Hot Pink and Black Graduation Cake

by Charlene Robinson
(Springfield, Illinois)

Hot Pink and Black Graduation Cake

Hot Pink and Black Graduation Cake

The theme to my daughter's graduation party was hot pink and black and I couldn't find a local company to design me a cake for her party that I liked so I decided to give it a try. I made a three tier cake which consisted of banana cake on top, chocolate cake in the middle and white cake on the bottom. All three cakes were made from Pillsbury cake mixes. I find that their cake mixes turn out the moistest. I made all three cakes the night before the party and refrigerated them.
The morning of the party I made buttercream frosting and frosted the bottom layer first and layed on the decorated frosting sheets. I cut out pictures of my daughter throughout the years that I had made on edible frosting sheets. On each side of the cake I had a picture of her growing up on it. I then frosted the middle cake and layed the frosting sheet design on it, as well as the edible pictures of her on all four sides.
Finally the top. On top I frosted the cake and I had an edible image made with her picture and the Congrats on it. Then I added four more pictures of her on each side. Each picture on the cake stood for each grade of school with the top being her senior picture. Then I added four hot pink flowers that I had bought on clearance at a Michael's store that I had removed from their stem.
Finishing touches were I piped black lines around the cake to coverup imperfections that I could see. I piped around each picture so you could not see how the picture just layed on the cake and I made black flowers around each bottom of the cakes.

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Oct 28, 2011
by: Ripley

After thinking about your excellent cake I decided to go for something different. My sons are graduating and then travelling around Europe for a gap year. Their graduation cake will have a cap on top of a travel case, which will be decorated with fake travel stickers naming some of their destinations.

Jul 17, 2010
Great Design
by: Gemma

Thanks for this. I had planned a fairly boring cake but saw this and instead made a layered cake with the colors my daughter loves.

Jul 03, 2009
Love It
by: Jean McLean

I love the way you have designed the cake around the theme and also used a practical way of making the cake. Well Done!

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