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Put some glamour and star quality into the graduation party. Set the spotlight firmly on the graduate!

I have tried to give you lots of ideas on Hollywood party invitations, Hollywood food, Hollywood decorations, Hollywood costumes, Hollywood games and Hollywood favors which will be great for any venue. Also some unique ideas to make it more fun! 

A Hollywood party just needs lots of glitz and glamour.

With lots of funenergy and enthusiasm your Hollywood graduation party ideas can be a brilliant success. 

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Invitations

The style of graduation invitations will depend on the exact style of Hollywood party. There are loads of creative ways of creating a brilliant Hollywood party theme. The Hollywood graduation party ideas include:

  • Awards Night (which suits a graduation perfectly)

  • Opening Night

  • A glamorous Hollywood party

  • A party dedicated to a particular film

Here is a Hollywood party theme invitation you can print off or get inspiration from: 

hollywood party theme

Click through to the Hollywood graduation party invitations page to get full personalizing and printing instructions. 

Also some great ideas on wording, Hollywood invite styles, simple photo invites and project ideas. 

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Decorations

hollywood party theme

You can make a completely glamorous Hollywood party theme venue. Try this Hollywood City Scape.

A good amount of decorations can make your graduation party totally Hollywood. 


Create a stunning first impression with your entrance.

  • Red carpet entrance, try and find a decent piece of red carpet with aisle runners from curbside to the entrance. Set it off with lighting if you can and create a scene all ready for your star guests to arrive in style.

  • Enhance Hollywood party theme entrance with banners saying Awards Night, Opening Night, Name of Film, and decorate with balloons and streamers, and add in some security people. Have a personalized message over the entrance. Also have red curtains for guests to walk through.

  • You could create a banner just like a the sign above a cinema entrance showing the movie about to air that features the graduate as the star.

  • Red carpet entrances will also have some beautiful small shrubs and plants.

  • Make stars and put the name of the guests on them. Use them to line the entrance to the party.

Scene Setters

  • Create street signs for Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Strip

  • Make Freeway signs with Los Angeles, Hollywood, Malibu and Universal Studios.

  • Wall covering with the Hollywood sign, film reels, film cans, cuttings from celebrity, directors chairs, spotlights and film magazines

  • You could have some sunset in LA with a sunset scene against a beach backdrop.

  • Palm trees

  • Hollywood Gossamer, surround the party goers with the glamour of Tinseltown. Covers columns, ceilings, walls, floors and windows.

  • Old fashioned movie cameras

  • If you have an artist friend they could draw a Hollywood party theme mural. The guests can color it in, add their own drawing and leave messages for the graduates

  • Set up a ticket booth

  • Make an awards ceremony podium and have an MC. Call each guest out perhaps during the dinner to receive their unique award, let them say thanks if their is time and have a photograph taken.

  • Make up fake paving stones from poster board. Write the guests name on them perhaps surrounded by a drawing of a star. Place the boards safely on the floor around the venue.

  • Display still photos of Hollywood‘s famous scenes through the years.

  • As part of the Hollywood party theme you may like to create a real movie scene. This could be a movie set filming a scene that your guests have prepared for as actors. You could have video cameras, a director, extras, actors, scenery, cast chairs, sound people and all that it takes to film a scene. This would be good if some of your guests do amateur theater. In a final twist to the Hollywood party theme you could also have a separate crew who are filming the movie set in a documentary style with a narrator. You could make DVDs of the movie scene and the documentary together to send to guests. A great final flourish for your Hollywood party theme.

Classic Decorations

  • Balloons in red, silver, gold and black, which can also be shaped as stars, clapboards, popcorn holders or golden Hollywood tickets.

  • Streamers

  • Film reels

  • Make lots of glittery stars, place them all around and hang them up, add in some star confetti.

  • Hanging decorations such as Spotlights, Mirror Balls and Awards

  • Wall decorations can be red carpet, awards, celebrity and film poster, black and white film pictures. From the internet you may be able to find your favorite film posters, pictures of movie stars, stills from films and lots of personal film star pictures.

  • Use posters of a few famous people like Elvis, Ryan Gosling, Meryl Streep, Marilyn Munro, Gregory Peck, Tom Hanks and Errol Flynn, for example.

  • Popcorn boxes

  • Clapboards which can be personalized 

  • Replace the light bulbs with colored ones.
  • Create wonderfully lit areas. Xmas tree lights wrapped around the stair rail help too.


