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I hope to give you all the ideas you need to create exciting graduation speeches and example speeches which you can use as you wish, including free PDF versions. 

Also I hope the speech writing and delivery ideas help you to give a speech the graduates love!

I also give free PDF versions of all the ideas.

The best overall approach is to make sure the graduates will identify with, and understand, what you are saying. 

Keeping your speech ‘real’ will work so much better. 

Quick Ideas For Kindergarten Speeches

kindergarten graduation speech

Before going on to writing the speech there are some useful tips: 

  • Recognize Achievements - the young graduates will love having their class and individual achievements recognized.

  • Praise the young graduates as outstanding young people

  • Keep It Short - the graduates have a short attention span so be brief

  • Language - use language the graduates understand

  • Help - show your speech to the teachers who can help you make sure it will be well received

  • Deliver the speech in a bright, enthusiastic and fun way

  • Thank the teachers, support staff for their dedication and wonderful work

  • Recognize the help and assistance provided by the parents.

Theme For A Kindergarten Graduation Speech

Perhaps you wish to base the speech on a theme. A theme that the children can readily identify with, particularly one that is inspired by the kindergarten activities. Some themes which you might wish to consider are:

  • Hard work will always be rewarded

  • Awards

  • Helping others

  • Charity fund raising

  • Joy of Learning

  • Facing Challenges

  • Wonderful Life

Kindergarten Graduation Speech Audience

The young graduates, their parents and teachers have their own requirements. They will:

  • want to be recognized as a group and individuals

  • need to fully understand your speech

  • only pay attention for a relatively short period

  • want the speech to be exciting

  • enjoy having fun and laughing

  • want to feel proud of their achievements

  • enjoy being thanked for all they have contributed

Your job as the speaker is to fill those requirements in the best way you can.

Kindergarten Speech Material

kindergarten graduation speech

Researching the stories and events of the past year at kindergarten can give you all the material you need. Indeed visiting the kindergarten will let you talk to the teachers and see exactly what the children have achieved. Consider:

  • Projects the graduates completed over the year. For example, learning about hedgehogs and creating a mural with the teacher.

  • The actual learning on things like numbers, letters, words, nature and art.

  • Special events at the school

  • Charity events

  • Kindergarten concerts

  • Funny stories

  • The contributions of the parents

  • Kindergarten fund raising

  • The contribution of the teachers

  • Details on the children such as their characteristics and some of the individual things they have done. Look for areas of excellence too.

When you gather the material you should be able to use it to:

  • give recognition and praise to each child individually and to the class

  • thank parents for all their support

  • thank teachers for everything they have done and the care and love they gave the children

  • make your speech fun

  • make your speech entirely real to the kids

  • illustrate some key messages such as keep on working hard.

Review Of The Past

Using the material you have gathered you can piece together a review of the past. You can:

  • Celebrate the achievements of the class and each child individually

  • Enjoy reviewing exciting field trips

  • Enjoy a funny story or two.

  • Take the opportunity to recognize the contribution of everyone involved

  • Bring in your theme. For example, if it is Joy of Learning celebrate the fun and success the children have had learning

  • Make it fun!

Graduation Day

kindergarten graduation speech

When you turn to the part of your speech which covers graduation day you can make it the most exciting day of their lives so far.

  • Enthusiastically congratulate the graduates on their achievements

  • Enthusiastically let the graduates know they deserve their graduation day celebrations

  • Remind everyone that this is an important day in the lives of the graduates. This day marks the end of their kindergarten life and the start of the bright future that waits them at Grade School.

Kindergarten Speeches - Future

You should be totally inspiring about the future. The next things on the horizon for the children are the summer vacation and Grade School. Think of inspiring messages that fit in with your review of the past such as:

  • You have grown and learned so much over this year that you are ready to be amazing at Grade School.

  • Just keep working hard and you will all continue to be stars.

You might like to find a quote from one of the children’s favorite characters which is about working hard and keeping a positive attitude, for example.

Kindergarten Graduation Speech - More Tips

kindergarten graduation speech

A few extra tips to help you give the best speech possible:

  • Show a final draft of your speech to a kindergarten teacher and tell them how you will deliver it to make sure everything you say is understood by the children and is delivered in a fun way.

  • Deliver your speech in a bright, enthusiastic and fun way. Use these techniques on delivery

  • Keep your speech short in keeping with the attention span of the kids.

