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I have not prepared any speech. Mine is a small afterschool program academy. Students of my academy have completed one year and I wish to felicitate them. Please help me with the speech.

We teach brain development skills and mathematics based skills through fun ad play method.

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I think the program you have sounds excellent. I am sure you have excellent results. Before finalizing a speech for you, there are some things to go through.

A review of the past year will usually have some true stories, amazing achievements and be inclusive so that all the children can relate to the speech. Can you provide some material.

Choosing a theme for the speech should be fairly simple as it can relate to the belief you have in the children and the fact that they can achieve anything they want.

Of course you want to have a part of the speech that congratulates them on their achievements and makes them feel special.

For the future you will want to inspire them to keep working hard while believing that they can achieve. Are there any specific plans you have which can illuminate this part of the speech.

You might also want to add in how important, and fun, mathematics is. The science of sciences opens a door to a whole world for everyone!

Please come back with any material you have and we can finish off a great speech for you.

I have a draft speech for you which I hope can give you an outline.

Draft Speech

Welcome to the wonderful graduates of 2014 and your families.

I feel really excited to be at your graduation. Congratulations Class of 2014.

Looking back at your special achievements is amazing. Each of you have grown up so much. Many of you were very shy when you first came here. Now you have achieved so much in maths, literacy, nature and art. Particularly here where we love maths, your progress is outstanding. There are examples all around us of your work, they are wonderful.

I hope today you can feel the fun and excitement about your achievements. You are a talented group who are fun to be with. I certainly can see many very proud parents!

The future for each of you is bright. I know you are all looking forward to the fun, excitement, challenges and friendship which you will enjoy. Your parents are with you every step of the way. E are here for you too!

You can now trust that you will cope with anything that life gives you. On behalf of all the team here let me say what a privilege it has been to help each of you . We see you as part of our extended family and feel really excited to see how you grow in the future.

Good Luck!!

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