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I hope this page will give you lots of information and inspiration to make homemade graduation invitations that you are truly proud of.

I have lots of ideas including beautifully designed invites you can make on your PC, a simple scroll, diploma and stamp embossed invites. Also, great ideas for homemade invites with photos!

I have lots of completed examples plus visitors invites. 

I hope you love these easy to do invitations. 

Favorite Homemade Graduation Invitation

It just so happens that my favorite graduation invitations are also extremely simple to do and you can make it totally unique by using whatever background paper you desire. 

homemade graduation invitations

Background page - I've used clip art expanded here to cover the whole page and I then printed it on flat card This could be any picture, design, exotic paper from www.papermojo.com or even a photo. 

Front page – this is vellum and a lovely verse is printed on it with all the party details. It is cut to the same size as the background page.

Attach them – now use a hole puncher to punch 2 holes at the top of both the pages and attach them both together using beautiful coordinating ribbon.

Homemade Graduation Invitations

homemade graduation invitations

Make a really simple photo invite. Using a photo of the graduate you can edit it, size it and print it on one side of card or invitation paper. Write the invite details on the back and you have a quick, easy and beautiful invite. 

All you really need is the following:

  • a computer

  • a good printer

  • photo editing software.

The photo editing software could be “Paint” which comes as standard on most computers. This will allow you to extract a specific part of a picture i.e. extract a picture of the graduate from a group photo.

Microsoft Picture Manager is also something that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of tools. This will let you re-size your picture. There are lots of tools for your PC or tablet that you can use.

Most personal printers are fully capable of creating great invitations. However if it is not up to the job then you could always put your design onto a disc and take it to your local office supply store and use their card stock and their excellent color laser printers.

Some Completed Examples of Homemade Graduation Invitations

Example 1 of Homemade Graduation Invitations

Example 2 of Homemade Graduation Invitations

purple design graduation invitation

This was so simple. Start with opening a Microsoft Word document then follow the steps below:

1) I re-sized the document to size A5 and changed the orientation to landscape. 
2) Next I changed the background of the document to purple. The option for “page color” appears when you click on the “Page layout” tab – this is the case for my version of MS Word anyway.

3) Next I created a text box and inserted the photo inside it. Then, I created another text box for the text. All this is covered in the section “How to Insert a Text Box”.
4) Finally, I made the outline of the photo fuzzy.

Example 3 of Homemade Graduation Invitations

blue frame graduation party invitation

1) First of all I opened a new MS Word document.
2) I changed the orientation to landscape and the size to A5.
3) The clip art can be found on my clip art page.
4) I then pasted the graduation frame clip art image into it and stretched the image to almost cover the entire A5 document.
5) Next I created a text box to insert the photo into and then another to insert the text.

Example 4 of Homemade Graduation Invitations

pink kindergarten homemade graduation invitation

1) In order to get the nice pink background I pasted the photo into “Paint” which I reckon all PC’s have. You will find it under “All Programs” and “Accessories”.
2) I then used “View” and “Zoom” to enlarge the photo.
3) I selected the “brush” and the largest square and selected the pink color, which I then used fill in the background.

4) Once complete I copied the image into an MS Word document which I re-sized to A5 and changed to “landscape”.
5) I then created a text box for the wording on the right.
6) I created another text box and inserted some “Wordart” for the wording at the bottom.
7) The rounded frame is created by clicking on the “format” tab and selecting the rounded corner frame. 

Example 5 of Homemade Graduation Invitations

black and white photo invitation

1) First of all I opened a new MS Word document.
2) I changed the orientation to landscape and the size to A5.
3) The clip art can be found on my clip art page.
4) I then pasted the graduation frame clip art image into it and stretched the image to almost cover the entire A5 document.

5) Next I created a text box to insert the photo into and then another to insert the text.
6) For the text box for the wording you’ll notice the funny shape – this is because instead of a “simple text box” I inserted one called “Braces Quote”.

Example 6 of Homemade Graduation Invitations

balloons homemade graduation invitations

1) First of all I opened a new MS Word document.
2) I changed the orientation to landscape and the size to A5.
3) The clip art can be found on my clip art page.
4) I just copied and pasted the balloons and dragged them to the desired position on MS Word. 

