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Make the graduation party special with your own graduation favors. 

You can make excellent food favors, decorate t-shirts, use photos, decorate stationery, green favors and the graduate's favorite things.

Also some alternative ideas for you to consider.

I hope you find the ideas you need! 

Homemade Graduation Favors  - Food

homemade graduation favors
homemade graduation favors
homemade graduation favors

Create a wonderful favor for your guests. You can make:

  • Cookies - for kids, the children can frost the cookies in one of the colors you provide and add candies on top. Wrap them up and each child can take their one home.

  • Cake

  • Cupcakes - for kids, the children can frost their cupcake and then decorate it. The decorations can be made from fondant and the children can make shapes like graduation caps and scrolls. They may wish to add some candies on top too.

  • Muffins

  • Fudge

  • Put a small number of sugar almonds in bags labelled for each guest

  • Make up little containers of candy or jelly beans

  • Make your own jam and give your guests a jar of it

Each favor can be decorated and wrapped ready to take home. An extra touch would be a name tag for your guests.

Homemade Graduation Favors  - Photos

homemade graduation favors
homemade graduation favors

Photographs of the graduate, the graduate and their friends plus photos from the graduation party can form the basis of excellent, simple graduation favors. 

  • Create a contact card, just print out the graduate‘s photo and write their contact details on the back.

  • Create a calendar with 12 of the best photos. Craft stores can supply the traditional calendar which you can add to the photos.

  • Print out stickers with the photos or confetti

  • Print out the best photo onto blank printable jigsaw paper

  • Attach a photo to the favor bag

Homemade Graduation Favors  - T-Shirts

homemade graduation favors

Buy simple, plain items such as t-shirts, baseball caps and summer hats.

Using t-shirt, or fabric, pens you can decorate them For example write the graduation party details, the graduate’s details, draw caps or scrolls or even have a caricature of the graduate drawn on them. 

You can a step beyond this and ask a photo shop to add the graduate’s photo to the t-shirts. 

Homemade Graduation Favors  - Green

homemade graduation favors
homemade graduation favors

You can create excellent green favors in the simplest way. 

Pots - simply buy cheap small plant pots, fill with soil and add a seed such as a sunflower seed. Label the favors for each guest. For Kids you can put a sticker on each pot with a sentence on graduation. For example “Ryan’s graduation plant - water me and watch me grow.” Of course the children will require to wash their hands afterwards.

Cotton Bags - buy cotton bags to use as favor bags. Decorate the bag by drawing a graduation cap and writing the graduate’s and guests details on it.

Of course you can add recycled crayons, Fairtrade coffee or chocolate, bamboo photo frames and sustainable wooden toys.

Graduation Favors  - Graduate's Favorites

homemade graduation favors

Create cards with the graduate’s favorite things on them. That could be:

  • Dinner Menu

  • Recipe for their favorite food

  • Jokes

  • Postcard of their favorite place

  • Picture of their favorite car

  • Favorite poem or quotes

Homemade Favors  - Stationery

Create some easy to make stationery favors.

  • Address book which you could give out at the start of the party. Guests can fill the address book during the party.

  • Magnet made up as your contact details which they can put on their fridge, or things like coasters.

  • Make fun certificates for everyone to take home. You can make up lots of fun wording and designs to suit your graduation party and guests. Again contact details can be on the certificate.

  • Give business type cards with the graduate‘s details. Ask guests to do the same.

  • Graduate Memory Book - give each guest a notebook and, to prompt them, a set of questions to answer. The idea is to create a highly personal memory of the graduate. The questions can include:
    When did you first meet the graduate.
    What is your best memory of the graduate.
    What is your funniest memory of the graduate.
    What is the graduate‘s best achievement
    What do you expect the graduate to achieve in the future
    What will you do to keep in touch
  • Create a word search based on the graduates life, interests and achievements.

  • Create a party magazine. Collect photos, selfies and stories from the party and turn the material into a magazine to send on to guests later.

Homemade Favors  - Projects

Now for the more actual projects: 


You can get these in bulk and really cheaply from Shindigz. The labels come separately for you to apply yourself. Why not ditch these rather boring ones and add your own personalized ones. You could design your own using some graduation clip art and some fancy text with whatever wording you choose - just print them off on an A4 sheet with sticky address labels or you could personalize the sticky address labels by adding some sticky stars to them and any message you like written with a gold or silver pen.

homemade graduation favors

Candy Tins

Buy and decorate little tins and fill them with candy. These cute little tins are unusual and also perfect as a favor if you personalize them with all sorts of stickers, stick on gems or even mosaic stickers in all sorts of colors and then fill them with your candy of choice. I am sure they will still be used long after the candy is finished which also makes them the perfect memento.

Graduation Favors Party Bags

Younger kids would love to decorate their own cotton bags as a party activity and then they can also double up as favor bags too. Also there are fun paper bags. You can make these homemade favors look really special by adding some metallic shred to the bag along with some goodies and could always finish it off by using a graduation envelope seal to close it. 

homemade graduation favors
homemade graduation favors


Make your own crafts for your guests. 

  • Buy plain mugs or plates and paint them in school, or the graduate’s favorite, colors

  • Make bookmarks from construction paper with a hole punched at the top. Decorate the bookmarks. Tie with ribbon.

  • Particularly for younger guests it is good to have things to make or decorate at the party. These can make great favors for the kids to proudly take home. You can arrange for guests to decorate hats, baseball caps, t-shirts and kites. Guests could also paint clay models and make pottery if you have the facilities. They could also make jigsaws by drawing a picture and working with an adult to cut out the pattern. Also flower arranging, taking he best photo at the party and making their own pot plants.

  • Make your own pot pourri

  • Gift Baskets - buy small baskets and put in candy, chocolate, cookies and muffins.

  • Give guests craft kits to make their own lei, paint mugs, decorate t-shirts or baseball caps.

Homemade Graduation Favors  - Alternative Ideas

Summer Pack - sun screen, hat, carry bag and Frisbee.

Entertainer - use the type of entertainer as inspiration for your favors, for example magic tricks and juggling balls.

Venue - give postcards, posters, photos or tickets to use the venue.

Humor - give funny DVDs or joke books

Kids - toys, cuddly toys, coloring in, pencils, jigsaw puzzles or family games.

Homemade Graduation Favors  - Finally

I hope your homemade graduation favors are a big success. Guests will appreciate the personalized touch and the effort you have put into making homemade graduation favors.

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