Pay Homage To The Resilience Of The Philippines And The Triumphs Over A String of Adversities

by Jane

(This is a draft speech from which you can add the actual circumstances of the school and the experiences of the class)

Draft Speech

Congratulations to the class of 2014, you are all stars!

I am speaking to you today to pay homage to all of the Philippines and celebrate the triumphs in our country over adversity.

So what does that mean. Well you will all know about the disasters that have happened with loss of lives, houses, schools and hospitals, so times have been really tough. However there have been so many great things happen. All across our country people have fought hard to save lives, build homes, restore power, clean up and get schools back to normal.

Your class are shining examples of what the spirit of the Philippines means. You have worked very hard over the year. You have shown great courage and determination. The list of achievements you have is really amazing. This class has learned their ABC’s, numbers and nature studies. You have been good friends and helped each other. Also many of you have known family and friends affected by the disasters. Graduating from kindergarten is an amazing thing to do, that is all the more impressive when you think of all the bad things that have happened. I think you are all fantastic!

I know how grateful you all are to your parents and teachers. Your families have loved and supported you. They have raised money, helped keep the school going, assisted the teachers and made sure your education has not been affected. The teachers have been amazing. Their dedication to your education is very impressive. They also are very keen help develop you as people as well, playing their part in keeping thing going through hard times. Well done to them too!

We all must celebrate our successes. I hope today you enjoy your graduation celebrations. You really do deserve to have fun! Graduation is a very special time in your life as it marks your achievements. It also marks the beginning of your exciting future.

You are all more than ready to move on to the next part of your education. You can look to the future with a huge level of confidence. You have already come through hugely challenging times so you will cope with the future brilliantly. There are so many great times to look forward to, so much fun, and amazing things to learn. With the love and support of your families you will do very well.

My speech has been about the resilience of the Philippines and how we triumph as a nation over adversity. I think we only have to look at this class to know that the future is bright!

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Mar 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

what a very good sample!thank you so,so much.may god bless you always because of your talent and GENEROSITY TO SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE.

Mar 17, 2014
by: Anonymous

This is perfect! Really helps a lot. :D
Thank you so much dear!

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