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Use the 'simply eye catching' invitation for free. 

Eye catching graduation invitations will make sure everyone remembers your invitations. 

The invitation below is free for you to use. It has full instruction on customizing and printing. Also details on making your own, choosing paper and wording ideas.

If you prefer you can browse the large selection of Free Printable Graduation Invitations. 

If you would like to use this invitation then please help yourself as it is completely free for your own personal use.

open house printable grad invite

Please feel free to use this printable graduation invitation as you wish. You can print it, personalize it and also alter it in any way you wish. 

The making graduation invitations page has all the help you need to copy the invite, re-size it, personalize it and print it. 

You can type the personal details or, you may choose to hand write them.

Printable Grad Invite - Alternatives

Create your own eye catching design. You might have a wonderful design which you would like to use. It is simple to make the invites with your design. There area number of ways you can do this. 

  • Homemade Graduation Invitations - easy to use techniques to make your own graduation invitations including craft style invites.

  • Graduation Clip Art - one of the easiest ways to make invites. The free printable on this page took only a few minutes to make. The clip art page gives you full instructions.

Printable Graduation Invite - Wording

Some fun wording ideas are:

The Class of 2018 are an eye catching group
Please come to the Graduation Party in honor of (graduate’s name)
Venue (details)
Time/date (details)
RSVP (details)

(Graduate’s Name) has achieved an eye catching success at graduation
Please come and help the Valedictorian celebrate their success
We are having an Open House party at (venue details)
Time/date (details)
RSVP (details)

You are invited to celebrate (Graduate’s name)’s graduation
We are having an ‘eye catching’ party on (time/date)
Please wear your most eye catching clothing
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

The horse loving graduate (name) invites you
To Their ‘Derby Day’ Graduation Party
Wear eye catching clothing just like the ‘Derby’ crowd 
Venue (details)
Time/date (details)
RSVP (details)

We are throwing a Fashion Graduation Party
In honor of (graduate’s name)
Costume: Eye Catching Fashion
Venue (details)
Time/date (details)
RSVP (details)

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Printable Grad Invite - Help

If you have any printable graduation invite ideas, any questions you would like to ask, or any suggestions you would like to make, please go to our feedback page and we will be happy to help. Just fill in the form!

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