Preschool Sabay-sabay na Hakbang Tungo sa Maunlad na Kinabukasan

by Jane

Congratulations to the class of 2017

Preschool is just about the best time of your lives. You have had great fun every day. I have seen the excited look on all your faces when you arrive.

How great has it been to come in and use your own coat peg, meet your friends and come into class. You are all so grown up.

Your teacher must be the best ever. She has taught you so many things that have helped you get ready for school. I know you love being with her. Your teacher has taught you some letters, numbers, words, trees, drawing and coloring in. How much fun did you have dressing up for charity, singing for your parents and reciting poems. I love the sunflower plants you grew from seeds.

Thanks to your teacher for their hard work, dedication and all the great play.

Thanks to your parents for helping keep the school alive. The chance raising paid for so many things. Also thanks for taking a great interest in the pre-school. Giving your time to help out in class keeps the school going.

Graduation day simply celebrates all you hard work and achievements. You deserve your celebration. It also lets you say goodbye to pre-school, and lets you look forward to school.

You certainly will do well at school. You have been so well prepared and can step into the future sure to do well.

Congratulations again class of 2017.

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