Kindergarten Graduation speech on the topic "thank you teacher"

Please give me a speech on the topic "thank you teacher"

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I have an outline speech below. Please add the real details from the kindergarten. For example did the teachers fund books themselves, what extra things did the teachers do and perhaps the local community had a helping hand. This will make the speech “real” for the graduates.

To round the speech off I added a little bit on parents and the class which you can delete if you don’t need it.

Let me know if you would like help adding in the real details.


I want to thank everyone who has helped the Class of 2016 at Kindergarten.

Thank you to our teachers who have comforted us when we were new here, made learning fun and exciting, and helped us graduate. Every day we come to school they smile and we feel almost like we are at home.

Our teachers have made learning letters, words, numbers, art, singing, nature and being healthy the best fun. Teachers also arrange all our sports, imagine how exciting our future will be and prepare us for grade school.

We have all loved our time here and I know we will all miss you very much.

Thanks to our parents for giving us all your love. Thanks also for making our packed lunch, bringing us to Kindergarten and helping us with our projects.

Thanks to everyone in the Class of 2016. We are best friends and love to play and learn together. I am so happy that we are all going on to grade school together.

Thanks to everyone who helped us raise funds to buy books and toys.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016.

Good Luck.

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