5) Next I created a text box for the photo to go into and dragged it into position. 
6) Then I created another text box for the wording. I used the “Shape Fill” option, then “gradient” and “more gradients” where I selected 2 colors and blended them.
7) The wording title is one of the WordArt options.

Example 7 of Homemade Graduation Invitations

simple pink homemade graduation invitations

1) Complete the steps 1 to 5 on example 4.
2) I typed the wording, highlighted it and selected “font”. I then selected the cambria font, size 18, bold and the engraved effect to get this particular font type. 
3) The fuzzy edge around the frame was created by clicking the “format” tab and choosing the fuzzy frame.

How to Make Your Own Templates for Homemade Graduation Invitations

Hopefully the following sections will provide some tips and ideas!

How to Copy Clip Art or a Photo into a Microsoft Word document

1) Right-click your mouse over the top of the image you want to choose and select “copy”.
2) Open up a new Microsoft Word document.
3) Set the document size to whatever you want.
4) Next right-click and select “paste” – the image should then appear.

Make the Edge of the Photo Fuzzy

Assuming you have managed to copy the photo into MS word. From there just complete the following steps:

1. Click on top of the photo.
2. Next you’ll notice an option called “format” at the top of the screen.
3. Click on “format” and you’ll see lots of different frames and shapes appearing.
4. The picture with the blurred edge is the one you are after. 

Add Text on Top of the Photo

Again, assuming the photo is in an MS Word document, all you have to do is:

1. Right-click over the photo.
2. Select “Text Wrapping”.
3. Select “Behind Text”.
4. Then click on top of the photo and just start typing.

Change the Photo to Black and White

Again, assuming the photo is in an MS Word document, all you have to do is:

1. Rick-click over the photo and select “Format Picture” option
2. This will reveal a pop-up containing a “recolor” option.
3. Select this and the black and white option will be obvious.

Make the Photo a Hazy Background Image

Follow the same steps as above for making the photo black and white. Instead of choosing the “recolor” option though, move the “brightness” bar along to the right until the desired effect is achieved.

How to Insert a Text Box

A simple text box is required in order to make most of the invitations on this page. They are used to insert photos into and text.

1) Click on the “Insert” tab at the top and you’ll see an option along to the right for inserting a text box – a simple text box will do. 
2) Next, click on the edge of the text box until the 4 arrow heads appear, then left-click your mouse and drag you mouse to move the text box to the desired place. 
3) Re-size it by placing your cursor over one of the circles in the corner and again left-click and drag your mouse. 
4) To change the color in the text box – click inside the text box and then select “format” tab at the top of the screen and select “shape fill” and choose the desired color. 
5) To change the color of the outline of the text box - click inside the text box and then select “format” tab at the top of the screen and select “shape outline” and choose the desired color. NB. Even if the invitation background is white I like to change the “shape outline” to white so this it is invisible. 
6) Finally if you click inside the text box you can then either paste a photo inside it or start typing some text. NB. If you want to add text then you can change the font type, font size and font color if you highlight the text and rick-click over it.

Tip! If you want to insert a text box over the top of an image or photo then you have to make sure you click outside the image or photo first, otherwise the image or photo will be replaced by the text box.

Homemade Graduation Invitations using Clip Art

homemade graduation invitations

Using clip art is such an easy way of making homemade graduation invitations.

Have a look at the graduation clip art page.
There is a great range of clip art, instructions on how to use it and also lots of project ideas. You can make great invites in no time at all! 

Simplest Homemade Graduation Invitation

The simplest way of making homemade invitations I can think of is probably where you make a simple scroll. All you do is print a beautiful verse (or write it calligraphy style) on an A4 sheet of paper (parchment paper is best), roll it up and tie with a black ribbon. 

Homemade Graduation Invitations - Diploma


You could consider handing out invitations that look like diplomas. If you have a printer with good quality ink that will not run when wet, you can make your invitations look like real parchment:

  • Just print up the invitations in a fancy font of your choosing

  • You can then tea-stain them to make them look antiqued

  • Steep one or two teabags in boiling water and then pour the water into a tub large enough for dipping paper
  • Add cool water to the tea until it is a slight tan color

  • Dip the printed invitations

  • Lay them out to dry

  • When they are done, you have a rustic but fancy way to ask people to your party

  • You can tie the dyed invitations with a ribbon before handing them out for a special touch.

