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I hope to give you a great selection of poems plus visitors poems too!

A kindergarten poem can help you capture the spirit of the graduation celebrations as a graduate, parent and teacher. 

Enjoy the poems here and let me know what you think of them.

Kindergarten Poem - The Future

kindergarten graduation poem

Success has come already
The graduates can be so proud
They can take a bow
And join in the celebration

Young lives change so fast
But they cope so well
It may seem a rush
The future comes quickly

How great the graduates are
They cope with change
They learn well and socialize together
They know how to progress

Parents ask if the kids are ready
To advance to the next stage
Yet we all know the answer
And that is Yes!

Kindergarten Graduation Poem - The Graduates

kindergarten graduation poem

Kindergarten was the best
Our teacher is the greatest
We’ve learned our ABCs well
Our words we can say and spell
We know our numbers off by heart
A big favorite was art
Signing songs was thrilling
We loved sports and playing
We had fun on nature trails
Learning about birds and squirrels
Making friends was the best
Our pets are the cutest
Now we are graduating
Grade school is awaiting

© Jean Dempster

Short Kindergarten Graduation Poem

By Mary Monza (Seattle)

A short little poem to celebrate our little girl's kindergarten graduation.

When I first held you, you did cry
At 2 you said you loved me big as the sky
You know how delightful you always are
You play and laugh with all your heart
You light up our lives like the sun
With beaming rays of love and fun
Now you graduate from kindergarten all too fast
Our love and pride in you will always last

Kindergarten Poem - Hope

kindergarten graduation poem

When you were born we had hope
Your life would be exceptional
You would have all you wished
And live life very happily

We have watched lovingly everyday
As you have learned to walk
And run around and play
You certainly learned to talk

The came kindergarten school
Again we hoped it would go well
You loved it right from the start
And our hopes started to swell

Sometime through the year it changed
Hope turned to expectation
As we saw how quickly you learned
You were doing it for real

You have achieved so much
Yu learned all there is to learn
Now you are a graduate
We are so proud of you

The hopes we had for you
Turned into expectation and 
You made them a reality
Well done, we love you.

Kindergarten Poem - The Graduates

kindergarten graduation poem

Look at you guys
Proud to be graduating
I love your smiles
You deserve the celebration

You’ve learned your ABCs
Beautiful numbers 1 to 10
Tying shoelaces
Keeping hands clean

Painting and drawing
Learning about nature
Fun leaf collecting
And chasing bugs
The year has gone
Change is due
You are moving on
I sure will miss you

Kindergarten Poem - The Team

kindergarten graduation poem

The class for this year
Have worked as a team
My eye has a little tear
At this teacher’s dream

You all helped
If someone needed you
You all cared
If someone was hurt

You shared the toys
Paints and pens too
Teaching was a joy
With a class like you

Use this great lesson
Be a team, its magic
You will need each other
To make your lives fantastic

Kindergarten Poem - Achievements

kindergarten graduation poem

Like stars rising high
Up in the universe
Shining really bright
That's the graduate’s performance

Who would have thought
Starting the kindergarten year
That you would learn
Enjoy and highly achieve

You must be excited
Feeling like a star
You deserve it
Because you've come so far

Jump for joy
Sing a song
Go a little crazy
Show how you feel

Graduation is full of entertainment
Happiness and joy
Look at your parents
Full of pride and love

Take this feeling
With you all the time
You'll keep on succeeding
For all your life

Kindergarten Poem - Last Day

By Jane Smith (California)

I wrote this as I saw my daughter get into the car for her last day at kindergarten.

I still find myself looking 
To see you really do go to school
To start your daily learning
At our favorite kindergarten, Glentrool

I know how much I love you
I feel proud and can't wait
To see a girl as great as you
Become an amazing graduate

I look forward to the future
Full of promise, fun and prosperity
To see my little girl grow up
And go to grade school confidently

Kindergarten Poem - So Positive

kindergarten graduation poem

Look at you 
All grown up
A big success
Celebrating graduation

Each day you amaze
With your enthusiasm
You love every learning phase
You are full of charm

You are scared of nothing
You keep going till you know
About the things
You want to learn

First you are enthusiastic
Then you try for a while
You find learning fantastic
All the time you smile

It is hard to imagine
The fun that you have
Being so positive
Success, you deserve

With love we are filled
We feel so very proud
Of our amazing child
Love, Mum and Dad

Kindergarten Graduation Poem - Its Graduation Day

kindergarten graduation poem

Kindergarten has been great for us
We’ve worked hard and learned so much
Brilliant things like ABCs
Words, books and 123s

Teacher showed us how to behave
We are always on time
We sit quiet and pay attention
We wash our hands and stay safe

Playing has been the best
Morning nap a needed rest
Outdoors exploring nature
A big snack after our adventure

Graduation day is really exciting
Wearing caps and gowns is thrilling
Getting diplomas we’ll keep for years
While our parents has ‘happy’ tears

Our teacher has been the best 
Getting us ready for the next test
We’ll miss kindergarten a ton
But grade school will be fun

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I hope the poems here are great for you. Perhaps you have written your own kindergarten graduation poem. If you have please take a moment to submit your Graduation Poems and help inspire other families and teachers at graduation. You will automatically be entered into our graduation poems competition and have your own web page hosted on our site which can be viewed by friends and family.

I hope you find a kindergarten graduation poem you like. 

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