One small step for us, a giant leap for our lives , America School

by Cesar Vargas

I was researching the ideal title , and suddenly I was somehow attracted to what the men had accomplished to land at the moon, and that's how I began my speech , here it comes.....

"One small step for us, a giant leap for our lives"

Good evening , Principal Dante Diaz , Miss Carmela Diaz, Coordinators, distinguished teachers and parents, dear classmates and friends from class 2004. We are gathered here in the most transcendental ceremony of our school life. Now it is the beginning of a completely new challenge , the one that will be crucial to build a solid and successful future. The title of my speech as a student, conscious of the problems of our society , which we will have to face , regards a high important fact that occurred in 1969 , when Neil Amstrong and his crew landed for first time on the moon . He said : "This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" We were not even born when this event stroke the world , but now , as an analogy we get immersed in something similar. This is only a small step for us to walk and leave school, however , our lives' experience a big change , a change that will be managed with patience and wisdom , following our school motto, "enter to learn, go forth to serve".

As students of America school , we have received a valuable experience , our profile and formation has been thoroughly built with important traits, full of dedication and concern for the good of our school lives. That is particularly worthy when we realize the things we will face after leaving this alma mater. Education is real hard labour , we all recognize and accept it is necessary in the development of human beings to become honest and respectful citizens. The formation in values we have been given here, such as loyalty , honesty, respect and justice are a solid base on which we will be able to construct our whole future. Besides that, the knowledge and study habits we have learned since we started school in 1994 , are up to now valid. Furthermore we have grown up with a religious and Christian belief , from which we get confidence and support. In our school, maybe in the early days, was where we first experienced that wonderful feeling of friendship and where we learned how to be a loyal and good friend.

What new obstacles await us? Who will help us? How can I afford my own life? These sort of questions are usually surrounding our minds when we think of the future. But future is not as that dramatic , we have to get a positive thought and vision of the advantages and drawbacks that will be appearing as we walk through the path of our lives. We already have great possibilities to get success , but it also depends on what we can add from our own effort and perseverance.

The first decision we have to take , is to choose the right career, which will accompany us for about the next five years, to develop professionally. Most of us have already passed this step and others haven't even thought of it , but whatever our choice , it is important that we are satisfied with and proud of it . As one of our most remembered teachers once told us: "If you want to be a shoemaker, be the best shoemaker" . Investing as much time as we can in studying and working, leads our minds to the highest expectations, helpful for clear aims.

Outside school boundaries , we will find a world full of temptations not that good for ourselves. But we have to discern among those attractive things such as breaking the law for fun or joining harmful doctrines just from peer pressure. Do not fall in what the mainstream does, we've got to be authentic people proud of our country and its heritage. Capable to defend the interest of our families wherever we go and love our land being real patriots. When having a family, be intelligent to raise our children correctly, to give them all their corresponding rights, be responsible parents, hardworking and daring in our employment. Keep improving and helping people with altruistic spirit.

How pleasant will it be when after twenty or more years from here, we could join and share all our new experience and have our children together as once we did when we were younger. It's time to say goodbye, but we all know we'll soon come back , and of course we can't leave without thanking all those who made this step of our lives easier. Firstly thanks, to all parents , because you took the right choice with our education and gave us all the support throughout our school life. Thanks to the teachers and school personnel , because this has been our second home for eleven years, where we've shared unforgettable moments, and finally thanks to my friends and classmates because you are really worth the effort!

Thank you very much and good night

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Aug 18, 2008
by: Jean Short

I love the balance of thanks, sentiment and looking ahead.

Great speech!

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