I need help with my grade 8 speech

by Brianna
(Brighton, Ontario, Canada)

I need help with my grade 8 graduation speech to impress my grade 7/8 class.

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Thank you for getting in touch. I would be delighted to help you.

Have a look at the draft speech. It is just intended to give you an idea of a possible speech.

Principal Hughes, Honored Guests, Families and Graduates.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017. I am very proud to be part of a special group.

A year 8 Graduation is a wonderful chance to take a good look back at our school years and to shine a light on what the future may hold. Of course, we still have some years to go at school, but let us hope they are as filled with friends, teamwork, learning amazing things, and becoming more confident students.

Someone once urged people to confidently go forward in the direction of their dreams. To have a chance to do that you should build strong foundations so that you can feel pride in yourself and feel confident about tackling our next set of challenges.

The Class of 2017 is a very successful one in so many ways. We work very hard and understand how hard work improves our results. We work together as a team and help each other succeed. We have learned the important school topics such as Math, English, Language, Art, Geography, History and Computing. We have great teachers who we must thank. They work do hard to help us and really do care about our success. As a result we are confident learners who have excellent skills.

Thanks to our parents for their love and support. Life is not always simple, challenges arise and our families are there for us.

This school is not just a building to attend for lessons. We play here, make friends, learn about life, join in great activities, raise money for charity, put on concerts, protect the environment and practice speaking in public. I think it is true that we all feel we belong here.

Think back to where we were only a few years ago. Today we have grown up so much. Our Graduation Day is one to treasure and is a fitting tribute to our success.

Today we are ready to face the future with confidence. The strong foundations we have will drive is through the next steps in our education. We know we can work hard, we can learn really well, we can rely on each other, we can deal with challenges, and we can succeed. Again I say confidently go forward and enjoy the future.

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