Kindergarten Graduation Day

by SandhyaGuruprasad
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

We are a private school in India and we are having the Kindergarten Graduation day for the first time. I dont really know how to go about the speech and what is appropriate for their age.

We start off by welcoming the Chief Guest.
The kindergarten students enter the hall and go on stage.
The chief guest lights a lamp - the lamp of knowledge.
The students have a small lamp in their hand.
An invocation song is sung.
The oath is taken.
The children are wearing white and black dress.
They wear the graduation caps and are given a scroll to certify they have graduated from kindergarten to grade school.

I want some inspirational words appropriate for these students.

I have a first draft below (you‘ll note how bland it is without real detail). Please consider the final topic of the speech and some of the ideas in it. I am sure I can get you a final version once you have provided comment. You‘ll note that the speech needs some real detail from the graduates own lives.

For example:
Real achievements
Field trips and experiences
Detail about the teachers and how much they have done for the children
Parties and fun times
Charity work they undertook
Some ideals they gain from the school such as respect for others, always being the best you can be or helping others
Perhaps the school balances education with sporting achievements, no doubt it will have some ethos

The more detail you can give me, the better the speech will become.

Principal ____, Honored Guests _______, Teachers, Parents and Graduates.

I am thrilled, and honoured, to be here at you first graduation ceremony. This is truly the most exciting day.

I know that you are the most hard working class. You are a credit to yourselves and your families. Looking back over the last year you will all remember learning your ABCs, numbers, nature, washing hands, singing together, being good friends and helping others. Well done to all of you.

(If you have a small number of graduates you may be able to name them individually and perhaps say how great they were.)

The school (name) has a very proud tradition of providing the best education to the best students. Your class are amongst the best we have ever had. Indeed it has been a privilege having you here. Your teachers and parents have worked very hard to give you the best of everything. Their love and support has been amazing.

Today is your graduation day, and one that you thoroughly deserve. The ceremony is a fitting tribute to your hard work and achievements. The ceremony is also reflects the proud traditions of your school. I hope you enjoy your graduation day and have a lot of fun too!

You can look forward to the next stage of your schooling full of confidence. You are ready to face everything that comes along. I know that you can learn anything, help each other and have a lot of fun. Graduates from this school stay friends forever so you will always be able to rely on each other.

As someone once said, "better to live a day as a tiger than a hundred years as a sheep". I hope you life will be a roaring success. (You would need to be sure the children will love this before usng it.)

I hope you keep in touch and let us know how you are.

Good luck

(As ever, talk to the teachers and be sure your language will be understood and speak in a very bright and cheerful way.)

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