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The best kindergarten party idea is based all on the little graduates. Lots of photos, banners, their favorite food and of course lots of fun!

I have tried to give you lots of ideas on invitations, food, decorations, photo ideas, games and favors which will be great for any venue. You may have a Home Party or alternative venue in mind.

Hosting a kindergarten graduation party will help to: 

  • delight the graduates with a thrilling party

  • show the graduates that after they work hard they get to Party

  • thrill the parents who can join in.

It is a very good idea to have a graduation ceremony followed by a kindergarten graduation party. Learning to work hard and celebrate your achievements is invaluable. 

Kindergarten Graduation Party - Themes

You may prefer to have an exciting theme for the kindergarten graduation party. That does get the party started early as the little graduates get ready for the party. Click here for kindergarten graduation themes.

Kindergarten Graduation Party - Invitations

Creating invitations themed on your graduate is simple. Simply click on the kindergarten graduation invitations page.

Kindergarten Graduation Party Idea - Confetti

A great kindergarten graduation party idea is to have photo confetti. 

The most amazing photo confetti maker can produce confetti using up to 10 photos and up to 3 accent colors. Select 10 great photos of the little graduates and choose the school colors or the graduates favorite colors. They have packs to suit your occasion.

Kindergarten Party - Costumes

There is a huge variety of costume ideas for the graduation party.

You may want to have some more fun and theme the party further on the graduates.

Some simple kindergarten graduation costumes:

  • Normal relaxed kindergarten attire, t-shirts, pants, and sneakers.

  • Cap, gown and scrolls for accessories.

  • Any characters the kindergarten have used as teaching aids. For fun that could be a superhero, princess or sports star, for example.

  • Simply dressed in kindergarten colors. Our daughter had a purple day where the children dressed in as many purple things as they wanted. That included temporary hair die for a few!

  • The favorite clothing style of the kids could give a theme. The kids may love Hannah Montanna or even the High School Musical characters.

Also, the graduates could make their own caps from construction paper and decorate them!

Kindergarten Party - Decorations

It is fantastic to have personalized decorations. You'll know how far you can afford to go here.

The very best way is to have lots of color, symbols and characters the kids know. Also fantastic to use artwork and drawings by the kids during the year. The Graduation Party Decorations page gives all kinds of regular decorating ideas plus great ideas on homemade decorations plus lots more.


To proudly announce the graduation and signpost the party a banner is excellent.

The size of the welcome and the enthusiastic congratulations are captured by the size and heartfelt messages of the graduation banner. 

The banners are hard wearing, weatherproof vinyl. 

They come in 3 sizes, 18” by 54”, 24” by 72” and 30” by 90”. 

Some great decoration ideas are:

  • The kids artwork from Kindergarten

  • Photos of the kids in Kindergarten, including in groups and the whole class.

  • Have an all about us area where the kids demonstrate their experiences. This could be a mural covered in photos of the kids with names and the stories behind the photo. They can display their artwork and project work.

  • An all about kindergarten area could be a mural where the kids describe their kindergarten. They can say what their day contained, what they learned, what their favorite subjects were and what their activities were.

  • The kids achievement awards which could be laminated

  • Graduation Balloons, including stars. Try a balloon bag. Kids can decorate the balloons with stickers and felt pens. You could have helium balloons with a photo of each graduate and printed name on them.

  • Streamers, in the Kindergarten colors. Tie the streamers in loops along the wall, safely to light fittings. Lay different colors together and twist them

  • Shiny ribbons tied up the same way as streamers

  • Tinsel
  • Be sure to decorate the entrance to the party

  • Gossamer can be a great wall covering, choose colored ones to give a great canvass for the featured decorations

  • Silver and gold stars, which the kids can make

  • Hanging graduation style decorations such as caps with congratulations written on them

  • Graduation caps

  • Make scrolls with each child's name on one of them with Congratulations written on it.

  • Young children can of course draw their impression of the graduation in advance and their works of art can be displayed at the kindergarten graduation party

  • For the kindergarten graduation party the kids can take part in setting up the decorations and draw their kindergarten and their teacher.

  • Pin a huge piece of paper on a wall and ask the kids to draw something and write their names beside it

  • Signpost the toilets

  • For Bunting, cut out and decorate pieces of card. Tie them about 12" apart on to a string or ribbon. Ask the kids to decorate the bunting, perhaps in kindergarten colors. Hang like streamers.