  • If the kindergarten has a key value such as Respect Others, for example, you can work that into your speech. You may be able to say how well it has helped the children to grow and how it will help them in the future.

  • Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Printables

    Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Help

    kindergarten graduation speech

    Please ask for any help you need with your speech. I will aim to help you get the best possible speech. 

    Simply complete the form.

    Kindergarten Graduation Speech - Sharing

    Once you have written your graduation speech please come back and share it with others. You will have your own web page where friends and family can admire your speech, and it can inspire others who are about to speak at graduation day! 

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches

    In this section I provide many free speeches which I hope can help you as much as possible. There is also a free PDF version.

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Fun

    graduation speech fun

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Principal Morton, Mrs Hope, Mrs Farr, Mrs Orr, Class of 2018 and Families

    Congratulations Class of 2018

    First of all let me congratulate each of you wonderful children, well done Heather, Brian, Eric, Sophie, Ciara, Myra, Ewan, Ayesha, Harry, Ali, Megan, Tom, Jack, and Rhona.

    Looking out I can see those lovely smiling faces. You are well known for being a happy, smiling group - well done.

    I have great pleasure on behalf of the parents of thanking you wonderful, nurturing teachers. Take a bow Mrs Hope, Mrs Farr and Mrs Orr. We have a presentation for you from the children!

    When the parents arrived for the orientation meeting last summer we were just excited about the enthusiasm, smiles and professionalism of the staff. 

    We learned a little bit about learning through fun activities and I think we all felt quite excited about kindergarten.

    The kindergarten certainly kept their promise and worked very hard with all of you. The fun activities for learning numbers, letters, play, nature and first words have been just brilliant. All of the parents have spent a day in class. We all loved your energy, enthusiasm and the difficult questions you asked!

    I have been so thrilled everyday to come home to my son running up to me to show me his new learning. I loved the body shapes for letters like C, the coloring in of numbers - you would be amazed to see our new house number if you drive by, and the pets corner.

    You kids are just so much fun to be with and you have learned so much.

    We all know that the magic ingredients for this have been great teaching and you wonderful children. 

    You have a great start in life and I know you will all do very well in school.

    I know just how proud your teachers and parents are of you.

    We have a gift for each of you and I hope you love it!

    Plus of course, the party is just about to start!

    Well Done To All Of You 

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Joy Of Learning

    joy of learning graduation speech

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Principal Moretti, Teachers and Parents.

    Congratulations Class of 2018!!!

    It is a real joy for me to talk to the Loretto Kindergarten on this most special graduation day. I love to see the smiles you have. Kindergarten graduation speeches are a real pleasure when the audience are a talented group like you kids.

    So, congratulations to Lachlan, Callum, Sarah, Jane, Mary, Margaret, Ewan, Ali, Freda, Sophie, Mia, Jeremy and Ciara. Your parents and teachers are just so proud of you, I hope you feel very proud too!

    I know the theme you have is joy in learning and I know too you all take on any new learning and look at how you can make it come alive! 

    I see from the drawings, paintings, posters, stickers, t-shirts, and videos just how much you put into making things happen in a fun way.

    I believe each of you feels free to ask questions, make comment and help others. With your teachers you have created a brilliant classroom that everyone likes to visit.

    Do you all remember Martin’s dad who came in for the parents talk. He told me how much he enjoyed being with you all. I think some of you asked him the toughest questions he has been asked in years. Well Done!!

    I hear so much from my son Ewan how you work hard to understand new things, learn in different ways and take on new things everyday, and also you talk about how to do things better. Amazing!

    There seems to be great fun and joy in this great kindergarten. Numbers, shapes, letters and nature are learned so well.

    Congratulations kids. 

    Remember this joyful, fun way of learning all of your lives and you will be stars.

    A huge thanks to your wonderful teachers, Eric and Nora. What a great team they are!!

    Thanks also to the fund raising committee who found money for much needed equipment and to pay for the trip to the natural museum.

    Looking forward kids you have a great gift and I am sure you will all be stars at school.

    Well done everyone!! 

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Big Hearts

    graduation speech big hearts

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Principal Ayella and Teachers.

    Congratulations Class Of 2018. You did it, great job.

    What a great team you all are.

    Congratulations to Sophie, Distin, Jean-Paul, Hugh, Marcie, Grace, Jessica, Jack, Ian, Freda, Lachlan, and Bridgit.

