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Photograph the graduate at the graduation party photo shoot. Go on location and capture the party goers. 

Take stunning portraits and publish the masterpieces.

A photography themed party can be a simple party and fun to do. Lots of fun and enthusiasm can make it one of the amazing graduation party ideas. The theme fits very well with the main focus being on the graduation and also everyone taking lots of photographs.

The location could be simply at home, at school or college, a gym, at the park, or a stunning local location which is perfect for photos. We have a local castle which is simply beautiful and is in high demand. 

I hope to give you lots of graduation party ideas, including:

  • Invitation ideas and wording

  • Costumes

  • Food

  • Games

  • Favors

  • Lots more ideas.

Graduation Photography Party - Graduation Invitations

There are lots of great images to use to give graduation invitations, and the graduation party, a brilliant photographer feel.

You can put together homemade graduation invitations, use clip art, photo graduation invitations and use this free printable. 

photography party

The Making Graduation Invitations page has all the instructions you need to copy, re-size, personalize and print the invite. 

Photograph Invites

You can use a number of ideas to have invites with the graduate's photo on them. 

First, take a great photo of the graduate and load it onto your PC.


Regular white printer paper is just fine. You may be able to find stationery from a photographer which you can customize with your own wording to make exciting invitations.

You can also use white construction paper cut out in the shape of a camera or film rolls. Personalize with school colors and name. Write the graduation party details on the back.

You can add camera stickers to enhance the look and feel. 


You are hired to (home address) photograph the graduates in their natural habitat, before they leave for good.
Wild life photographer costume required
The booking is for (time/date details)
RSVP to (details)

You are hired for the graduation photo shoot.
Bring your camera equipment and photograph the graduates.
Costume: Photographer
Location: (details)
Time/date (details)
RSVP to (details)

Focus your lens on the photography graduation party.
Join in the photography, location catering and after photos party and fun.
Location (venue)
Start (time/date)
Costume: photographer
RSVP to (details)

Sharpen the focus of your telephoto lens
Join the paparazzi and take the graduation party stars at embarrassing moments
Location (venue)
Start (time/date)
Costume: photographer
RSVP to (details)

Hold The Front Page
Calling all press photographers, please cover the graduation party and take award winning photos.
Location (venue)
Start (time/date)
Costume: photographer
RSVP to (details)

Win the photograph award at the graduation party.
Test your photography skills against the other great photographers.
Location (venue)
Start (time/date)
Costume: photographer
RSVP to (details)

Styled as a Gallery Opening
Come to the Graduate Gallery and see the photography exhibition
You can show your own best photographs and camera techniques
Great food, music and dancing too
Gallery Opening (time/date)
RSVP (details)

Clip Art Graduation Invitations

The simplest way to complete the graduation photography party invitations is to use photography clip art. 

photography party
photography party
photography party

Use this clip art with the detailed instructions on my graduation clip art page. to make your own invitations.

Graduation Photography Party - Costumes

  • Photographer vest

  • Cap

  • Make t-shirts with photographer on them

  • Cameras, rolls of film and tripods

  • Make identity cards with access all areas

  • Dress just like 1930's newspaper photographers with hats, coats and 1930's suits.

Graduation Photography Party - Decorations

A photography party is a great chance to look out lots of the graduate's photographs, and their photography equipment. 


You could decorate the entrance to the graduate’s photography studio or graduate’s photography gallery.

  • Set up a large sign with Graduate‘s Photography Studio

  • Another sign can have “Come In And Have Your photo Taken“

  • Banner with Graduate‘s Photography Party

  • A photograph area so each guest can be photographed as they arrive. Perhaps this could be a background on a wall.

  • Balloons, streamers and lighting for effect

Scene Setters

  • Create a portrait photograph area which the budding photographers can use. Perhaps a small area with white gossamer as the backdrop.

  • Display any photography equipment the graduate has.

  • Hang up lots of favorite photographs of the graduate at all ages. Also lots of the best photographs just like a photographers gallery display.

  • Display some exceptional black and white photos that the graduate loves. They could be scenes, film stills or sporting moments. You may find these as photos or posters.

  • Create a mural with a photo shoot scene. If you can you might like to put some guests photos on the mural. Guests can leave messages and autograph the mural.

  • Create a dark room as part of the overall effect.

