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Kindergarten Invitation Wording - 1

Because you have shared in (his/her) life
by your friendship and love
we ask you to join us as we
celebrate the Kindergarten Graduation
for our (son/daughter)
(name of graduate)
From (elementary school)
Reception will be held
(date & time)
(parents names)

Kindergarten Graduation Invitation - 2

Our little (graduate's name)
is growing up fast,
please come to (his/her) graduation
don't let this moment pass!
(Graduate's name)
is graduating Kindergarten
from (Name of kindergarten)
Reception will be held
(date & time)
at (location)
(Names of Parents)
RSVP (telephone number)

Kindergarten Graduation Invitation - 3

(Parents' Names)
request the pleasure of your company
as they celebrate the Graduation
of their son/daughter
(Graduate's Name)

Kindergarten Graduation Invitation - 4

(Parents names)
proudly announce their (son's or daughter's) Kindergarten Graduation
and invite you to attend this memorable event.
(name of graduate)
will graduate from (name of Kindergarten)
(Date and time)
RSVP (parents name and number)

Kindergarten Graduation Wording - 5

The joy of your company is requested 
as we celebrate the Graduation of
(graduate's name)
from Kindergarten.
(Date and time)
R.S.V.P. (name and telephone number)

Kindergarten Graduation Invitation - 6

(Parent's names)
request the pleasure of your company 
at a Kindergarten Graduation Party 
in honor of 
(name of graduate) 
on (date and time)

Kindergarten Graduation Invitation - 7

Growing Up
has just begun
please join us for some kindergarten 
Graduation fun!
(name of graduate)
Will graduate on 
(Date and time)
Proud parents
(name of parents) 
RSVP by (date)
(telephone number)

Kindergarten Graduation Wording - 8

Please be our guest at a 
Surprise Kindergarten Graduation Party 
The guest of honor is our (son/daughter) 
name of graduate)
Join us on (date & time)
(Parents names)

Kindergarten Graduation Invitation - 9

Please share in our joy 
as our (son/daughter)
(name of graduate) 
graduates from Kindergarten 
on (date & time)
(Parent's names)

Kindergarten Graduation Wording - 10

(Parents names)
are proud to announce 
the Graduation of 
(name of graduate) 
Class of (year) 
(name of kindergarten)
They invite you to share in their happiness 
at (location) 
on (date) 
at (time) 

Kindergarten Graduation Invitation - 11

Please join us
to witness the first step
in tomorrow leaders.
The (name of kindergarten)
Class of (year)
Ceremony and Reception
(Date and time)
at (name and location of nursery)

Kindergarten Graduation Invitation - 12

Hip! Hip! Hooray!
She did it!!! 
You’re invited to celebrate the
Kindergarten Graduation
In honor of
(name of graduate) 
Lunch immediately following at the
(family name) residence
(Parents names) 

Kindergarten Graduation Invitation - 13

Kindergarten (name) is having a party!
Come and celebrate your graduation 
Fun, games, dancing and entertainment
Wear your party clothes 
RSVP (details)

There is lots of great graduation invitation wording. I hope you find the graduation invitation wording you need.

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