    You kids are known for having big hearts, working hard and keeping a smile on your face.

    What a brilliant way to be!

    I love kindergarten graduation speeches as it gives me the chance to spend time with wonderful people such as you.

    Did you know your big hearts have won over a whole town. Yes, it is true. Everyone in our small town knows about the time you all give for good causes such as tidying the garden at the retirement home.

    Everyone knows about the smiles you have. The shop keepers, doctors, dentist, police and residents all talk about the happy, positive children.

    Your much loved kindergarten teachers, Emma, Emilia and Tracy talk about how hard you work.

    Lets give a big thank you and a cheer for your teachers for being so great!! They have taught you everything that will make your life great.

    We should recognize just how far you have come. You have great achievements in your numbers, shapes, words, letters and so man other topics. I just love the nature pictures you all did.

    This is a great day. I do hope you are very, very proud.

    Looking ahead, there is a great world waiting for you. 
    Especially with those big smiles, your hard work and your big hearts.

    Next year at school will be amazing.

    So let me congratulate you all again. Let the party begin!!

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Best Moments

    graduation speech best moments

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Principal Morrison, Teaching Team, Parents and Families

    Congratulations Class Of 2018

    I just love to see a happy group of kids and you certainly are a happy group!!!

    Congratulations to Lucy, Sophie, Emma, Ryan, Eric, Jack, Linda, Amanda, Cherie, Martin and Mary.

    Gathering material for kindergarten graduation speeches is fun! I asked earlier today what has been the best thing about kindergarten. I got some of the best replies any television reporter has ever had - most amazing.

    The replies I had were:

    When Mrs Fairley and her baby came to kindergarten for the afternoon.

    My friends.

    Learning new shapes and letters.

    The trip to see the college football team


    Playing with toys.


    Drawing and painting.

    All of this was said with a bright smile and a real sense of joy.

    Well, class of 2018 I know you are real stars. Your smiles and interest in your kindergarten are just great.

    Clearly among you we have budding artists, sports stars, caring young people and great learners.

    I love the way you are all full of life, energy and wonder!

    For the first time our television channel is following a group of great kids through kindergarten and on up to college. I hope I am privileged to see it all.

    I also asked the kids if they watched TV. Funnily enough no one had ever heard of me - good for you kids! Don’t watch TV!!

    A special thanks to the staff, Margaret, Uma, Grace and Ali. You have done the most wonderful work with the kids. The TV channel education adviser told me the teaching and classroom are a model of excellence. Congratulations!

    So, congratulations kids. You deserve your graduation day and especially the party afterwards.

    With your energy, enthusiasm and ability to learn you will always be stars!!!

    Good Luck Kids.

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Reach For The Stars

    graduation speech reach for the stars

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Principal Morton, Mrs Lee, staff of Vale Kindergarten

    Congratulations Class of 2018.

    I am just so delighted to see all the kindergarten stars here today.

    Congratulations to Emma, Marsha, Kevin, Rudy, Ross, Alix, Freda, Albert, Marta, Nadia and Rosie.

    I only have to look at you all to know those bright eyes belong to little stars.

    You have reached for the stars and you certainly did catch yours. Well done to all of you.

    I am just so proud of how all of you have developed, grown and become little adults all ready for the next stage in your schooling.

    You are fantastic.

    Your numbers, language, charity work, shapes, and how you respect each other are exceptional. You are also now responsible citizens. Your brilliance just shines out of you all!!

    It is my pleasure to give a special prize to each of you for being, well just brilliant.

    Please come up at the end and collect your gift.

    Also let us all take a moment to recognize and thank the excellent teaching staff. I know all of the children just love to be with you. The love you show for our children is amazing. Our children are so well prepared to move on now and are hard working, respectful young adults. You have inspired them to reach for the stars and we are all very, very grateful.

    Children let us applaud Mayling, Jemma, Karen and May.

    Looking ahead I hope you all have a great party today, you deserve it.
    I too am looking forward to pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel and tag. 

    Good luck and keep your star shining brightly.

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Learning

    graduation speech learning

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Well Done Class of 2018 and the biggest congratulations in all the world to all of you.

    You are wonderful children.

    Well done to Ian, Warrick, Millar, Emma, Hugh, Jack, may, Lee-Ann, Freda, Christine, Robert, Karen, James and Alicia. Each of you are brilliant.

