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Musical Graduation Party Ideas offer vibrant, fun parties that everyone can participate in. 

You know the music, you can just feel the atmosphere. You can host a Glee, High School Musical, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray or Miss Saigon, for example, themes.

I have tried to give you lots of Musical ideas on musical invitations, musical food, musical decorations, musical costumes, musical games, music and musical favors which will be great for any venue. You may have a Home Party or alternative venue in mind.

Musical Party Ideas - Invitations

To fit in with the musical theme create the invites to look like tickets or theater posters.

A simple way to make musical party tickets is to use red or orange construction paper. On one side write in black permanent marker ADMIT ONE with all the party information on the other side.

The printable invitation below would be great for a musical high school graduation party. Feel free to use it if you'd like. Just right-click over the image and save it to your desktop. You can then print as many as you need - 5" by 7" paper is ideal.

musical party

The Musical High School Graduation Invitations page has full instructions on personalizing and printing the invite. Also the page has ideas on making your own invites and lots of other projects for graduation.

Musical Party Ideas - Decorations

For exciting musical party ideas it is fantastic to have lots of decorations. You'll know how far you can afford to go here. 


The entrance can excite guests as they enter your graduation party.

  • Create a Theater entrance with a ticket booth and a banner showing the Musical theme such as High School Musical.

  • Light the entrance well

  • Set out a red carpet

  • Helpers could be dressed as Theater Concierges

  • Surround the entrance with balloons and Theater advertising posters for the Musical.

  • Standees of the stars of the Musical.

Scene Setters 

  • Create a stage for the talent contest and karaoke. At the front of the stage put red and white crepe paper. Also put shimmer curtains either side of the stage and set up lighting if you can.

  • Have an artist draw a Musical mural complete with favorite characters. Guests can draw on it, color it in and leave messages for the graduate

  • Put posters and photos from the Musical on walls showing scenes from the musical and the stars. For example you could have High School Musical posters and photos of Troy, Sharpay and Gabriella.

  • For High School Musical create a basketball court in your driveway. Perhaps you have a hoop already.

  • Set out musical instruments.

  • Create a Karaoke stand to get into the musical theme

  • Create musical note signs by cutting the shapes out of black cardstock to be attached to walls.

  • et up stalls for lemonade, Popcorn, Hot Dogs and Face painting
  • Helpers can help by wearing costume.

  • Items from the musical like basketballs, masks, beehive wigs and a fifties TV.

Simple Decorations

  • Pink color theme for Sharpay

  • Streamers in High School Musical colors.

  • Make bunting with card decorated in the colors of your musical. For example, High School Musical colors.

  • Balloons, including instrument shaped balloons and musical notes

  • Disney™ High School Musical Star Mylar Balloon

  • For High School Musical hang up basketball images such as posters, clothing and balls. Play basketball videos for effect.

Lots of decorations will give this musical the right atmosphere. A bit of imagination and effort will give you your own musical stage.
You may need just to check the venue allow all the decorations you want to put up.
Make sure any stage is safe from fire and electrical hazard. 

Decorate Your Guests 

This is a brilliant way to add to the high school graduation party ideas and getting your guests in the graduation party mood!

  • Stickers from the Musical.

  • High School Musical, basketball t-shirts

  • Hairspray - beehive wigs and joke shop items

  • Phantom Of The Opera - Masks

A great idea is to have a box of guest decorations at the party entrance and hand them out liberally! 

Table decorations

  • The Centerpiece could be directly from the musical and a photo of the graduate.

  • Colored table skirting

  • Colored candles

  • Use napkins and plates in the Musical theme

For all decorations, including High School Musical, see the World's Largest Party Superstore.

Musical Party Ideas - Costumes

Musical party ideas give a great chance to be creative with costumes.

For High School Musical:

  • Troy warm up kit or Championship kit. Replicate the Wildcats No14!

  • Dress as basketball players

  • For Sharpay a blond wig, dress, sunglasses and over the top bling!

  • Dress as Gabriella with dark wig.

  • If parents are attending the party they could be Troy's dad or Mrs Darbus.

A fairly easy homemade theme and great fun to get in character!

For Hairspray use a dark beehive Tracy wig, skirt and blouse or a sharp suit and slick back hair.

For the Phantom Of The Opera, a mask and cloak would be a great start.

Buycostumes are a great costume supplier.  They have just about everything you need to suit musical high school graduation party ideas.

Musical Party Ideas - Confetti

Enhance the musical party ideas and use personalized confetti. The most amazing photo confetti maker, Photofetti, can produce confetti using up to 10 musical themed photos and up to 3 accent colors. They have packs to suit your occasion.

Take photos of the graduate as the main character from the Musical, for example, Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay or a Wildcat.

Musical Party Ideas - Food and Drink

Best stick to the basics for your musical party ideas.

