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Graduation themes aim to give you a great choice of themes to make the graduation party, and ceremony, thrilling for the little graduates!

For each theme you can add some simple touches to the graduation ceremony decorations and go all out with the party decorations.

Use the free printable invites, games and activities.

Kindergarten Graduation Party Themes

Each kindergarten graduation themes page has all the ideas you need to run a thrilling party. There are decorating ideas plus lots of free printable games. Also there are amazing costume ideas, free invites, thrilling games, food and cake ideas, and those important party favors.

kindergarten graduation themes
Circus Party Ideas
kindergarten graduation themes
Avast me hearties – how about a Pirate Theme Party!
kindergarten graduation themes
Throw a magical Wizard Party
kindergarten graduation themes
Animal Theme Party
kindergarten graduation themes
Build a wonderful Construction Party Theme
kindergarten graduation themes
Have a roaring Dinosaur Graduation Party Theme
kindergarten graduation themes
Swim on over for a fishy party

Alphabet Party Theme

Kids at this wonderful kindergarten stage just love to play in lots of ways. Our daughter loves to run around with her friends, play make believe with some props and also take part in organised games. 

These simple to kindergarten graduation themes can be set up to make the party a lot of fun.

kindergarten graduation themes

Alphabet Theme - the kids can have fun using their skills with ABCs. 

  • Alphabet signs and blocks will be a great addition to the graduation ceremony decorations.

  • Congratulations Banner - putting one letter on each A5 size card spell out your congratulations message. Punch a hole in the top of the card and thread string through them to create your banner.

  • Decorate the party with lots of Alphabet signs. Create signs such as “B is for backyard“, “F is for Food“, “T is for Toilet“ and “G is for Graduation”.

  • Have lots of alphabet posters and ABC building blocks.

  • Cut out alphabet letters from cardstock, give the children pens and stickers and they can decorate the letters.
kindergarten graduation themes
  • Food can include Alphabet Pasta and Alphabet cereal. You can also put alphabet markers onto the grapes, raisins, apple, fries, chips, burgers, ice cream and jello. Also, using letter cookie cutters cut out alphabet cookies and sandwiches.

  • Decorate the table with alphabet signs plus the table cloth can have alphabet characters drawn on it.

  • Favors could be ABC blocks, alphabet decorated t-shirts and also some alphabet coloring in books.

  • You could have magnetic fishing with alphabet shapes in a play pool. The kids could race to arrange alphabet blocks in the correct order. Also, if you have labels around the venue with every letter covered you could give the children a sheet and they must write down (with help) an item that corresponds with each letter (eg they record grapes under G)

  • Put a letter inside each balloon and the children can pop the balloon and find their letter.

  • Alphabet Printables

    Colors Party

    kindergarten graduation themes

    Colors - use kindergarten or favorite colors, perhaps even the colors of a charity the kids support.

    • There are lots of ways of adding wonderful colors to the graduation ceremony. A simple touch is having the kids wear colorful graduation caps and gowns. The kids can wear a color for the whole day. For example if the color is purple the kids could wear purple tennis shoes, purple pants, purple t-shirts and purple baseball caps. You can give the kindergarten lots of color for the day by using colored balloons, streamers, tinsel, colored light bulbs, ribbons and fire safe gossamers.

    • Wall- use colored Gossamers to cover the walls.

    • Banners – simple colored bed sheets can have your congratulations message added to them

    • Streamers – decorate with the right colored streamers.

    • Balloons – bunch balloons together to give the colored effect.

    • Bunting – buy colored cardstock and cut out your bunting shape. Simply punch a hole at the top and string the bunting. Hang up for effect.

    • The party food can add to the color. Decorate cakes and cupcakes in the colored frosting and fondant. Choose colored foods as appropriate.

    • Table – use a colored table cover, napkins and place mats to enhance the colored effect.

    • Favors can be colored pens and pencils, t-shirts, M&Ms and colored notepads given in colored favor bags.

    • Simple games involving the color could be how many different colored t-shirts each child can put on in a minute, or a colors memory game with a tray of say 6 different colored balls.
    • Teacher Gifts – Choose the right colored flowers, notepad, pen and gift card.

    Colors Printables

    Green Party

    Green Party - Combine a thrilling party with a cause the kids have learned about over the class year. 

    • The decorations can focus on the kid‘s environmental efforts over the year including posters, pictures and collages.

    • The kids can give a talk on their Green efforts and how they are helping the planet

    • The parents can set up their own Green display based on what they do at home.

    • Everything at the party can be Green including locally sourced foods, decorations and recycled paper for the invites.

    • Bunting – use cotton to make bunting.

    • Streamers – use paper streamers and hang them safely

    • Latex balloons

    • Favor Bags – 100% recycled cotton bags

    • Toys – buy environmentally friendly wooden toys and jigsaws

    • Give fair trade chocolate

    • A recycling game could be to set out labelled recycling containers. Also set out various items that would be put in the containers. Give the kids time to put the items in the correct one!

    • The kids can create a recycling collage.

    Green Party Printables


    kindergarten graduation themes

    Nature - Set up a Nature themed party based on what the kids learned. Perhaps the class have learned about bugs, insects, trees, plants, flowers and forest animals.