    I have seen your wonderful artwork with fantastic pictures of your families and friends. I love, too, your magnificent crafts like the Easter Eggs and the balloon faces. Great Stuff!!

    Give a big cheer for your teachers. Thanks to Helga, Roberta, Mary and William - you are great teachers.

    I am sure you still laugh when you think of William dressed as a clown! He was a great clown.

    Thanks to the fund raising committee. Mrs Martin and the fund raising team have been amazing. It has kept the kindergarten fully funded for years to come!

    There are so many great things about our kindergarten. 

    The fun, joy and happiness.
    The learning of numbers, shapes, letters, words and the world around you.
    The great friends you have.

    I think I love too the way you all use your great minds to think. I know you have learned all about thinking minds, listening ears, and seeing eyes.

    Do you remember the parents talent spots where you learned to run a shop, clean cars, teach and lots, lots more. I hope you found a job you would love to learn.

    I was awestruck by the way you all tried to set up the shop and then learn from any little mistakes you made without being concerned to be wrong. You all try your absolute best and then just learn how to be better - a most amazing lifelong skill!!

    I know James tried to fill the shelves of the shop and then he asked to go round with Mr Rosen and see what he could have done better. I know how proud all the teachers and parents are at you great attitude!!

    If I could have all of you working with me I would be the happiest lady in Hopeton. My shop would be the best in the world!!

    As you now move on to school I know you are all ready to go. If you keep trying your absolute best and the learn how to do better you all be brilliant all your life!

    Keep a smile on your face and go for it!!

    Good luck kids. I know you are looking forward to today’s party, so am I!

    Have great fun!!

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Dreams

    graduation speech dreams

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Principal Nhur, Mrs Li, Staff of Harmony Kindergarten.

    Just look at the wonderful kindergarten graduates - congratulations class of 2018!!

    You are a magnificent group of children.

    Thanks to each of you for making our lives fantastic. Just to be involved wit Jack, Mary, Ryan, Holly, Sophie, Jackie, Scott, Allan, Ellie, Jessica, Bruce, Abbie, Emelia and Wilf is a rare delight!!

    I look out at you wonderful children and have to remind myself just how young you are. You have achieved so much in such a short space of time. 

    Your achievements are excellence in numbers, shapes, letters, words, awareness of the environment and the kindergarten. You also give a lot to each other. I am amazed at the maturity you all show - well done!!

    Thanks to the outstanding teaching staff. Without you the children would be ill prepared for those next crucial steps. Take a bow Ayesha, Laura. Harriet and Freda.

    I looked into your kindergarten room yesterday. You should all be very proud of your paintings, drawings photographs and creative learning. I am sure every single mum and dad will be fairly emotional seeing your work.

    One great thing I did notice was the spaceship you all made together.

    I know your theme was about reaching up high and exploring what is out in space. 

    A spaceship was once only a dream a person had. It came true and let people make heir own dreams come true.

    I hope each of you have a dream. Does anyone have a dream, shout them out.

    (allow some positive interaction)

    All of your dreams are fantastic. 

    Remember if you have a dream then your dreams can come true. I hope each of you just loves the next steps in your life. School will be great and you are all very well prepared.

    I am sure you will all reach the stars!!

    Good luck and well done!!

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Creativity

    graduation speech creativity

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    I know from my own entrepreneurial background that great things come to those who have wonderful curiosity, imagination and creativity. 

    Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

    Our children have been set free here to be curious, imaginative and creative. It never ceases to amaze me at just how much that is so - even just seeing Ellie and her friends making up games, their drawing and their play.

    I am constantly being told wonderful stories about what she did at school, what the other children did, and how much fun it all was. Kindergarten outings to gather autumn leaves, Xmas Santa trips, charity work for disadvantaged children, the astronomy trip and so much more. Each one a fantastic learning experience.

    Curiosity has come from being confident to try things out.

    Imagination has come from being encouraged to set your mind free in a positive environment.

    The creativity has come from being encouraged to try find a way to make sense of your imaginative ideas and play with the ideas to see what works. 

    All this can only be effective in a brilliant, supportive kindergarten.

    The kids seem to have an attitude that every outcome is something that you can learn from and that keeps things very positive.

    We, the parents, love Rosebank and all the team. It has been the making of our children in so many ways.

    We are sad to leave the brilliant staff of Nora, Liz, Laura and Susan but do promise that we will be here for you if you ever need us.

