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I hope to give you all the planning tips you need to plan an excellent party.

Graduation party planning requires a special kind of planning.

Trying to keep in control of a room full of little children and keep them amused requires complete organisation and being one step ahead at all times. 

There are free checklists, simple and detailed planning plus essential tips!

Kid Parties

kindergarten graduation party planning
  • Did you know that children aged between 3 and 7 attend an average of 30 parties a year?
  • Parties can help children to develop their social skills and fire their imagination. A graduation party will also celebrate their success!
  • Parties are easier to plan when you have a theme. Children love to dress up, and themes like 'Sports', 'Explorers' or 'Wild West' give you plenty of scope for outdoor or indoor games, coloring or crafts, imaginative food and clever goody bags with inexpensive contents. Keep a book and jot down ideas throughout the year. Asummer themed party based outdoors will really excite the children. BBQ, games, summer decorations like beach balls and picnic hampers will be excellent.
  • Remember, parties don't have to run exactly as planned for children to have a great time. Everyone is there to play games, eat, run around and laugh with their friends.
  • The party could be held at your home, kindergarten, park or even a fun play zone.
  • Having enough helpers is vital!

Simple Kindergarten Graduation Party Planning

The same ideas that apply to a full graduation party will be good for kindergarten graduation party planning. The main ideas are:

  • Set a budget

  • Decide on the type of party you want to have. You may want a theme, joint party with other parents, a fun party at your home for family and friends or a party in conjunction with the kindergarten.

  • Agree a guest list.

  • Book a venue, entertainment, photographer and any catering

  • Set a date

  • Send out invitations well in advance

  • Arrange decorations, gifts, favors, games and games prizes

  • Menu - plan a menu the kids will love like fruit bowls, fries, fish sticks, carrot batons, boxes of raisins and ice cream. They will be busy having fun so will eat in a hurry! Also have a great buffet for the adults.

  • Order a cake

  • Download great kids party music to your MP3 player

  • Arrange helpers

  • Choose the best photos of the graduate to display

  • Prepare the venue (a Photo Booth can be great fun)

  • Have a contingency for bad weather

  • Do all the last minute checking and testing

I have detailed checklists which you can print off and use as required.

The Perfect Party Plan.......

First 30 Minutes

Start with a fun activity that kids can join in with when they arrive. For example, they could decorate their own plate or place-card holder. If it's a fancy-dress party, have a room where children can change and add the finishing touches - ask a few parents to be on hand to help.

Next 60 Minutes

Structured games and play.

Next 30 Minutes

Food and the graduation cake.

Next 30 Minutes

Quiet games, the opening of presents and the handing out of party bags. Play a DVD to entertain the kids while they are waiting to be collected.

Phew, it's over! Now relax and put your feet up - you deserve it.

Further Thoughts On Kindergarten Party Planning

kindergarten graduation party planning

Some further ideas on kindergarten graduation party planning.

Safety is a key part of graduation party planning. Be sure your venue is safe for the kids. If you are going to be outdoors at say the park, remember to check the area around your party. Be sure the kids can be seen at all times. Make sure you have enough helpers who are looking out for the kids. You should plan how you are doing your safety checks, what advice you need and also how you uncover any legal issues.

A good graduation party planning tip is have more than enough helpers who know what they are required to do. Photographs, coat check, name tags, music, games, prizes, favors, food, drinks, comforting an upset child and clearing away all need dedicated helpers.

A good kindergarten graduation party planning tip, try not to play games where kids are out. Also make sure to have a quiet area where kids can sit down and color in, away from the activity. I have lots of quiet and noisy activities on my graduation games page.

If you have things like a BBQ then you need to plan how the area will be kept safe as well as how you will serve the food.

Have a plan to deal with any accidents. Who will be responsible, how you contact the parents and how you will deal with the event.

Plan how you will improve the spending power of your dollars through sales, negotiations and online sites. 

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I hope the kindergarten graduation party planning takes the strain away from your party. Kindergarten graduation party planning can be essential! 

I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment! Or feel free to contact me.

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