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The simple printable graduation invitation on this page is completely free for you to use.

You can use it as it is or indeed make any changes you require. There are customizing and printing instructions here. There are also ideas on graduation paper, wording and details on how to make your own graduation party invitations if you prefer.

There is also a large selection of unique free printable graduation invitations which are all free to use. 

printable grad invitation

How to Personalize Your Printable Grad Invitation

  1. To change the wording, simply create a text box that completely covers all the wording you want to replace. NB. If you need to use precision when placing your text box then press CTRL & the Up and Down keys.

  2. Simply enter your own customized wording in the text box.

  3. Please note - you may wish to add the names of your guests individually which can be completed by typing the names of those you are inviting on each invite and print them separately (or even do a mail merge if your a computer whiz). You can of course hand write the names of those you are inviting on your graduation invitations.

How to Print your Printable Grad Invitation

  1. Open a word document.

  2. Set the printer to the desired paper size.

  3. Insert the image.

  4. Adjust the margins to zero.

  5. Adjust the image to cover the full size of the paper. Do this by clicking on the image and dragging one of the corner arrows.

  6. To ensure everything looks just right go to File, Print Preview.

  7. Print a "cut to size" test sheet to be certain that the font, font size and placement of your message will be as you desire. Make any necessary adjustments, then print your invitations.

Tip - Mark an X on one side of the test sheet prior to printing. This will help you determine which way up to place the paper in the printer.

Make Your Own Printable Graduation Invitation

In 5 minutes you can create your own graduation invitations using "Microsoft Word", "Paint" and clip art.

You can be as creative as you wish, perhaps coming up with a great design. The clip art helps you to set up your design very quickly. 

Make Your Own - Simplest Version

  1. Open a new doc in your word processing tool and set up the page size - choose File and Page setup.

  2. Now right-click your mouse over the clip art (instructions below) you’d like to use and select “copy”. Now place your cursor on the area where you want the clip art to go and right-click and select “paste” to add the clip art to your doc.

  3. Lastly, add some text and use some word art as well to personalize it.

For the clip art and full instruction on exactly what to do see the graduation clip art page,where you'll also find a great selection of clip art.

You can select any other clip art symbol of graduation such as a graduation cap or scroll, or one that represents the graduate's hobbies, sports or pastimes.

You could make everything match by using the same clip art to make announcements, thank you notes, favor tags, place cards, paper party hats, game certificates, T-shirts, and save the date fridge magnets.

Paper for your Graduation Party Invites

Mostly I’d recommend simple white paper but for this particular free graduation party invite, also I think a pale lemon, blue or lilac would work really well.

You can use beautiful, high quality paper such as card stock or invitation paper.

Wording for your Printable Graduation Invitation

It is important to give your guests the venue, time, date, dress code, and food and drinks arrangements. You can create great graduation invite wording incorporating these essentials.

You also can take inspiration from the star and use it to create wording based on the graduate being a star and also that they have a bright future. 

You may have jokes, personal characteristics, or funny stories you can use in the invitations. Also a graduation quote may add just the right touch to your printable grad invitation.

Themed Invites

You may have a great theme party in mind. That could be Oriental, Luau, Pirates, Hollywood, Casino, Fifties, Superhero, Under The Sea, Safari, Superhero, Doctor and Golf. Each of our theme pages has a free printable grad invitation ready to use. Click here for the main themed printable graduation invitations page, then click through to the theme you want.

Each printable graduation invitation is completely free, you can print any printable grad invitation and alter them as you wish.

If you have any ideas, any questions you would like to ask, or any suggestions you would like to make, please leave a comment! or go to our feedback page and we will be happy to help. Just fill in the form! 

Good luck with your Printable Grad Invitation.

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