Only the Beginning

by Erica Alexander
(Bloomington, IN, U,S,)

Well graduates, we finally made it. We've always known this day would come and, whether the people around us, or even ourselves, are ready for it, here it is. Soon, we will be asked to 'turn' our tassels and make a leap into our futures. We will soon be expected to make our own choices and step into our adult lives. No longer will our hardest decisions be our trimester schedules or our dates to senior prom. Most of our choices will revolve on how we will survive on our own. We will be focused on our lives 10 years from now and what we will make of those years. We will have to make a decision on whether we want to move on to college or just start working immediately.

As we, the graduating class of 2010 sit here and say goodbye to our high school careers, it is important that we reflect on our accomplishments as a class. This ceremony is not all goodbyes to those of us who may never set foot in Bloomington South's halls again, but a celebration of the commitment and effort we have set forth while we were here.

On this day we sit here as hope for the future. We are the lawyers, doctors, and parents of tomorrow. Our commitment in school has allowed us to prove to the world that we WILL make a difference in the future. We have pushed ourselves towards this day since we were in kindergarten. The peer pressure of what we wore to school each day and what extracurricular activity we joined, never stopped us from sitting in these seats today. Though at times we may have wanted to give up on everything, we pursued on and accomplished it all.

With encouragement from our parents, teachers, and fellow students we have finally made it. The stress about finishing classes and passing finals is all over. We are here, waiting on our moment to walk up on this stage and receive the thing we have been waiting for, our diplomas. So, before you have the chance to hold that important piece of your life in your hands, I would like to congratulate all of you. Because no matter what tomorrow brings, today we all share an achievement worth cheering for. Congratulations class of 2010, we finally made it.

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Sep 26, 2011
Prize Winner
by: Jane

Congratulations, I am delighted to tell you that you have won one of our 2011 graduation speeches prizes.

Please use the comments attached to your page to confirm your e-mail and that it is OK to contact you directly to send your prize.

Congratulations again!

Oct 22, 2010
My HEART has been touch by this girl.
by: Cindy Stillions

Erica your speech was amazing from the first time I heard you read it to me. You have such a great talent and can put words together like no other.
This speech touches the young hearts of all seniors graduates. And the hearts of all proud parents. As I am of you! So proud!

Oct 22, 2010
by: Cristall Abner

Way to go Erica, this is awesome.
Love and Miss You

Oct 22, 2010
My little girl is a great writer!
by: Navy Ghost

Excellent job! This is one of, if not THE best grad speeches I've ever heard! Very moving, highly inspirational, and makes a person proud to be a graduate and look forward to the future.

Keep writing! You have a gift that should be shared.

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