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A kindergarten gift is meant to be fun and colorful. 

The children will just love a useful gift they can play with. 

I hope to give you the best graduation gift ideas for your child. 

Kindergarten Gift Ideas - Top Gifts

kindergarten graduation gift
  • Money - The graduate can have the excitement of choosing their own gift. Fold the money into a cool origami shape for fun.

  • Gift Certificate - for the graduate's favorite store which might be the Disneystore.

  • A graduation t-shirt. You can have kindergarten colors and name on the t-shirt. The graduate can wear it with pride.
kindergarten graduation gift
  • Graduation Bear

  • Backpack and supplies for grade school (water bottle, lunchbox, pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, paper and pencil case.)

  • Books - particularly by Dr Seuss.

  • Toy- a special toy that the little graduate will love

  • Clothing - for grade school, the summer or fashion! Add a surprise to one of the pockets such as a dollar or a toy.

  • A trip to give the graduate a special day out, which could be to a theme park, science center or their favorite place.

  • Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas - Educational

    kindergarten graduation gift
    • Educational books to help the graduate keep moving forward on words, letters, numbers, nature and a little science.

    • Educational jigsaw puzzles - there are particularly excellent ones made by Mellisa & Doug, Geotoys and Larsen.

    • Games - your local store will have excellent games. Sun Swamp Addition and Subtraction and the Qwirkle Board Game are excellent.

    • Ipad - there is a wide range of excellent apps.

    • Activities - you could add one of my free printable activities to the gift pack.

    kindergarten graduation gift

    Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas - Games, Puzzles and Toys

    kindergarten graduation gift
    • Board Games - for example The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game, Junior Monopoly and Junior Scrabble which all the family will love.

    • Toys like helicopters, cars, trucks, cosmetic boxes, dolls and play mats do make a instantly appealing graduation gift.

    • Train set, racing cars, planes, magic or science kit

    • Puppets can help children enjoy creative play using their imagination to create scenes and dialogue

    • A first computer with kids software for fun and learning
    kindergarten graduation gift
  • Active gifts like hula hoop, mini tennis, hop scotch and skipping ropes

  • Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas - Summer Fun

    kindergarten graduation gift

    There are lots of great summer ideas:

    • Gardening equipment for kids - you can enjoy being outdoors with the graduate.

    • Bird feeding table plus some feed will encourage the graduate to explore nature and bring birds into your garden.

    • Garden play things like tents, tunnels, mini tennis, beach balls, soccer balls and kids gardening tools.

    • Hats, sun screen, t-shirts and swimming gear

    • Outdoor games such as Swingball, giant checkers, giant jigsaws, yo-yos, hula hoops, balls, hoppers, skates, skipping ropes, skittles and play tents

    • Pool toys like dolphins, sharks, killer whales and lots of balls and hoops.

    Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas - More Ideas

    kindergarten graduation gift
    • A bike, scooter or skateboard - encourage the graduate to get outdoors and play with family and friends.

    • Arts and Craft - there are many kits that will suit the graduate from paper folding, coloring in, painting by numbers, wind chime making, tissue paper art and jewelry making, for example.

    • Photo frame - a real keepsake with family and friends as the possible photo subjects. Add graduation stickers for effect.

    • Wall planner all ready for grade school, activities, sports and parties! Put in a date for a surprise trip to say the movies.

    • Decorative memory board to keep all the graduate‘s achievements and highlights on display.

    • A globe of the earth will let parents and the graduate see where they live and explore the world, including their vacation spots

    • Musical instrument - giving a great start in the graduate's musical hobby

    • Autograph book - the graduate can fill it with class signatures and also family and friends. If you can try and get a celebrity autograph in advance.

    • Memory box full of the best kindergarten memories with photos and achievement awards, for example. Add a surprise toy to the box.

    • Cookie jar - fill it with the graduate's favorite cookies. Add a decorative label with the graduate's name and graduation caps and scrolls.

    • Jewelry

    • Watch which is themed on the graduate's favorite character.
    kindergarten graduation gift
    • Clock - themed on the graduate's favorite character.

    • Chalk board

    • Nintendo, Xbox or Wii plus games to play.

    • Fancy dress box with say pirates and princesses outfits, make up, fake jewelry, fake treasure, shoes and Pom Poms.

    • Nightwear - slippers, pajamas and dressing gown

    • For fun you could set up a short series of clues, when the graduate solves them they will find the graduation gift.

    I hope you found the best kindergarten graduation gift for your graduate. 

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