  • Display your guest's best photographs in a gallery. You could have various areas like wildlife, scenery, vacation, automobiles, people and places.

  • One brilliant way to display photos is as a slide show set to the most appropriate music. There will be happy tears as you show the graduate's photos at all ages since being born.

  • Try and find those perfect moments captured in a photo of occasions like the graduate playing their sport, with a special friends or enjoying their favorite pursuit.

  • You might like the idea of some photos of the graduate‘s ancestors on display.

  • Set up a display of the history of photography. Perhaps you can find equipment, photos and things like Kodak advertising posters from the past.

  • Display the best photos from famous photographers of movie stars, buildings and landscapes.

Great Decorations

  • Make bunting in various colors

  • Lay out lots of photography magazines.

  • Lots of balloons of all colors, tied in bunches.

  • Streamers in school colors, tied in bunches and hung from light fittings and on pictures

  • Lighting 

  • Film rolls

  • Photo Yard sign

  • Twirls and Film Roll borders.

For the Table there are lots of great options. A camera centerpiece with film rolls. Use photograph shaped menus. You can easily put together napkins, plates and cutlery. 

Decorate Your Guests

  • Official photographer badges.

  • Baseball caps with photographer on them.

  • Press badges

  • Disposable camera

  • A make up artist can get your guests ready for their photo.

One of the great graduation party ideas is to have a box of guest decorations at the photography party entrance and hand them out liberally! 

Graduation Photography Party - Food and Drink

Photography party food and drink can closely follow location catering. You could hire location caterers.

  • Hot Dogs

  • All kinds of sandwiches

  • Burgers

  • French Fries

  • Nachos

  • Popcorn

  • Pretzels

  • Fruit Bowls

  • Tortillas

  • Pizza

  • Vegetable dips like carrots and cucumber

  • Ice Cream

  • Chocolate bars

  • Drinks can be sodas, water and fruit smoothies.

Graduation Cake

The graduation party cake is very easy to make as all the ingredients are mixed together in the same bowl.

The Graduation Cake page gives all the details you need on the recipe, cooking tools and ingredients. Also graduation cupcakes, cap cakes, themed decorating ideas, decorating ideas and lots of tips and techniques. 

Simple Decorating Idea for Your Graduation Party Cake

1) Decorate the cake with white frosting. Use colored frosting and make a camera shape. Then using colored frosting of your choice add the graduates name and congratulations.

2) Alternatively cut the cake into a camera shape and frost in any color. Then add congratulations to the graduate.

Once you have created your graduation cake submit it to our free graduation cake resource and inspire others. 

Graduation Photography Party - Games

A photography theme party offers the chance to have fantastic games.

  • Give everyone silver, black and white construction paper. Each guest is to make their own camera.

  • Give everyone a disposable camera and they can take their own photographs.

  • For younger kids have a table with photo themed coloring in books

  • Set up a photo opportunity and have each guest take a photo on a digital camera. Display the photos on your PC and vote for the best one. have prizes for the best photo and things like the most embarrassing photo.

  • Challenge guests to take the best photos. They could have to take an action photo when the games are being played and a great still of the graduate.

  • Have a race with some guests competing in the race. The rest are to try and get the best action photograph.

  • Have a photography trivia competition. Research 10 to 20 questions, give guests pen and paper and ask the questions. Collate the answers and find the winner.

  • Hire a photography teacher who will teach everyone how to take excellent photographs.

  • Graduation Pinata

  • Treasure Hunt, first make cameras with construction paper. Next cut them up into identical pieces which are hidden around the venue. Teams must find the pieces and assemble their camera. First team to complete wins the prize.

  • Play pin the nose on the graduate. Using a photograph of the graduate and a card nose. Blindfold guests and spin them around, then they can pin the nose on the graduate's photo.

  • Guess Who, take photos of some of the guests in disguise in advance of the party. Display them on a notice board. Guests must try and guess who they are. Have a prize for the guest who gets it all correct.

  • Have a photo shoot. Ask a qualified photography instructor to set up a photo shoot and to test out the budding photographers.

  • Arrange the guests in to teams. They are to beat the clock and arrange a brilliant photo from a fashion shoot they set up. They are told that they only have 20 minutes to beat the newspaper deadline. They are given a camera, laptop, model (one of the helpers), a bag of clothes, make up and told they can set the model up any way they like but the photo is about the main item of clothing. They must choose the best location. The winning team, takes a great photo in a good location and has it loaded onto the laptop in 20 minutes. They must also make up the model.