  • Perhaps your kindergarten would have spirit type items. Hang up kindergarten t-shirts, caps, jerseys, toy mascots, and anything else you have like water bottles and scarves.

  • Hang up any pictures and posters that fit in with the kindergarten which could just be of the kids all together or learning

I think the best solution is just to use as many colorful decorations as you can and see if you get enough of an effect to really delight the graduates and guests.

Decorate parents and family members, this is a brilliant way to add to the graduation party and getting your guests in the graduation party mood!

  • Kindergarten t-shirts

  • 2018 Beads and Glasses

  • Lots of glow sticks and bracelets

A great idea is to have a box of guest decorations at the kindergarten graduation party entrance and hand them out liberally!

For the kindergarten graduation party Table decorations, use pictures of the graduates, or a class photo, as a centerpiece! Of course there are lots of graduation style plates, cups, napkins and cutlery.

Protect the table from your kindergarten graduation party with a cover. 
Put disposable cameras on the table and see what the kids can photograph.
Use place cards to avoid a rush to the table. 
Use table mats decorated in the kindergarten graduation party theme.
Decorate the table with confetti, balloons on the back of the chairs, ribbons and any safe toys that fit the theme. 

For all your decorations see the World's Largest Party Superstore.  

Kindergarten Graduation Party - Food

You could choose the simple food for the party.

Some simple options:

I always try and remember to balance providing a great selection of food with the fact that kids only eat so much and tend to go for what they like. A balance of presentation to ensure they eat healthy food and also to let them feel they did have a treat! I like to use small plates.
Simple kindergarten graduation party food ideas:

  • Hot Dogs

  • Mini Pizzas

  • Cubes of cheese

  • Sandwiches in interesting shapes using a cookie cutter

  • Carrot Sticks

  • Fruit bowls, such as grapes, apple, pineapple and banana

  • Coconut

  • Mini boxes of raisins

  • Ice Cream

  • M&Ms

To drink, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry drinks give color. 
Fruit smoothies are excellent.
Lots of water to keep the kids going is best.
You could prepare vanilla milk shakes and add a safe amount of food coloring.

Arrange help with the food side. It can get messy!

Have stickers for clearing the plate and helping clear away, to encourage the kids to be responsible.

Click here for lots more graduation party food ideas. 

Kindergarten Party - Games

Click here for Free Graduation Party Games. Additional ideas to entertain the kids are:

  • Play balloon pass the parcel.

  • Have a play corner with Wii, and Nintendo

  • Have a table led by an adult, making jewelry and decorating things like baseball caps.

  • Hire games like soccer penalty shoot, mini baseball and basketball.

  • Face painting, with great designs like animals, the kindergarten logo, and other designs the kids love.

  • Hire a magician with good references who knows exactly how to delight young children

  • Hire a Clown with good references who can make the kids laugh. Similarly a ventriloquist.

  • Have an activity where the parents are the main subject. They could have their faces painted, for example.

  • Parents sack race

  • Ask the kids to perform a song that the audience can join in with.

  • Ask the parents to read a poem with their own child.

  • Have a kids dance teacher lead the kids in some of the dances.

  • If the parents are great fun then you could put them in stocks for the kids to throw wet sponges at.

  • Animal footprint type treasure hunt.

  • Hire a bouncy castle

  • Set up a play corner with Wii and Nintendo

  • Arrange a table with lots of coloring in pages and pens. This will let the kids play themselves for a while. It is always good to have some quieter time at a kindergarten party. Choose coloring in books with a theme on graduation or for the same theme as the party if you have one. For example the themes could be superheros, wild west, patriotic or circus.

  • Hire a soccer shoot in, mini basketball and baseball

  • Set up a treasure hunt around the party area

  • Entertain the kids with a parents sack race

  • A game based on the kindergarten could be a quiz based on the events of the past year. That could be questions like who played Joseph in the Nativity Play.

  • If it is a hot day you may be able to arrange a safe water play area. The kids will need to bring a towel, sun cream and a change of clothing.

  • The parents may choose to show the children how they have fun at a kindergarten graduation party. They could take part in an egg and spoon race, three legged race or even a short run. They could also do things like have their faces painted.

  • Have sports areas with soccer shoot in, throwing tennis balls at tin cans and penny roll

  • You could set up demonstration areas where the kids can learn new skills. That could be soccer skills, juggling, magic tricks or making simple origami shapes.

