

Graduation Soccer Theme Party Preparation

The soccer party day does need a good schedule of events. You will need it to get through everything.

  • Plan the start of the soccer party, when each game will roughly occur, when the food will be served and when the party will start and end.

  • Know exactly which soccer party games will be played and when

  • Have the soccer party music, prizes, helpers and materials ready in advance.

  • Each soccer theme party helper should know exactly what they have to do.

  • Have the graduation party favors ready in advance, and in running order.

  • Know exactly who is helping to clear away afterwards.

Graduation Soccer Theme Party - Ideas

More ideas to make the graduation soccer theme party just brilliant:

  • Make sure everyone has their photo taken, especially if you have a giant soccer ball entrance

  • Using a karaoke machine have an announcer call out the names and provide commentary on the activities. Give them some fun information on the guests at the soccer theme party.

  • Hire a stadium announcer to MC the party, and in particular the games.

  • Hire cheerleaders or ask some guests to play the part of cheerleaders.

  • Ask a local soccer star to attend the soccer theme party. They could mix for a while, pose for photos, sign autographs, make a motivational speech and present the game prizes.

  • Use a referees whistle to signal the start of the soccer theme party, the start of the games and the time for food, for example.

  • Have some soccer coaches at the party to help with the team and individual games.

  • Hire the mascot from a local soccer team to entertain the soccer theme party guests.

  • Sports Report - every great game has a sports report written afterward. Write a fun packed report on the party and include photos and comment from the guests.

  • Video Report - ask the most likely sports reporter among you helpers to be a sports reporter for the party. They can video anything they want, report on the pre-party build up, showcase the games, interview guests, highlight key moments and also provide a post party report.

  • Have soccer jokes on the toilet wall.

  • Video the soccer theme party

  • Have a coach for those who are playing soccer for the first time.

  • There are great DVDs you can also show which have best World Cup moments, most valuable players, best goals and the winners at many of the tournaments.

  • Play any one of the computer soccer games. If you have a small party you can have a computer soccer game tournament.

  • For younger kids have soccer word search, jigsaws and coloring in.

  • Split guests into teams and have them build a soccer Puzzleball.

Share Your Graduation Soccer Theme Party

If you would like to share your complete soccer theme party with us send us your graduation party story and photos and we will create your own soccer party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your graduation party and comment on your ideas.) If you share your complete soccer party details you will be automatically entered into our next contest. This year we are having a bumper $100 prize fund. There will be an overall winner and runners up prizes. The winner will be the best overall graduation party story and photos.

Good luck with your graduation soccer theme party. A soccer theme party will make a great graduation celebration.

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