    We now look forward to our children building on everything that has been achieved.

    Thank you

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Kindergarten

    graduation speech kindergarten

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    We are gathered here today for the Rosebank Kindergarten Graduation. 

    This is a great occasion in the lives of all the children. It is also due recognition for the outstanding work of the staff and also a pretty emotional day for the parents - I can say that as my daughter Ellie is graduating.

    A BIG well done to Martin, Rosie, Michael, Helga, Ruby, Amelia, Aaron, Holly, Sophie, Alistair, Abie, Rachel and Kate.

    Just looking round the happy smiling faces says so much about the fun and outstanding environment at Rosebank. Our children have learned so much. I was very apprehensive when I first brought Ellie here but she has loved being part of the Rosebank team. 

    The school places great value on community, learning, fun and a child centered approach. I am always amazed at just how much that has meant to the local community.

    I feel really delighted at the way Ellie loves coming here to school and looks forward to what she is learning. Seeing that big smile on her face in the morning is fantastic.

    None of this would be possible without the fantastic staff led by Nora. In fact the whole team of Liz, Laura and Susan have been fantastic, they clearly love being with the children as much as the children love them. Rarely have I seen people love going to work as much. That enthusiasm rubs off on the children. The result of this great environment is that the right things are happening for our children. They have learned to love learning and that skill will help them so much as they progress with their education. 

    A memory that will stay with me forever is Ellie telling me that “just like Maria in Sound of Music she is facing her fears”. I love the idea that we all learn to take on challenges and the children learning to do that at such a young age is excellent.

    This ethos has given us children that are fit, healthy and growing in confidence.

    Life is not just about learning to read and write. They are important, but more so is love and friendship. I feel Ellie has had that everyday since she got here. 
    The school places great emphasis on being part of the community. This is a lifelong skill which will help all of us flourish. It may seem slightly old fashioned but a sense of community to me is very important to the future of our town and our children. School is not a refuge either, the children have learned how much fun it is to be part of the community and just how great that feeling is when you give to others They get so much back locally and I feel very proud of them all!

    There have been a few very funny moments along the way. Laughing is a vital part of life. Life is not all work and a balanced perspective laughing along the way will smooth the path.

    So, thank you to the teachers, I hope you love the gifts we have for you. The love you have for the children shines through in their results. Thank you to all the parents who have willingly given their time.

    Looking ahead our children are very well equipped to take on the next part of their educational lives. They have strong foundations and I feel very confident we have given the children a great start in life. They have learned many priceless lessons. Take on challenges, be loving, love learning, be part of the community, laugh and be all you can be. What parent would not give a million dollars for their children to have that attitude all their lives.

    Thank you. 

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speech - Overcoming Adversity

    graduation speech overcoming adversity

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    As we watched the school burn brightly I am sure many of us wondered what would become of the children and the school itself.

    Led by the outstanding principal, Mrs Gillespie, we have a new school, new equipment and a new outlook on life. It is quite amazing.

    After a year which saw some kids homeschooled for a while. The church gave us facilities, we used the town hall and a hotel.

    In fact the whole community pulled together and helped out.

    The teaching staff have been unbelievable. The children have been kept up to date with their school work and amazingly creative ways have been found to make sure lessons were fun and interesting.

    The effect has been a community galvanized into action.

    All of us are closer together and have a bond for life. 

    Our children have learned how to turn adversity into a positive force for good.

    I love the way the children have been praised for being affectionate, kind, caring, responsible and also being able to speak up and contribute. When you consider the obstacles in their way they have come through very positively.

    I do feel a tear in my eye as I look at how proud the children are of themselves!

    So a huge thank you to the teaching staff, to the community helpers, to all the parents and the biggest thank you to the children for sticking to it.

    Graduation this year is the most deserved celebration of achievement.

    Looking ahead, the children are uniquely placed to cope well with the challenges ahead. They have learned that school is not just bricks and mortar but is about the spirit of the people. 

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Graduation Speeches - Kindergarten Art

    graduation speech kindergarten art

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Free graduation speeches for Kindergarten should be in simple language with a friendly style of delivery. Principal Morton, Teachers Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Ortega, Class of 2018. 

    Congratulation Class of 2018. 

    Well done to Ewan, Rebecca, Christine, Jessica, Harry, Alicia, Mary, Max, Rodney, Susan, Debbie, Felicity and Jamie you are the best. 