Set up your tables according to the style of Hollywood party. 

  • Centerpiece depending on your style of party , ideas include Oscars, Popcorn boxes, Stars, Balloons, Clapboards and Cameras. Add a graduation photo!

  • An Awards party can have crisp white table covers and formal cutlery.

  • Hollywood style napkins, plates and candles can set the scene.

  • Glittering table skirting

  • Sprinkle some star shaped confetti for effect.

Decorate Your Guests

This is a brilliant way to add to get your guests into the graduation party mood!

  • Create a Hollywood style make up chair and mirror. Give guests an actors makeover all ready for filming. Make it fun if they are in character and apply the right make up.

  • Fake jewelry, feather boas hats and sunglasses.

  • Access All Areas passes

  • Paparazzi press passes

A great Hollywood party idea is to have a box of guest decorations at the graduation party entrance and hand them out liberally!

Create a really glitzy Hollywood party theme with decorations from the World's Largest Party Superstore.  

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Costumes

Fantastic to make your own Hollywood party costumes. For an Awards night Tuxedo, Glamorous dresses, and glittering accessories.

  • Find a glamorous dress and accessories with tiara, sparkling jewelry, a boa and the right make up. Feel like a star!

  • Tuxedo, white shirt, bow tie, hat and silk scarf, make you an amazing star

  • Marilyn Munro outfit with glamorous dress and blond wig

  • Elvis outfit.

  • Sunglasses with some bling on them!

  • If you are in character from a film you should be able to find the right clothing. For a simple homemade touch, that could be togas and sandals for Gladiator, cloth robe and sandals for Ghandi, or hats, shades, dark suit as the Blues Brothers.

  • Film director, dressed in leather jacket, boots, britches and shirt, carrying a megaphone

  • Use fake movie blood if your character needs it

Search the excellent selection at this massive costume retailer. 

You'll love the feeling you get in Hollywood party costumes.

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Confetti

One of the great graduation party ideas is to have personalized confetti. The most amazing photo confetti maker can produce confetti using up to 10 Hollywood style photos and up to 3 accent colors. You can choose silver, gold and black for glamour. They have packs to suit your occasion.

The Hollywood party theme photos could be of the graduate dressed as a Hollywood Oscars star.

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Food and Drink

The food you serve can simply be a sumptuous buffet which everyone can enjoy. Just serving the food on Hollywood themed napkins and plates can set the scene.

Some other ideas could relate to your set up:

  • Awards ceremony can be set up as a formal dinner with catering.

  • Cinema style can have popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and ice cream

  • Film Set can have outside catering with hot food and drinks vans

  • Movie can food that fit’s the movie you are honoring. For example, a Godfather theme will have Italian food.

To drink, lots of sparkling non alcoholic drinks such as sparkling grape juice or ginger ale to give the champagne touch. Of course coca cola and lots of water to keep the party goers going. 

Of course, you may have a good budget and can afford to have caterers supply a glitzy buffet. You might even pay for white glove service.

Hollywood Party Theme Cake

For the Hollywood party Cake, there are many, many brilliant decorations which will thrill the graduate. Perhaps they have a favorite film or movie star. 
Once you bake the cake it can be frosted, decorated and cut to the shape you want. 

Hollywood Cake Decorating Idea

1) Completely cover the cake in frosting 

2) Pipe the outline of a star shape on the top of your circular cake in a contrasting color. 

3) Again, in a contrasting color pipe the message “(name of the graduate) Reach for the Stars.

A cake is a fantastic way of celebrating graduation. The Graduation Cake page gives you the cooking tools, ingredients, recipe and cooking instructions you need to make a great cake. There are lots of ideas on cupcakes, graduation cap cakes, cake decorations and lots of tips and techniques.

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Games

Paparazzi Contest - Best Photo

  • The challenge for guests is to take the best photo of guests on the red carpet.

  • Guests take their photos and you load them onto your PC

  • Choose the top say 20 and the winner.

  • Display the best photos on a screen

  • Have a prize for the winner and a certificate


Put together film trivia, film star trivia or awards ceremony trivia and challenge your guests. You can play the game as individuals or in teams.

  • First find the trivia questions you need on Hollywood the place, Movies and Celebrities.