  • Observation test - discretely display 6 to 10 pictures of movie stars around the venue. Near the end ask guests to complete a sheet on what they observed. Ask for the people in the pictures and location of the pictures. Have prizes for those getting all answers correct.

  • Guess the Star, cover large photos of well stars almost completely except for say a distinguishing nose, their eyes or even a tattoo. Guests must guess who they are, and again prizes for getting them all right.

  • Disguise a guest with say a wig, beard and sports glasses. Video them taking photos for 2 minutes. Show the video at the party. Guests must guess who they are. First to guess wins the prize.

  • If you are having a great cake then you can have a competition to see who takes the best cake photo.

For some traditional graduation party games to help the photography party try:

  • Balloon BangIf you have a suitable space with room to run around, or even better outdoors this is a very active game. Brief the teams not to stamp on the person, just the balloons. Split everyone into 2 teams. One team has balloons tied to their ankles with ribbon. The second team have to burst all the balloons.

  • Coconut ShyIn an outdoor area set up a coconut shy. This will need holders for the coconuts. You could of course just balance the coconuts on a ledge. You can decorate the coconuts in the theme of your party which may just mean using the graduate's photo. Just supply balls to throw and set up a line.

Click here for an amazing free collection of graduation party games.

Graduation Photography Party - Favors

photography party
photography party

Leave your guests with a great reminder of the party:

  • Graduation pens

  • Disposable cameras

  • Baseball caps, or T-shirts, with the graduate's photo and name (or the guests name)

  • Graduation stickers

  • Photo Buttons

  • Fun stuff like glow bracelets and glow necklaces

  • Flashlight Photo Key Tag

  • Film Rolls

  • Access passes

  • Photos of famous photographers

  • Balloons

  • Photos taken at the party inserted in frames

  • Photo calendars

  • Photo coasters

  • Photo mouse mats

  • Photo mugs or water bottles

  • Chocolate bar and cake

  • One of the photography party favors could be a prize draw with a really excellent gift like a digital camera or photography lessons.

Graduation Photography Party Preparation

The photography party day does need a good schedule of events. You will need it to get through everything.

  • Plan the start of the graduation party, when each game will roughly occur, when the food will be served and when the party will start and end.

  • Know exactly which games will be played

  • Have the music, prizes, helpers and materials ready in advance.

  • Each helper should know exactly what they have to do at the photography party.

  • Have the graduation party favors ready in advance, and in running order.

  • Know exactly who is helping to clear away afterwards.

Graduation Photography Party - Ideas

More graduation party ideas to make the graduation photography party just brilliant:

  • Make sure everyone has their photo taken, especially if you have a great entrance

  • Video the photography party

  • Publish the photography party photos and the results of the games on a web page or even a party magazine.

  • Make a calendar with the photography party photos. You may even make sure each guest is in at least one photo.

  • Arrange two helpers. One to be the news reporter for your party magazine, the other to be the photographer.

  • Set up a slideshow of the graduate’s best photos set to great music.

  • Have a local store demonstrate the best in new camera equipment and also computer photo software.

  • Have an exhibition of the works of famous photographers.

  • Perhaps there is a gallery with a photography exhibition locally which you can use for the graduation party venue.

  • If you have a photograph competition, split it up into different classes. You could have a graduate portrait, group portrait, an action photo from the games or scenery.

  • Have a professional photographer give tips on taking the best photos. They can demonstrate all aspects like setting up the photo, the lighting, the best angle and the best camera settings.

  • Have a real life paparazzi photographer relate tales of their best photos and pass on some tips on how to be a great paparazzi photographer to the photography party guests.

  • Save money and book graduation photography party venues for the cheaper weeknights, perhaps giving more money to decorate your graduation party ideas.

  • Visit a real on location photo shoot or even a photographers studio as part of the photography themed party.

Share Your Graduation Photography Party

If you would like to share your complete graduation party with us send us your graduation party story and photos and we will create your own party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your graduation party and comment on your ideas.) If you share your complete graduation photography party details you will be automatically entered into our next contest. This year we are having a bumper $100 prize fund. There will be an overall winner and runners up prizes. The winner will be the best overall graduation party story and photos.

Good luck with your graduation photography party. A photography party can be the best of fun.

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