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Here is a picture of one of the photo graduation invites with a circular borders frame and you'll find equipment and instructions underneath. 

What You Need

  • 2 to 3 different sized circle punches - I used Fiskars hand punches
  • Photo
  • Card for the frame - slightly bigger than the photo
  • Double-sided sticky tape.

I get all my materials from

How to Make

1) Kind of obvious really. Just punch away around the sides of the photo with varying size circle punches.

2) Stick the photo with some double-sided sticky tape to some decorative card. 

3) I stuck another piece of card onto the back of the photo containing all the graduation invitation details - check out invitation etiquette for your photo invites.

Good luck with your graduation invitations. A photo is the best way to personalize your invites.

Click here for another idea for making photo graduation card.

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