  • Have an artist show the kids how to draw a great shape

  • Guess the number of candies in the jar

  • Arrange a treasure hunt with the kids split in teams led by an adult who will encourage the kids to work as a team and help them if they get stuck.

  • Stick to games the kids know, it can be too much to teach a new game

  • Try to avoid games where some kids are out. An increasing number of bored kids will not help the kindergarten graduation party

Click here for lots more graduation party games. 

Kindergarten Party - Favors

Have lots of graduation party favors to fill the little ones' bags. Great favors such as:

  • Graduation Pens or Pencils

  • Party Blower

  • Safe small toy

  • Notepad

  • Lego bags

  • Soft toys

  • Nature posters

  • A poem with their hand print on the bottom.

  • Bubbles

  • A piggy bank

  • Kids own design t-shirts where they can draw on the t-shirts at the party and take them home.

Put names, and perhaps photos, on the favor bags. Wrap the favors up where you can as kids love to unwrap presents.

Hand out the favors as kids leave the party.

Consider a Lucky Dip. What a great way to leave the kindergarten party, with a mystery lucky dip.

Kindergarten Graduation Party - Music

Clearly best to start with the kids favorite music. Having the right music will delight the kindergarten party guests. For example there is lots of kids music shows on TV. Get ideas from them for your playlist. Just check you have the right age appropriate material. Another source of information could be kids movies with great soundtracks.

Consider the music used at the kindergarten for the graduation party. Also try Kindergarten Graduation Songs 

Kindergarten Graduation Party - Running The Party

These lovely small kids need to feel secure, and have a great graduation party.

  • Use name badges to assist the helpers in identifying the kids

  • Be calm and smile

  • Let the kids know who you are

  • For a Home Graduation Party, explain any rules and boundaries

  • Be patient, kids need reassurance

  • Have a good ratio of helpers to kids

  • If you are using the park make sure you know where all the kids are all the time

  • Helpers could be parents, siblings, childminders and sitters

  • Be sure you know where cars will be parked

  • Ask a helper to take care of coats and shoes

  • Ask a helper to take photos, you may need to obtain parental consent for this. Some one who can arrange the digital images on a pc and sort copies out for the parents.

  • Ask helpers to help with food, the table, games and music

  • Get a mobile number for parents who are not staying at the party

Remember to buy food and a gift for the graduation party helpers.

Kindergarten Graduation Party - Ideas

There are lots more kindergarten party ideas:

  • Make sure everyone gets a photo with the graduates.

  • A long lasting kindergarten graduation party idea is to have a song written for the graduate and played at the party.

  • Take lots of photos that can be put in each child‘s scrapbook as a reminder of the kindergarten graduation party.

  • Have a signup sheet where parents signup to bring food, drinks, help out in advance of the party, take photos and play music at the party.

  • There will be lots of gifts for the graduates. Thank You notes written by the graduates are the best!

  • Write out rough timings for the party, including expected games times and when you want to serve the food

  • Have a cartoonist draw the kids individually

  • The teacher will be saying goodbye to the children at this point. It is good to have activities for their teacher at the kindergarten graduation party. That could be in a dunking booth, for custard pie throwing or it might be they have to perform a song, or recite a poem. You just need the teacher to have a good time.

  • A good party does need some money spent on it. For a party held with the Kindergarten raise some money through raffles, ask for donations to help with gifts and favors, and perhaps sell home baking too.

  • Save money and have a joint kindergarten graduation party with other graduates.

  • This can give excellent cost sharing, lots of people to do the work and help find items at cheaper costs.
  • Think about the graduation party venue and the likely weather. A tent, kindergarten, YMCA, local park or school gym can be great alternatives.

  • With lots of funenergy and enthusiasm your kindergarten graduation party can be a brilliant success.

  • Get some of the best photographs of them looked out, from home and class. They will make great photos for invitations and also form part of the kindergarten graduation decorations.

  • If you are looking for party ideas, ask the teachers what they think is best. It is likely they will have some great ideas.

  • Ask the kids what they like at a party. They will likely have some great ideas on themes, games, food and music.

Share Your Kindergarten Graduation Party

If you would like to share your complete graduation party with us send us your graduation party story and photos and we will create your own party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your graduation party and comment on your ideas.) 

Good luck with your kindergarten graduation party. A kindergarten graduation party is a special time.

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