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by Alma orozco

I would love some help with writing a speech. I am a second time preschool parents. I want to focus on the benefits of preschool and really want to acknowledge and thank the staff.

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Let me know if this works.

On behalf of all the parents I would like to say a few words.

I wish to praise everything that preschool has done for our children. It is not just the things that have been done but the manner in which they have been done.

Of course, congratulations to our graduates. You have all done so well.

Our children have benefited hugely from the loving environment here. They cannot wait to get here and afterwards talk away about how great it is.
They have learned all the great things they need for the next step like numbers, letters, words, washing hands, nature, working in a little team and listening to the teacher.
Just as important they have learned from the wonderful example of the teachers. Everyday they see people who really care about others, who make learning fun, who will patiently listen to them, who will be on their side, who will laugh and who enjoy the subjects they teach.
I love the confidence the children have and their hugely positive approach to learning.
On behalf of all the parents let me wholeheartedly thank the teaching team here. If all of our children's education was done like this we would all have college geniuses on our hands.

Thank you and congratulations to our wonderful graduates.

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