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Make graduation very special with these ideas for the ceremony and party for the whole class and your own graduate. I hope to give you everything you need to make your ceremony truly memorable.

I hope to give you a ceremony timetable, ideas on how to set up the ceremony, preparation ideas, craft activities for the graduates, speeches, theme ideas, favors, whole day activities and of course ideas to help you have a brilliant party! 

I hope you find the exact kindergarten graduation ideas that you need! 

kindergarten graduation music
kindergarten graduation poems

Kindergarten Graduation Poems

Use these Free Graduation Poems to give real meaning to graduation for the children.

Kindergarten Graduation Ideas - Countdown To Graduation

countdown to graduation

A great way to warm the children up to their graduation is to have a countdown to graduation. Make the countdown display interesting and noticeable.

  • A large calendar type display. Create a background with “DAYS TO GRADUATION“ on it. Use bright colored numbers to show the actual number of days to go. The children will love taking their turn to change the numbers. You might use number of sleeps or even hours to go if the kids would love that.

  • Balloons - create a banner with “DAYS TO GO TO GRADUATION“. Blow up the number balloons corresponding to the number of days to go. The children can take turns bursting one balloon each day till graduation.

  • Wall Planner - create a wall planner for the month prior to graduation. Put in an activity for each school day. For example, wear a color, bring a baby photo, and play tag.

  • Kindergarten Graduation Ideas - Class Activities

    Fun activities for the class to complete before graduation.

    kindergarten graduation thanks decoration

    A Welcome note to the family of each graduate is a nice touch. Simply print the graduate's photo and add a thank you note. 

    kindergarten graduation diploma

    Use the free printable diploma to reward the children at graduation. Print it on A5 card. 

    graduation thank you card

    Invites - as part of the graduation activities you can work with the kids to create their own kindergarten graduation invitations. They can create their own design and color it in. As part of the activity they can learn about graduation caps, scrolls and gowns. The invites can go to their family.

    graduation thank you cards

    The children can complete free printable thank you cards to their parents and teacher.

    kindergarten graduation scroll

    Scrolls - The simplest version is just to roll up the paper and tie a 12 inch piece of red ribbon around it for effect. 
    You could also dip the paper in tea and dry to give a parchment, antique effect. The kids may also want to decorate the paper and write their own scroll content.

    kindergarten graduation scroll

    To make simple caps use black construction paper. Cut a piece 9" by 9" for the top. Next cut 2 equal pieces 4" wide and 12" long. Join them together and, sizing for each child, tape them to the square top. (If you use white paper then the class can color them in. Buy red tassels and attach for a great finishing touch.

    kindergarten graduation memory card

    Please use this free printable memory card. It is a PDF file which you can easily print.

    kindergarten graduation future

    Future - the children can imagine what they see in the future. They might say what they want to be when they grow up, what grade school will be like or what sport/hobby they will pursue. They will write out their idea and you can take a photo of them holding their script.

    kindergarten graduation party bunting

    Kids handmade bunting can be fun to make and makes a great display.

    • Cut out the bunting shape you wish from cardstock.

    • The kids can draw and color in their graduation images

    • Hang the bunting from string either by attaching with pegs or punching a hole in the bunting and threading the string through.
    kindergarten graduation bookmark 2017

    You can work with the children to create their own graduation bookmarks.
    Alternatively please feel free to use my free printable one!

    kindergarten graduation shoebox

    Time Capsule - the kids can really enjoy capturing the present day and looking forward to what may come through making a time capsule.

    • Diary a long term entry with the date to open the time capsule. That could be High School graduation, for example.

    • Use a stainless steel vacuum jar if you are keeping the capsule underground. A shoe box will be perfect if you are keeping the capsule in the kindergarten office, for example. Decorate the container with the class year and say graduation stickers.

    • The children can write out what kindergarten means to them, their favorite move, books, toys and TV shows, food, games and say what they want to be when they grow up. Include their hand print and a photo.

    • The teacher can include a class photo, newspaper, photo of the President, photo of the town or city and a photo of the Kindergarten. Making a guess about the future can be fun, for example what the price of gas will be when the time capsule is opened.

    • Seal the box and store.
    kindergarten graduation party photobooth

    Photo Booth can be amazing fun. The  kids will love posing for photos. 