    I know you have all been outstanding at numbers, letters, words, nature and lots more things besides. Amazing to see how gifted you are. 

    As you know I am an artist and I paint pictures for a living. 

    Principal Morton asked me to spend a day with you all recently to see how brilliant you are at art and also to see if we could come up with lots more fun stuff. 

    It was a fantastic day. I loved being with you all. Your high energy approach to art is amazing. There was lots of creative stuff that day and there is lots more to come from you. 

    I am here today to thank everyone as Jamie’s dad and on behalf of the very proud and grateful parents. Celebrating your special day is great fun. I hope you feel like doing lots more art. 

    Thank you to Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Ortega. You have given our children very happy and successful days at Kindergarten. It has been the experience of a lifetime. Jamie just cannot wait to get his coat off and get going when we arrive in the morning. I makes every parent feel very happy too. 

    Thank you very much. 

    Again let us congratulate these amazing kids! You are all just so ready to move up to the next level, to keep learning and growing. 

    I hope you will continue to paint and draw. As you can see from the display behind me you have excelled yourselves in your art. It is just fantastic, so much so that a local art gallery is going to display your work next month. When I met the owner recently I told him he just had to see your work. I hope you can get all your family over to see the display. 

    I will remember always what a pleasure it was to spend the day with you all. 

    Good Luck. 

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Charity

    graduation speech charity

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Congratulations to all the kindergarten children for graduating today.

    This has been the most amazing year!

    The children have been involved not just in their lessons but also a quite awesome Charity challenge.

    The kids were challenged at the beginning of the school year to raise $110. For a small kindergarten this looked like a really tall order.

    In reality it has been the most magnificent journey. 

    Our son Ewan has sold off anything he could from our house, the children have had many drives to raise money by auctioning off goods, selling raffle tickets, getting donations from local businesses, having sponsored walks, and many more activities.

    I heard Ewan and some friends talking about how much they could get for my car. I did keep looking to see it was still there!

    The year has gone so quickly. Those nervous looking kids have grown to very much be school children ready for the next step in their education. 

    Every parent and child loves the teaching staff at this kindergarten. They have given the kids a great start in life. The fundamentals of reading and numbers have been greatly enhanced by the good citizens and great class contributors programs. I often hear the kids talking about what they are doing for these two excellent categories.

    One technique I do love is listening ears, seeing eyes, quiet mouth and concentrating head. In fact last time we had a family trip to see a movie we all were told how to do this before the film started.

    Today is not just about recognizing the graduation achievements. We can also announce that the charity collection stands at... $300. Surpassing the target and giving money to our local children's hospital - WELL DONE KIDS!!!!

    The entire class can identify with their achievement. They can visit the hospital with pride in their great work.


    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Pets

    graduation speech pets

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Principal Morton, Teachers Mrs Lei, Mrs Fontaine, Mrs Croft, Class, parents and families.

    Congratulations Class of 2018

    Well done to Marietta, Daniella, Mary, Thomas, Paul, John, Simon, Max, Cathy, Mia, Susan, Douglas, Simon, Harry, Henry, Ali, Jasmine, Flo, and Jim.

    You are all stars.

    Your hard work, sense of fun, great learning achievements and fantastic smiles have made this a brilliant class.

    Thanks to your teachers, Mrs lei, Mrs Fontaine and Mrs Croft. Your dedication has nurtured a wonderful class in a really wonderful spirit of harmony, fun, intelligence and creativity.

    Our kids and their families are totally in your debt.

    One of the lovely activities the class are involved in is their pets.

    As you know the pets are looked after in school, and in the holidays they stay at a family home. 

    I am amazed at how much care and attention is given to the pets by the class. It is a great reflection on how you kids are as people. It shows you are caring, affectionate and fun. I know you are like that with each other too.

    You all seem to have a love for living. You do everything with all your hearts and give it a go!

    This is a great way to live your life and will be a great way to enter school.

    I hope you live all of your life this way!

    If you do you will have fun everyday!!

    All of the parents find it just so exciting to be with at parents activity days.

    You can now all look forward to school and making those next steps with confidence!

    I am sure you are all ready for it.

    Good Luck and Well done! 

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Responsible Citizens

    graduation speech responsible citizens

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Mrs Gibson, Mrs Valetti, Mr Robertson and Parents.