Homemade Graduation Invitations - Stamp Embossing

Another affordable but high-quality way to make homemade invitations is to get a stamp embossing set and some cardstock:

  • Dip the stamps you want to use in embossing solution

  • Stamp the paper

  • Pour the embossing powder over the resulting image on the cardstock

  • Heat the image to emboss it

  • You can print out the information for the party and simply glue that page inside the card to save some labor. 

This method allows a lot of hand-made personalizing for those who like nice details.

Homemade Graduation Invitations With Photos

homemade photo graduation invitations

Box Frame Photo Graduation Invites 

You can give this a shake 
and the sequins, confetti, 
beads or whatever shake around. 
Click on the photo for detailed 
instructions on how to make one of these fabulous photo graduation invitations. 

photo homemade graduation invitations

Photo Graduation Party Invitation with Embossed Frames 

Click on the picture to find 
out how to do professional 
looking embossing on frames of 
your photo graduation invitations.

craft photo homemade graduation invitations

Photo Graduation Party Invites with Circular Borders 

Extremely quick and easy to 
do using varying sized circle 
punches. Click on the image 
for some detailed instruction 
on how to make this photo 
graduation invitations - 
if you need any!

circle punch photo homemade graduation invitations

Another photo graduation card example using Circle Punches

Another effective photo 
graduation invitations idea 
using the circle punches. 
This one takes a little 
more time because of the 
need to place all the circles. 
Click on the image for some 
more information.

black and white craft photo graduation invitations

Swap Color and Black and White Punched Shapes For a Photo Invitation Graduation 

This can make really effective 
graduation invitations if you use colorful photos.

frame black and white craft graduation invitations

Frame a Color Photo with a Black and White Photo For Graduation Photo Invitations 

Add depth to your photo invitations 
cropping a frame out of a 
black and white copy of the photo.

Homemade Photo Invitations - Handling Photos

Duplicate Photos 

This information is applicable if you’d like to use pre-printed glossy photos on your graduation photo invitations. The easiest way to replicate your photo is by having re-prints made from your negatives, memory card or CD. However if you don’t have any of these then fortunately there are other methods. 

Take a Picture of a Picture - Simply place your photo on a flat surface or tape it to a wall in bright even light (daytime is best), then focus and snap! 

Color Copy Machines - This is the least expensive option. I like to use acid-free, 28 pound or heavier smooth white paper. Color photocopying is great for changing the size of the image. You’ll find these machines in office supply stores. Please note that if you want to use a picture taken by a professional then you cannot take it to a copy store to be copied. They will reject it because they require a written waiver from the photographer. A 1976 law prohibits copying professionally created photographs. So simply call your photographer to obtain a one-time copy-right waiver for a small amount of money. 

Scanning Photos - To scan your photos at home, use the TIFF file format for high-resolution images. The quality of your duplicate photos will depend on the quality of your scanner, scanning software, printer and photo paper you print on. If do-it-yourself scanning is not for you then a camera store can do this for you and put the images onto a CD. This option provides you with a digital image that can be printed directly onto your photo graduation invitations. 

Homemade Photo Invitations - Photo Tools

Photo Cutting/Crafting Tools

  • If you want to use glossy photos on your photo graduation invitations rather than printed versions then “photo fingerprint cleaner” is ideal for – you guessed it – removing fingerprints.

  • A photo-safe wax pencil is great for tracing cutting lines onto photos.

  • A fine-grained sandpaper nail file is great for smoothing cropped, curved photo edges.

  • A craft knife, cutting mat and metal ruler are essential.

Homemade Graduation Invitations - Special Touches

Add some special touches to your invitations. A photo can be excellent. You could include one of the graduate, at any age, or perhaps the graduate and your guests. 
Add graduation confetti in school, party theme or favorite colors. A graduation sticker or seal on the envelope can look great.
The graduate may have a favorite poem or quote which you can add to a card.

Paper Crafting Equipment for Homemade Graduation Invitations

Once you have created your homemade invite you can use paper crafting equipment to add original touches. The ideas listed here will make your invites amazing.

Fancy Edged Scissors – These are simply scissors with a decorative edge so that when paper is cut a fancy edge is created. These are great for cutting borders or jazzing up edges on your homemade graduation invitations.