    Set out dressing up clothing plus accessories. You don’t need to hire any  equipment, just set aside an area with a  chair and colorful background. The kids will  love posing for their photo! Send the  photos on to their parents or  arrange to print them at the  graduation.

    kindergarten graduation cupcakes

    Work with the parents and create a range of graduation cupcakes.

    graduation cake

    Make a graduation cake for the kids. Cake is always a great part of any celebration!

    kindergarten graduation ideas teacher letter

    Teachers Letter

    Write a letter to each little graduate telling them how special they are! Feel free to use this free printable letter. It is A4 size so you can roll it up and add some red ribbon to give a scroll effect.

    Kindergarten Graduation Ideas - Whole Day Activities

    You might plan activities to run throughout the day which can complement graduation. The day still needs to be fun for the kids and you may well have parents dropping by. Some kindergarten graduation ideas could be:

    kindergarten graduation ideas

    Craft Area - set up a craft area decorated for graduation with:

    • Graduation themed coloring in with graduation caps and gowns.
    • Decorate a graduation hat where you can give the kids a homemade cap and pens, stickers, plus other additions.

    • Decorate a t-shirt which can also be signed by the other kids and parents

    • Make thank you cards for the teacher.

    Performance - set up a performance area decorated for graduation. Things that can be performed include:

    • Plays
    • Singing
    • Tell kindergarten jokes, for example:

        Why did the computer go to the doctors A. Because it had a virus.

        What exam do young witches sit? A. A SPELLing test.

        Why did the sun go to school? A. To get brighter

        What is the Math teachers favorite dessert? A. Pi

    • Make speeches - start with a welcome speech, perhaps have a speech to brief       the parents on all the great things that have happened and also have a closing - speech to thank everyone for attending.
    • Have a quiz
    • Dancing
    • Talent Spots
    • Professional performers like magicians, actors, singers and ventriloquists

    Experiences - set up an area containing the kindergarten experiences of the graduates.

    • Display each graduates best work
    • Show videos made by interviewing each graduate about what they think are the   best things about graduation. They can leave a message for the next group of kindergarten kids.

    Activities - set up an activities are to play lots of games:

    • Play pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey
    • Guess the number of coins in the jar
    • Decorate cookies with edible toppings
    • Soccer shoot in if it can be played safely
    • Bouncy castle



    If the Graduation is outdoors then you could have a Fete style event. As well as having a normal seating arrangement for the Graduation ceremony you can arrange:


    • Stalls for games such as fishbowl toss and knocking down cans.
    • Popcorn kiosk
    • Cotton Candy
    • Put an adult in stocks and let the kids throw wet sponges
    • Dress helpers and fairground people such as clowns
    • Food and drinks kiosk with outdoor seating

    Kindergarten Graduation Ideas - Formal Ceremony Timetable

    Simple kindergarten graduation ideas ceremony timetable.

    kindergarten graduation speeches
    • Graduates march in to the sound of Pomp and Circumstance

    • Welcome Speech - welcoming everyone to the graduation

    • Song performed by the class

    • Speech by main speaker, (click here for excellent speech ideas.)
  • Present the diplomas to each child, calling the graduates out individually. You could give them a gift at that time.

  • Performance by the class. (singing a song, performing a short play or giving a poem recital or Pledge Of Allegiance)

  • Play a slideshow of everything completed throughout the year (field trips, class projects, etc...) set to music, for example What A Wonderful world by Louis Armstrong

  • Closing thanks

  • (You might want to invite parents for coffee at the end)

    Simple Ceremony

    You might prefer a simpler ceremony. That could be: 

    • The children can sit in a circle and sing a song like NOW I KNOW MY ABCs.

    • Give each child their diploma, the other children can cheer and clap at the same time.

    • Parents can attend and take photos

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    Kindergarten Graduation Ideas - Ceremony Set Up

    Some simple ideas will make your kindergarten graduation ideas work.

    • Arrange chairs facing the front for the graduates to sit in, with an aisle for them to walk down.

    • Set up a table at the front which has the diplomas.

    • Decorate the table with flowers

    • Decorate the area with a graduation banner, streamers and balloons

    • Arrange seating for parents so they can easily take photos

    • Decorate the area in keeping with your theme, so you could have a flag for a Patriotic theme, for example.