    Congratulations Class Of 2018

    It is absolutely brilliant to be here with Hamilton Kindergarten.
    There is always a cheerful welcome and a big smile here!!

    I must say congratulations to all of you, Harry, Henry, Melissa, Daniel, Ryan, Regan, Ruby, Alix, Sophie, Holly, Mary, Helen, Kim, Angus, and Ewan.
    You are just wonderful children.

    I know from your teachers that you have a very grown up theme for your class which is Responsible Citizens, what an amazing topic.

    You must be so proud of your activities:

    Firstly you learned how to be the best classmates you can be for the others here. How wonderful to take turns helping Ewan with his wheelchair and all your other great activities. I know you say hello to every visitor. That makes us all feel very welcome!

    I am told you also have responsible citizen tasks locally. I understand you all did a great job completing paintings to hang in the local gallery. All the money raised from entrance fees went to the kids hospital. I love the pictures you have when you delivered the check!

    Also you had the shoe box appeal. Every family had to fill a shoe box with tins of food, clothing, paper, pencils, or a toy. These all went to the Red Cross. From there we believe the shoe boxes made their way to Africa to help children in need. This was a fantastic thing to do.

    Not only that but you made most of the party decorations and also chose the school theme for the party!

    I think you should be very proud of yourself.

    On behalf of the kindergarten and the parents let me give a huge thanks to the teachers. Mrs Gibson, Mrs Valetti and Mr Robertson. The debt we owe you is enormous. You have loved, cared for and nurtured our kids so well.

    Let us give you a small gift with our thanks (kids to hand over gifts)

    What a wonderful group of children. 

    Good luck to all of you. I just know you will love school. You are ready to go there and show them just how great you are!

    Congratulations kids.

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Great Attitude

    graduation speech great attitude

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Congratulations Class of 2018

    You are the stars of today and also tomorrow. When I look out at your bright, smiling faces I can tell you are the most wonderful group of children. I am very honored to speak at your graduation.

    For the past year you have worked hard in the most wonderful kindergarten. You have learned so many great things about numbers, words, animals, nature, letters, washing hands, eating properly and the importance of helping others.

    As you know I am the chairperson of the local kids Hospice. I am here today to thank you on behalf of all the children for your gifts of toys, games, clothing and the money you raised at your fete. You have made the children very happy and helped them to play and have fun. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Thank you very much indeed.

    Today I think you should have a wonderful day. When you work hard and also find time to help others you deserve your celebrations. 

    With your great attitude to life you are ready now to go to grade school where you will continue to be stars, I am sure. You have learned all the right things here at kindergarten. I hope you get the chance to help other children smile next year too.

    Good luck and congratulations again.

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speeches - Tortoise

    graduation speech tortoise

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    Principal Mckenzie, Mrs Liu, Mrs Fonte, Parents and Class of 2018.

    I wish to congratulate the Class of 2018 on your graduation. What a fantastic achievement!

    Well done to each of you. Margo, Jimmy, Paul, Hannah, Eva, Mary, Harry, Kate, Adam, Max and Hugo, let me say that you are a gifted group. I love coming in to school to see your happy, smiling faces as you go about your day. You really are all shining stars. 

    I am told you know the story of the tortoise and the hare. If you remember the race between them, the hare ran as fast as he could but could not keep going for the whole race. The tortoise kept going slowly but surely from start of the race to the finish. The tortoise won! 

    I believe you really have benefited from your steady approach to learning, taking your time to get things right. When you learn, play, make new friends and go on field trips, you can rush around and try and do everything too quickly or you can take your time and enjoy it all one step at a time. I think that you have now learned a big lesson. Take your time, persevere and work hard and you will succeed in everything you do. 

    The kindergarten has given you all you need to be successful and you certainly have benefited from the best school. The teachers here, Mrs Liu and Mrs Fonte, are dedicated to you. Thanks to them for their amazing love, patience, joy and enthusiasm. Without their commitment the kindergarten would be a poorer place. 

    Today is your special day. Your first Graduation Day and the start of a successful future. I hope you are feeling really proud of yourselves today – you deserve it. 

    Think about the hare crashing about at Grade School, running around wildly, bumping into things but not really seeing what they are and very soon getting too exhausted to enjoy the rest of the day. 

    Now, imagine the happy, enthusiastic tortoise starting Grade School. They would slowly but surely explore the school, take in the new lessons and meet their new friends. They would love taking in every new thing. Over a whole school year they will always keep going and get the huge benefits of doing things well. 