Border Punches – There are several Fiskars border punches with all sorts of designs. These can punch more elaborate designs down one complete side of your invitation. The effect is really impressive if you have a contrasting paper attached to the back of the punched paper.

Circle Punch – This could be used to cut an aperture in your paper. You could then stick a photo on the back. I like to used the 3 inch circular punch from Giga Craft Punch Shapes.

You could also cut some small holes at the bottom of your homemade graduation invitations or down the side just using a regular hole puncher and then thread some lovely ribbon in and out the holes.

Flat Backed Jewels – These can really jazz up your homemade graduation invitations. They come in a variety of colors and shapes and can be stuck on at random or to frame a photo of the graduate. Here is an example of a homemade graduation invitations that I made using jewels and a border punch.

Beads – Thread some colorful and sparkly beads onto some silver thread. If you have a folded invitation you could tie the thread around the fold so that the beads are on the outside and the thread is tied in a bow on the inside of the fold.

Glitter Spray – This is another great idea. Just gently spray your homemade graduation invitations with some silver or gold glitter spray to give it that extra wow factor!

PVA Glue – This is transparent when dry and excellent for paper sticking. Use a cocktail stick for delicate work. Can make the paper soggy and wrinkles if you apply too much.

Glue Stick – Tube of solid glue. Good for applying an even coat of adhesive that won’t make the paper soggy.

Superglue – Good for long lasting and very secure adhesion. Use for sticking beads to paper so that they don’t fall off during transit in the mail.

Double Sided Adhesive tape – These are great for mounting photos behind apertures.

Adhesive Foam Pads – These are small foam pads that are sticky on both sides. They are excellent for raising whatever is stuck to it away from the surface to give a 3 dimensional effect.

Craft knives – You can use a craft knife with a metal ruler for cutting long straight edges.

Cutting Mat – You must use a cutting mat along with a craft knife to protect the surface you are working on. There are some amazing self healing ones available where the edges actually come together again or heal. Not so with curved cuts though which will gouge out parts.

Paper trimmers – Paper trimmers or guillotines come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. They are not essential but can save you a lot of time and effort.

Rubber Stamping – Stamps come in all shapes and sizes. They have a design cut into a layer of rubber which is then mounted onto a wooden block. I particularly like the outline stamps which print only the outline of the image, leaving a blank area that can be colored in.
You can either use an ink pad or dual-tip pens with a rubber stamp. The pens have a fine tip and one end and a brush tip at the other. The advantage of the pens is that you can apply several colors to one stamp. 

To ink and print you need to hold the stamp in one hand, design uppermost and take the ink pad in the other hand and dab it over the design. Don’t rock the stamp on the paper as this will cause the image to smudge.

Embossed Rubber Stamping – This will give you a raised glossy finish on your homemade graduation invitations – very impressive looking. You will need the following:

- embossing or pigment ink pad. 
- wooden cloths peg for holding the paper when using the heat gun
- embossing powders
- embossing heat gun.

What you do is firstly ink your stamp and then print it onto paper. Now sprinkle the embossing powder over the inked image and shake off the excess. A paint brush can help you get rid of any remaining specs. Now hold the paper in one hand with a wooden cloths peg and with the other hand, direct the heat onto the image holding the gun 15 - 20 cm from the paper. Watch it melt into a semi-liquid form, now remove the heat gun and switch off. NB. If over heated it won’t be glossy.

Choose Good Quality Paper

Click here to buy card stock paper. Alternatively you may have a local store that specializes in invitation paper.

Visitors Homemade Invites

visitors homemade graduation invitations

My Fun Printable Graduation Invitation

By Margaret Thomas (UK)

"Thanks you so much. I have created this fun 2 page graduation invitation for my daughter using Microsoft Word and the clip art and verses from this site."

See all the wonderful visitors homemade invitations here. Please come back and share your completed invite and how you did it to inspire other visitors.

I hope you have been inspired to make your own homemade graduation invitations. 

You'll find excellent homemade invitation ideas at the Graduation Clip Art page, plus homemade announcements, coasters, t-shirts and thank you notes, save the date fridge magnets and favor tags.

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Visitors Homemade Graduation Invitations 
Thanks you so much. I have created this fun graduation invitation for my daughter using microsoft word and the clip art and verses from this site.

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