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Amaze your friends with a Magic themed graduation party. 

Use this Magic themed graduation invitation, for free, and invite your guests to a party full of magic illusions, tricks and great fun. 

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magic printable graduation invitations

You could print the invite and write the party details on it.

The full set of instructions for using the invite is on the making graduation invitations page. The instructions will help you copy, print and personalize the invite. For ease of use this link will open a new window so you can work with the invite and the instructions. Just close the window to come back. 

Below you’ll find a great range of wording, simple to do photo invite ideas, paper, projects and some fun ideas. 

Magic Printable Graduation Invitations Wording

Hocus Pocus, caste a spell on your guests with magic printable graduation party invitations wording.

You can amaze, thrill and dazzle your guests with your magic words.

For example:

The Great Suprendo (graduate) invites your to a magic graduation party.
Come and see the illusions, card trickery and amazing mind reading at Theater (venue) on (date/time).
Magician costume required.

House Theater (Venue details) presents a wonderful evening of magical illusion to celebrate the (graduate's) graduation.
Come and see the magic and perform your own amazing tricks.
Curtain Up at (time/date)
Magician costume required.
RSVP (details)

(School Name) High School Presents
An Evening Of Magic And Entertainment
Curtain Up At (Time/date)
Magic Circle Members Only
RSVP (details)

Harry Potter (the graduate) invites you over to (venue) at (date/time) to take on the might of Voldemort.
This will be a magical party.
Costume required
All food and drinks provided.
RSVP to ...

(Picture of wand/hat/cards)
The graduate (name) has conjured up a magic party.
The magical show is at (venue) on (date/time)
Costume Required
All food and drink provided
RSVP to (details)

Houdini (the graduate) invited you to a magical escape.
Get a last chance to see the graduates before they disappear to college.
Prizes for a magical talent spot
Costume required
RSVP to (details)

The Great Waldo (the graduate) is having a magic graduation party.
Be amazed at The Great Waldo's escapology, magic tricks and 19th century jokes.
Venue is (details)
RSVP to (details)

Merlin (King Arthur's favorite wizard) is having a magic theme party at (venue) on (date/time).
The wizard will hypnotize you with his amazing tricks and magic potions.
Be careful at the party in case Merlin turns you into a frog! Costume required.
RSVP to (details)

Calling all magicians!
The graduate has already pulled a rabbit out of the hat by graduating.
Before their disappearing trick please come and help the graduate celebrate with a magic night.
Venue (details)
Costume required
RSVP to (details)

Have fun and create your own magical wording! 

Magic Printable Graduation Invitations Styles

The style of invitations can be any of the great Magic images: 

  • Wizards, like Merlin, with their pointy hats, clothing, wands and magic potions.

  • Harry Potter complete with lightning tattoo and glasses.

  • Voldemort bringing the dark side of magic.

  • Magicians with top hats, tuxedos and capes.

  • Houdini

  • Wands, hats, rabbits, white gloves, hankies and doves.

  • Cards and coins.

  • Equipment such as magic boxes, water tanks, mirrors.

  • Old fashioned flamboyant magicians called the Great Waldo or Zenda with their horse drawn wagons.

  • If you have a Magician booked to perform their own image would be useful.

The style of the magic printable graduation invitations could be a flyer or theater ticket.

Magic Printable Graduation Invitations Paper

The invite can be printed on white printer paper and be just right. You can add some magic stickers to the invite or the envelope. 

You might feel a colored paper is better for your party presentation. 

If the invitations are to be more like theater tickets, or even just you wish a higher quality feel then cardstock and blank invitation paper are great.

The same paper can be used for Magic thank you notes, Magic themed place cards and magic announcements. 

Magic Printable Graduation Invitations Photo

Photograph the graduate as a magician. That could be a dark look to add mystery, a comedy look to appeal to young kids, or even an old fashioned magician like the Great Waldo. You might be able to add a backdrop from a movie poster like The Prestige and photograph the graduate in front of it. Simply print it onto paper with the invitation wording on the other side.

It is a simple task to make the best of your photos. The Homemade Invitations page has full instructions, including printing, sizing and handling photos.

These options create amazing personalized magic printable graduation invitations.

Magic Printable Graduation Invitations Projects

magic printable graduation invitations
magic printable graduation invitations
magic printable graduation invitations
magic printable graduation invitations

Magic images will be all around the party venue. The images may be of cards, magic boxes, ropes, magician's hats, rabbits and magic wands. You can do the same with the magic party stationery.

Using clip art you can make Magic envelopes, Magic favor tags, Magic place cards, Magic party hats, Magic game certificates, Magic T-shirts, and Magic save the date fridge magnets.

See the Graduation Clip Art page for full instructions.

I hope you get the best magic printable graduation invitations.

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