    I hope you all go forward the way the tortoise would and get the most out of everything you do. 

    Good luck and well done!! 

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    Free Kindergarten Graduation Speech - What Will You Remember

    graduation speech what will you remember

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print

    Principal Norton, Parents and Graduates.

     Congratulations to the Class of 2018. What stars you all are.

    What will you remember about your time at Kindergarten. Perhaps your favorite things would be a good start. You may have had a favorite pet or game to play.

    Let’s start with friends. Look around you and you’ll see the great friends you have who have had great fun with you all year. I am sure you all helped each other during the year. You’ll be at Grade school together too which is excellent. Friends really are so important. You can play, go to parties, call each other, sleep over and just hang out. How great is it to have friends!


    What will you remember about the teachers? Thanks to them for all they did for you. You have learned so much from them. You know how to do your work and how to behave at school. You know you can talk to them, they will help you if you need it and they will be there for you when you do not feel so good. They have given you all their attention and have helped you every day. I hope you remember laughing with them, their kindness, their help and just how much you learned from them.


    What successes you remember? We all remember successes.  Ewan, Mary, Hank, Ellie, Sophie, Jack, Phil, Holly, Jenny, Ruby, Teresa, Craig and Dixie you have been very successful. Think how well you did at numbers, words, letters, nature, poems, singing and of course play. You all have your own amazing talents!


    Remember all the other things that come with being at Kindergarten. Who can forget the Christmas concert, field trip, dressing up day, color purple day, and the big charity event. On your birthday there was a celebration cake.  


     Your parents are a big part of your life. They guide you through kindergarten, help with your tasks at home, look after you and have the best time playing with you. They deserve your thanks too.

    Today you get to celebrate your Graduation. You really do deserve your success. You have worked hard and should be very proud of yourselves. Well done and congratulations.


    The future is very exciting. You will do things you will remember for the rest of your lives. You’ll be with your friends doing great things together. You’ll have lots of new successes to celebrate. You’ll learn things that will change your lives. You have great fun, laughter, play, parties, field trips and new games to play. Your new teachers will be amazing. I know that your lives will be full of happiness.


    Congratulations once again and well done.

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ kindergarten graduation speech ~~~~~


    Congratulations to the amazing graduates of Brandon kindergarten.


    I know just how much you deserve your graduation celebration. I am honored to be with a class who have learned so much, so quickly.


    Each you had done so well. Congratulations Susan, Jean, Hugo, Farah, Liam, holly, Greta, Hamish, Sophie, Rubin, Lizzy, James, Mathew, Sheena, Brian, Kenneth, Izzy, Ruth, Mary, Jane and Ilsa.

    The teachers here do break a few rules, don't they Mrs Hughes and Mr Connell. You know what I mean don't you graduates. The teachers are supposed to make you sit down for quite a while and make you learn words, numbers, letters, and some counting. However you have all brilliantly learned everything you need by playing the most amazing games. Play really is the best isn't it.


    Look at the counting wall, tasty bites cafe and the treat store you have made. All the counting, measuring and numbers you needed were learned with all your creative ideas. They are fabulous. More then that you made signs and learned to speak in public to announce your goods for sale.


    Even more, I love the nature collections, the baking day you did, the purple charity day, your art displays, and your science experiments. The photos of you all are fantastic. I know that you learned so much by giving your ideas, agreeing what to do, researching what things you might do and actually making things like a cafe. There can be few kindergartens in our country which have the excellent ideas you have. Certainly there cannot be a better class.


    I know you all love to be involved rather than have someone just talk, and you all made it work. You are a very special class.


    You deserve so much praise and I have not even mentioned the charity walk, helping the elderly day, and the great fun you have just being out playing in the kindergarten grounds. You teachers say that you all smile all day and just let yourselves be happy.


    I should also mention how great your teachers are - they are the best aren't they.


    Every parent notices how much the teachers care for our children. This is a loving environment in which each child can do really well and feel safe just to be themselves. Every parent loves your teachers and I thank them for everything they do for you!



    I know you are looking forward to going to trade school. You will all do so well, especially if you keep your smile and happy attitude.


    Good luck to you all.

    I hope you have found the kindergarten graduation speech you need. Good luck with your own speech and make your kindergarten graduation speech a special one for the little graduates! 

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