A buffet is certainly the simplest option. The Graduation Party Food page has ideas on buffet, starters and of course desserts. The food may depend on the Musical you are featuring:

  • High School Musical - basketball arena food with fries, Coca Cola, burgers and nachos.

  • Hairspray - food from that era

  • South Pacific - wonderful Hawaiian style food.

Always have lots of water and fruit juice available.

Party Cake

The musical party cake is very easy to make as all the ingredients are mixed together in the same bowl.

The Graduation Cake page has all the details you need to create a wonderful High School Musical cake. That includes ingredients, cooking tools, recipe and cooking instructions. Also how to frost the cake.

Simple Decorating Idea for Your Musical High School Graduation Party Cake

1) Create a High School Musical design on the cake, start by using red frosting to create the red stage curtain.

2) With yellow piped frosting write High School Musical and below that the Graduate's name, with congratulations.

Musical Party - Games

A musical party offers the chance to have fantastic games, particularly those based on singing and dancing. 


Put together Musical trivia based on the story, the stars and the famous tunes. You can play the game as individuals or in teams.

  • First find the trivia questions you need.

  • For an individual based game give everyone a pen and paper and read out the questions giving guests time to answer in between questions.

  • For a team game set up the teams and again read out the questions. Hopefully you can create some team rivalry and make it competitive.

  • Ask each individual or team to give their paper to another person to mark. Read out the answers.

  • Find the winner and give them a big announcement.

Name That Musical Tune

  • Set up selected Musical theme tunes on your MP3 player

  • Split guests into teams.

  • Play the first few bars of a tune and ask the team to guess the tune.

  • A good question master can make this fun and competitive.

  • Total the scores and give the winning team a prize.

Simple Games

  • Ask your guests to put on a musical act in teams, in advance of the party. You can help them choose their act. The simplest thing to do is to ask them to perform a song together.

  • A talent spot may be best as you can ask each guest to prepare a song or dance. No matter how bad they think they will be just encourage them to give it a go.

  • In place of pin the tail on the donkey create a game based on the Musical you love. You could have pin the basketball on Troy, the beehive wig on Tracy or the mask on the Phantom, for example.

  • Best singer, use a Karaoke machine and have each person sing. Vote for the best one. Video each one!

  • Have a dancing competition. You will need to have the music ready in advance and the judges.

  • With a High School Musical theme, have a basketball competition. Arrange competing teams with their own name and logo. Prizes for the winners.

  • Guess Who. In advance of the party take photos of a number of well known guests dressed up as a musical character. Ask people to write down their guesses.

  • Have a pampering area for hair, nails and make up just like Sharpay. You will need to have the materials they need set out.

All of these games are simple to do. Click here for more Graduation Party Games.

Musical Party - Favors

There are great musical party favors:

  • High School Musical - stickers, pads, pens and DVD

  • Phantom - masks and CD

  • Hairspray - Wigs, joke store items and DVD

  • Lots of streamers, balloons, and party poppers

Carry the graduation favors home in a cinema popcorn bag.

Musical Party Ideas - Music

Musical parties need great music. Play the CD to fit the musical theme of the party along with great party music. Include the graduate's favorite music too.

Musical Party - Ideas

More ideas to make the musical themed party just brilliant:

  • Make sure everyone has their photo taken through the life sized cut out. A Troy or Sharpay photo is a great keepsake.

  • Video the party

  • Hire real performers, including Troy, Sharpay and Gabriella look-a-likes

  • Video the karaoke and send everyone a copy to keep

  • Have an American Idol party. You can do that in a number of ways. You can ask 4 guests to be the judges with each guest performing their favorite song used on American Idol. You can set up a stage with good lighting. You will need to have all the soundtrack music you require. You can have secret voting to give a tense finale. Someone has to play the MC like Ryan Seacrest does.

  • Alternative musical themed party ideas could be to set up the party to emulate the fabulous Glee TV show. Guests can dress as one of the stars of the show. They should be prepared in advance to perform as one of the cast or as a whole group. You can have posters , photos and merchandise from the show as decorations. Again you need to have all the musical soundtracks available. Some of these things can be party favors too.

  • Every act gets a critic's review. Write some fun reviews of the acts and publish them in your own version of a Variety magazine.

Share Your Musical Party Ideas

If you would like to share your complete party with us send us your party story and photosand we will create your own party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your graduation party and comment on your ideas.) If you share your complete party details you will be automatically entered into our next contest. This year we are having a bumper $100 prize fund. There will be an overall winner and runners up prizes. The winner will be the best overall musical party story and photos. 

Get musical themed party ideas, favors, prizes and party supplies from the World's Largest Party Superstore. 

Good luck with your musical themed party ideas. Glee, High School Musical and American Idol are just some of the musical party ideas.

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