  • For an individual based game give everyone a pen and paper and read out the questions giving guests time to answer in between questions.
  • For a team game set up the teams and again read out the questions. Hopefully you can create some team rivalry and make it competitive.

  • Ask each individual or team to give their paper to another person to mark. Read out the answers.

  • Find the winner and give them a big announcement.


Create Charades challenges by writing out the task on small cards. For example, Madonna, I love You Man, Jurassic Park and Spiderman. Split guests into teams who then take the top card in turn and act out their words. Keep a running score on a whiteboard or flipchart.

Make a Movie

  • Prepare by either creating a short script for each team or find lines from movies you like. Famous scenes would be fun!

  • Set up a stage or film set area with lighting

  • The teams practice their lines although they can read the script when performing

  • Have an MC to make it fun.

  • Each team gets onto your stage and performs their mini play.

  • At the end have each team step forward one by one to receive their applause. The team with the loudest applause wins.

Guess The Celebrity

  • First find say 10 photos of celebrities and number them 1 to 10.

  • Cover the photos on paper except for a small number of distinguishing features.

  • Give guests a pen and paper to record their guesses

  • Collect the papers and total up the number correct for each guest. Give a prize to the winner.

  • A variation on the game would be to disguise a guest as a Hollywood movie character. Video them acting out the part for 2 minutes prior to the graduation party. Show the video at the party. Guests must guess who they are and the character they are portraying. First to guess wins the prize.

What Happened Next

  • Find outtakes if you can and set them up on a video with a screen to show them.

  • Show guests the footage leading up to the mistake only.

  • Ask the teams to guess what happened next.

  • Roll the footage forward and find out who is correct.

Name That Movie Tune

  • Set up selected Movie theme tunes on your MP3 player

  • Split guests into teams.

  • Play the first few bars of a tune and ask the team to guess the tune.

  • A good question master can make this fun and competitive.

  • Total the scores and give the winning team a prize.

More Great Ideas

  • Buy an Oscar shaped Pinata.

  • Murder Mystery, arrange a murder mystery game, perhaps using a box game.

  • Pin the Oscar on the star

  • One Liners, say the line and ask which film it comes from. Extra points for the name of the actor delivering the line

  • Footprints, make plaster of paris footprints just like the stars. The stars can sign the wet cast or even add a hand print.

  • Stunts, put foam mats on either side of a Styrofoam brick wall and let guests perform their own stunt.

  • Have a fitness exercise just like Celebrities with their personal trainer. Ask a qualified fitness instructor to put volunteer guests through a genuine celebrity warm up and fitness routine.

  • Observation test - discretely display 6 to 10 pictures of graduates fixed to star shapes, or stars with names on them, around the venue. Near the end ask guests to complete a sheet on what they observed. Ask for the people in the pictures and location of the pictures. Have prizes for those getting all answers correct.

  • Ask guests to bring a pair of tennis shoes which they will bling as part of the Hollywood games. You can give them glue, glitter and the other things they need.

  • Ask guests the question, if the graduate was a movie start or the character from a famous movie, who would they be. They need to say why they made that choice. The graduate can give the correct answer.

Awards, make up lots of awards with Oscars to go with them. Best and worst dressed, best couple, best celebrity look a likes, best team, and funniest guest, for example. 

There are simple to do games, amazing games to thrill your guests and icebreakers to get the party started! 

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Favors

hollywood party theme
hollywood party theme

There are lots of Hollywood party favor ideas, like this favor pack. Fill Hollywood party theme favor bags with lots of fake glittering gifts. Sunglasses, boas, jewels, hats, shiny stars, balloons, Oscar type statues, disposable camera, 3D movie glasses, 3D movie DVDs, Hollywood joke books, A book on the history of Hollywood, Guides to the movie studios, a pass to Universal Studios theme park, film roll, clapboard, megaphone, top hat, stickers, candies, key rings, awards, mint tins, and buttons.

One unusual one is to have a fake drivers license or a VIP pass made up with the graduate or guest's photo. This could be named after their favorite star.

Make the Hollywood party memorable with the right favors. Try this excellent supplier of Hollywood party favors. 

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Music

Just find lots of great movie soundtrack music and play it!

The right Hollywood party theme music makes a fantastic event. Make sure the graduate gets a say in the choice of music. 

Including Hurray For Hollywood, There's No Business Like Show Business, Forty Second Street, Moon River and Singin In The Rain. 