    • Surround the graduation area with examples of the graduates’ work. That could be artwork, photos, poems, project work and regular work such as letters and numbers.

    • Create a short program for the children to perform and practice it with them. They could sing their favorite song, recite the Pledge Of Allegiance, recite the alphabet, and sing perhaps a goodbye song.

    • Prepare a list with each child's name so they can be called out by name.

    • Prepare a diploma, tied with a ribbon, for each child.

    • Set up an area to serve the parents coffee and cake, for example.

    • Perhaps arrange a photo area with a professional background for the parents to take lots of photos. Maybe even include a flag in the photo area.

    • Signpost parents parking if required.

    • Set up a coat check area if required.

    • Set up an area for parents to take photos of their graduate. That could be a simple white background and chair.

    • Photo Booth - simply set up a small area as a photo booth with a white background, a chair and have caps, gowns and perhaps some fun things to wear. You can use an IPAD with a photo booth App. The children can have lots of fun taking photos with family and friends.
    • Set up a food and drinks area so the parents can socialize after the ceremony
    • Set up a play area for the children while the parents socialize.
    • Set up a charity area if the children had a favorite charity through the year. This can be a desk with literature, photos of the kids raising funds and a donation box.
    • Have a desk with information on the Grade school the kids will attend.

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    Kindergarten Graduation Ideas - Ceremony Preparation

    Preparation is the key to making your kindergarten graduation ideas successful.

    kindergarten graduation ceremony program
    • Create a program to give to parents when they arrive.

    • Arrange to have formal graduation gowns and caps, or even colorful, bright colored ones.

    • Find photos taken during the year and pick out the best ones. Have one of each child ideally.

    • Invites - send out invites, say 2 to 3 weeks before graduation.
    • Parents - send out a parents sign up sheet asking for help with the set up, food, cakes, party and clearing up.

  • Arrange the graduation music on an MP3 player, and speakers, making sure they are fully charged.

  • Rehearsals - prepare the children for their songs and poems

  • Teach the children all about graduation.

  • Choose graduation poems if required

  • Confirm to all helpers their tasks and who is helping to clear away afterwards.

  • You may be able to freshen the ceremony area with a further clean and some fresh paint.

  • Make or buy gifts for the graduates and helpers.

  • The parents can bake cakes and cupcakes for the ceremony. There should have enough for everyone attending.

  • Arrange costumes, if required, for parents, teachers and helpers.

  • Raise funds well in advance of the event. You may be able to expand the range of kindergarten graduation ideas you use.

  • You might like to also give each child an award of some kind. Consider:

    • Helping others
    • Good listener
    • Learning numbers
    • Learning words
    • Reading
    • Learning colors
    • Writing well
    • Learning shapes
    • Washing hands
    • Perfect attendance award
    • Contributing
    • Good teachers helper
    • Caring award
    • Great Ideas
    • Hard Worker
    • Good manners

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    Kindergarten Graduation Ideas - Ceremony Favors

    kindergarten graduation party favor tags

    Add favors to your kindergarten graduation ideas. Make up a pack for the kids to take home in the same way as a party favor bag. (use these free tags) The pack can include:

    • A great photo of them at kindergarten

    • Their best kindergarten drawings

    • Their best work on numbers and letters, for example.

    • A candy treat
  • A well done and good luck note from the teacher.

  • Pens and pencils

  • Notepad

  • Coloring in book

  • A calendar made with kindergarten photos

  • A poem

  • Lego

  • A piggy bank to start saving.

  • Give each child a small plant pot with a seed in it which they can watch grow over the summer.

  • Make a graduation card with their picture on one side and their stats on the other (bday,position in family, fav. food, fav book, fav memory etc...) Laminate it so they can have it as a keepsake to always remember kindergarten.

  • Give a Memory Book, as part of kindergarten graduation ideas, which the kids and their families can treasure forever. The kids can help complete the detail with things like:

    • Name of Kindergarten
    • Teachers name
    • Friends names
    • Autographs of friends
    • Favorite subjects, favorite songs, favorite event and favorite part of the day.

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    Good luck with your kindergarten graduation ideas.

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