Kindergarten Speech by a Student

by Esther Florence
(Chennai, India)

Dear Principal, Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Ladies, Gentlemen and all my dear co-graduates,
A very Good Morning To one and all
Today is a very special day. It is graduation day and I am proud to say ‘Happy Graduation’ to every one of us. It gives me great pleasure to stand before you and share some of the precious moments that I experienced during the last two years of my Kindergarten.
I still remember the first day at Kindergarten. All new faces and most of us were crying for our mommies and daddys. But thanks to our teachers and all the fun we had at school, this became our second home and we enjoyed every minute of it.
Truly from that first day, we have grown not just taller and stronger, but we have learned to read and write, and learnt our numbers too, and you know there are so many other things that we learnt to do.
We learnt how to eat on our own, without spilling food, we learnt good manners, respecting our elders and teachers and to say sorry, thank you, and please. We went on field trips and excursions and learnt so many things on the go. I now have loads and loads of friends for whom I am very grateful because friends are lots of fun. We learnt that we should share our toys, help each other, be happy and do our best always. I learnt that I am unique and special, and now I am a bold, confident, smart girl because of all my teachers and friends.
I finally offer my heartfelt thanks to God Almighty for showering his blessings on me these two years and once again thanks to all of you present here.

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