    • The decorations can be real nature items and also posters

    • Add lots of additional material on local nature

    • Perhaps a local nature reserve would be able to set up a nature display

    • The invitations would be amazing if the kids made them with their own ides on nature as the picture.

    Nature Printables


    Character - everything about the kindergarten graduation themes can be related to the kids’ favorite characters such as Barbie, Bob The Builder, Dora The Explorer, Captain America, Disney and Movie characters.

    • Put various characters on the invitations.

    • Decorate with characters and their accessories.

    • Use lots of character balloons, streamers and perhaps a glitter ball. There are loads of themed items which you can buy. They can be used to fill character favor bags too.

    Lego - A Lego themed party can be aimed at letting the kids have great fun. Use:

    • Display Lego posters and pictures of Legoland

    • Set out lots of Lego for the kids to play with

    • Give each child a Lego t-shirt to wear

    • Display some completed Lego models.

    The kids will love this Lego paradise and it certainly is one of the simplest kindergarten graduation themes.

    Pets - the graduate’s favorite pet animal would be a great theme.

    • You can have dog, cat, rabbit, hamster and pony decorations and toys.

    • Find every suitable pet related poster, photo and toy

    • You can incorporate ideas from movies.

    • For example with dogs, have dog eared invitations, dog face paints, dog ears, lots of dog toys, pictures, Dalmatian pattern t-shirts, and show the favorite dog films.


    Stars - I love the positive feeling you can create by having a Stars kindergarten graduation theme for the children. 


    • Star decorations go well with celebrating the young graduates.

    • The invites can be star themed quite easily. You could cut out star shapes and simply write the details on the invite.

    • The food can have many star shaped elements easily prepared using star shaped cookie cutters. Think of star shaped sandwiches, cookies, water melon, cake and cheese. Use the cookie cutters to present grapes, berries, candy and other treats. Also star shaped pasta.

    • Decorations can include star shaped balloons, stars painted onto a sheet of butcher paper and hung up as a mural and also astronomers star posters. Cut out star shapes from cardstock, decorate them and hang them on doors and around the party venue.

    • Star Stencil – cut out a star shape from cardstock. Use the stencil to decorate doors, windows, walls and your table cover. Use safe paints you can wash off.

    • Outdoors draw star shapes with chalk on your driveway. Use the stencil to paint stars onto your lawn and using car chalk put stars on your car.

    • The table can have star shapes plus stars can be drawn onto a white table cover. Using a star shaped stamp, decorate napkins and place mats.

    • Favors can be star coloring in books, star stickers, pencils decorated with stars and be presented in a star decorated bag.

    • Decorate a star, cut out stars from cardstock and give the children crayons, pens and stickers to decorate their own star.

    • Decorate a t-shirt, give each child a t-shirt, star stencil and fabric pens and they can decorate their own star t-shirt.

    Stars Printables

    Summer Kindergarten Graduation Themes

    kindergarten graduation themes

    Summer - The kids will be looking forward to their summer of fun. This is one of the best kindergarten graduation themes to use. The ideas are simple:

    • Costumes will be their summer wear such as beach or park clothing.

    • Make a banner using a bed sheet perhaps saying Get Ready For Summer.

    • Use a beach theme, have a sand area, beach log to sit on, spade, pail, beach balls, lifesavers, deckchairs and umbrellas. Dress adults as lifeguards and play volleyball.
    kindergarten graduation themes
    • Go to the park and use the swings and roundabouts, have a picnic, BBQ, play baseball and serve ice cream.

    • Decorate your venue with vacation posters of paradise beaches, theme parks, mountains and lakes plus the best kids resorts.

    • Favors can be a pack of summer things like an outdoor game, travel game, sun hat, sun cream and a water bottle.

    • Games - there are many great outdoor games to play. Try painting your own twister game on the lawn, giant Jenga, outdoor Scrabble, water balloon pinata, Hula Hoop, painting a giant mural on a bed sheet, draw a giant sidewalk bullseye and throw damp sponges at the target and soccer shoot in, for example.

    Summer Printables

    The Kindergarten As The Theme

    The simplest way to add the kindergarten experience to the graduation party is to showcase the kindergarten and the kid’s achievements. You should be able to blend this with the kindergarten graduation themes you use. You can use:

    • Pictures past and present of the Kindergarten, students and the teachers

    • Have a story board on the kindergarten and display memorabilia plus photos of the graduates in class

    • Display feedback from parents

    • Have a display on the Grade School the kids will likely attend, perhaps with a video message from the Principal

    • Serve favorite kindergarten food.

    • Display favorite poems and sing lyrics

    Kindergarten Graduation Themes - Tips

    Some further kindergarten graduation themes ideas to help you:

    • Kindergarten graduation party planning gives you the steps you need to plan a brilliant party.

    • Kindergarten graduation party page will give you all the steps you need to set up a thrilling graduation themed party.

    • Simply add elements of the them to the graduation ceremony decorations.

    • Kids will feel a lot more comfortable when you are relaxed, smiling and enthusiastic.

    Kindergarten Graduation Themes - Help

    If you find you need some further help with your Kindergarten graduation themes and party, please take a moment and complete the form on the Kindergarten Graduation Ideas Page. I am very happy to help as much as I can with kindergarten graduation themes or anything else.

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