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Entertainment

A Hollywood party can be all about putting on a show. If you look at a movie premier there are lots of on theme characters entertaining the crowd. Of course if you have a movie as the main theme that would determine the entertainers. They could be Star Wars or Superman characters for example. Some ideas for entertainers are:

  • Robotics performers

  • Stilts walkers

  • Uni-cyclists

  • Circus type performers such as jugglers and Ringmasters

  • Outside the entrance to the venue you can have a band and an MC

  • Use the talents of your guests and helpers to best effect at your Hollywood party. If the person is a piano player they can play for a while. If they are an artist perhaps they could entertain by drawing a mural live at the party. A make up artist can work wonders on some of the guests.

  • perhaps you can arrange one of those mentalist acts where they guess what is on people's minds. A professional would be best or a very well worked stunt.

  • Fake TV crew and interviewer to parade around the red carpet interviewing the stars as they arrive. Even better if the interviewer is good at improvised comedy.

Other ideas for entertaining your guests and celebrating the graduate are:

  • Make a film about the graduate before the graduation party and air it at the party
  • If you can, have a local celebrity host the awards. They can also do a red carpet interview as guests arrive to get the Hollywood party off to a great start.

  • Perhaps you can play 3D movies. You may need to hire equipment and the glasses but it will be a great show.

  • Have a caricaturist who will draw each guest in the style of their favorite movie star.

  • Perhaps you can find a DVD presentation of all the upcoming innovations that Hollywood expects to come. These technological innovations could be amazing.

  • Show highlights of the last OSCARS ceremony.

  • Set up Google Earth on your computer and let guests look around Hollywood.

  • Set up a film theater to let guests have a quiet time watching a film. This could be set up outside. have different movies for different age groups.

  • 3D is fresh enough for it to be great fun to show a 3D DVD at the graduation party and give everyone 3D glasses which can be one of their favors.

More graduation party entertainment ideas. 

Graduation Hollywood Party Theme - Ideas

Lots of extra ideas to make the Hollywood party outstanding.

  • Hire a good photographer to take red carpet photos, this will make a great gift for everyone

  • If you can, send guests home with their entrance photo in a Hollywood frame. Should be ok to do if you have enough helpers and a digital camera.

  • Use the photographs and stories from the graduation party to make your own gossip type magazine. Print it off and send to the guests, who was kissing who?

  • Ask lots of parents and friends to make up the paparazzi at the entrance

  • Have a friend pose as an autograph hunter and get each guests autograph. This will be a treasured book for the graduate for many years to come. You may like to ask a few friends to be the fans asking for autographs.

  • Rent a Limo and have photos taken beside it. The limo can be used to transport some guests.

  • Take videos of those who cannot make the party, in advance. Play their best wishes at the party.

  • Celebrate the best movies in other countries. You may have guests at the party from various national backgrounds. You can use movies from their country as inspiration for your decorations.

  • Create an Awards ceremony online magazine. If you have used awards as a basis for the Hollywood party you can have photos of the award winners, the reason they received the award and also their comments on receiving it. If you have good web site security you can allow guests to leave comments.

  • Play name that tune except using the soundtracks from famous movies.

  • There will be lots of gifts for the graduate. Thank You notes written by the graduate are the best!

  • Young kids need some free time just to play, arrange activity areas where they can choose what to do, or just run around exploring the Hollywood party theme. They could decorate stars, just give them cut out stars, pens, and glitter

  • Base the party on a particular era of Hollywood.

  • Save money and book venues for the cheaper weeknights, perhaps giving more money for your Hollywood party.

  • Think about the Hollywood party theme venue and the likely weather. A tent, kindergarten, YMCA, local park or school gym can be great alternatives for a Hollywood party.

Share Your Graduation Hollywood Party Theme

If you would like to share your complete Hollywood party theme with us send us your graduation party story and photos and we will create your own Hollywood theme party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your graduation party and comment on your ideas.) If you share your complete Hollywood party details you will be automatically entered into our next contest.This year we are having a bumper $100 prize fund. There will be an overall winner and runners up prizes. The winner will be the best overall graduation party story and photos.

For Hollywood party favors, prizes and great party supplies see the World's Largest Party Superstore. 

Being glamorous at a Hollywood party is fantastic. Graduates deserve plenty of glitter and excitement with a Hollywood party theme.

Good luck with your Hollywood party theme!

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