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Graduation speeches may seem a bit daunting but some simple steps can help you produce a great speech and deliver it with some style. 

I hope to give you everything you need to create a speech that gets the applause! I have easy to use tips, more detailed techniques, free speeches, and resources to help you add that special touch.

Graduation is a great time to recognize the academic achievement that forms the graduation but also to look forward to the next steps in life and continuing achievement. This is the basic template for high school graduation speeches.

Easy To Use Tips For High School Graduation Speeches

tips for high school graduation speeches

Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

Tip 1: Audience - make sure you speak to everyone. The audience will include graduates, teachers and family. Entertaining the whole audience will greatly improve the reaction you get. You are using their time and their participation is voluntary. Be brief and as interest them as much as possible

Tip 2: Be Inclusive, a student speaker is speaking on behalf of all the graduates. The language use must be "we and us" and not "I and me", also include everyone and not just those who have excelled in some way. A guest speaker should make sure their high school graduation speeches include everyone.

Tip 3: Be Positive, we all have negative experiences in our life, but there is little point in going back over it. A positive speech will gain the attention of the audience and help you make your points effectively. A guest speaker particularly needs to be positive and inspiring.

Tip 4: Be Personal, although you are speaking on behalf of the students, you can add a personal story which is relevant and entertaining! For a guest speaker this can give you credibility with your audience.

Tip 5: Create an Attention Grabbing Opening, as this will give you a solid start. Of course you may have to formally recognize the Principal and Honored Guests. However you can enthusiastically congratulate the graduates, use a great quote and go on to your introduction.

Tip 6: Keep The Audience's Attention by making your points with enthusiasm. Your speech should be well organised with a review of the past, celebrating graduation day and looking forward to the next steps. Adding a little humor and an inspiring message can make it fun.

Tip 7: Finish On a High Note by reinforcing your message and leaving your audience inspired about the future.

Tip 8: Delivery, a few simple tips can make a big difference in how well you put your high school graduation speeches across.

  • Practice, practice and more practice. Read your speech out loud, practice in front of friends and family and go over it a number of times. The preparation will give you more confidence.

  • Speak slowly and clearly

  • Speak out loud without shouting.

  • Maintain some eye contact with the audience.

High School Graduation Speeches - Help

high school graduation speeches

You may feel you would like some help with a part of writing or delivering your high school graduation speeches.

If you do need some help simply fill in the form giving me as much detail as possible on the speech topic and any background material you have as well as the help you need.

I am happy to help!

High School Graduation Speeches - Detailed Tips

Writing The Speech

  • The safest way is always to read the speech. Using simplified notes or memorizing the speech is risky.

  • Write in the top half of the page to help you keep some eye contact with the audience.

  • Write, or type, in large easy to read writing.

  • Use a highlighter pen to remind you where you need to pause or change emphasis. A simple code like red to pause and green to change emphasis will work.

  • High School Graduation Speeches - The Audience

    "When I get ready to talk to people, I spend two thirds of the time thinking what they want hear and one third thinking about what I want to say." by Abraham Lincoln

    Understanding your audience and what they would want to hear from you is a key part of any speech. We all love a good audience reaction!


    Everyone in the audience is delighted to be there, however they will not want to be bored. Hence,

    • Stick to a sensible time limit

    • Avoid jargon or confusing language

    • Avoid humor that only a few will understand


    However it is better to focus on:


    • An attention grabbing opening

    • Interesting points

    • A revealing personal story

    • Celebrating the Graduates’ achievements

    • An inspiring view of the future

    • Events, people stories or extraordinary class activities (for example hugely successful charity fundraising) which are particularly meaningful for them which you can work into your speech to great effect

    • Being inclusive

    • Being positive


    The majority of the audience are graduates and your speech is primarily aimed at them. They will value being congratulated on their achievements, thanked for their friendship, and reminded of amazing past times. They will love to feel a real sense of celebration about graduation day and a sense of the importance of this major milestone. A realistic and inspiring view of the future will excite the graduates and help bring your speech to a memorable ending. 


    The audience includes family members. You can welcome them, thank them, mention them in some way and perhaps recognize their support for the graduates. You also need to be sure they will understand your speech, so avoid jargon.


    Also, there will be teachers and staff present. Simply recognizing the key part they have played in helping the graduates achieve their success will delight them. Of course there may be an exceptional person and contribution to mention.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Personal

    Increase the impact of your speech with truthful, revealing, personal stories, as long as it means a lot to the audience and most of the speech is about the class as a whole. Any personal story must help make the point, enhance the subject matter and can be a very powerful way of getting close to the audience.:

    A personal story added in the right way, can help the speaker connect with the audience. There are many ways of using personal stories – just use one or two in the speech.

    Some points to consider are:


    • Fun: have a little fun at your own expense. Help the audience laugh and build empathy too.


    • Background: Help the audience understand the background to your speech with a personal story. This is perfect when talking about the graduates’ experiences, for example. The right personal story can give the audience the background on the past few years, the way the graduates lived their school lives or the type of challenges they faced, for example.

    • Fears:  Make the fears the graduates had come to life with your own story.


    • Empathy: empathy with the audience is vital and a personal story can give you just that. For example, your story shows you understood the challenges and experiences of the graduates. 


    • New Perspectives: Provide new perspectives with your story. For example, the school has budget restrictions and could not provide teachers all the time or learning materials. If everyone just complained but your way was to bring the class together, help find the materials required and help everyone learn the course work.


    • Visualize: Help the audience to visualize your message. A vivid story is great. Imagine bringing a real feeling of the sights, sounds and feelings everyone had on a beautiful field trip.


    • Warmth: Give the audience a warm, personal feeling. You might consider the joy of graduation, the friendship of the class, the pride of the parents and the caring environment in the school. You may have a story that illustrates how the school teachers, parents and the class were almost like a family.


    • Change: Your own personal stories can reflect who you were at the beginning of school and what really happened to you as you changed over time.


    • Illustrate: Using real personal stories is great when illustrating your points. Indeed the most honest stories may give you real credibility with your audience, as long as they fit the speech. A personal story can be excellent, for example, in bringing to life the huge effort the class made in raising funds for their favorite charity. There may have been hours standing outside a shopping mall, grocery bagging and going round neighbors collecting donations. It may have been a real team effort.


    • Understanding: Help the audience understand the graduates or your message by using a personal story.


    • Improve: improve the speech by using a personal story to add some fun, reveal something or add an unusual way of thinking. Not every speech topic leads to an exciting speech. You may be able to improve the speech with your story.


    • Tip: It is very difficult to carry off being the hero of your own story.
    • Tip: Keep the story short and to the point.
    • Tip: Be honest and use truthful, factual events, stories and achievements to illustrate your speech.
    • Tip: Stay grounded and just be the person you are right now when you are speaking. That is the person who was chosen to speak and is respected by their peers. No need to try and be someone else.


    Example: I was easily the shyest person at school. My Physics teacher was excellent at getting me to talk and trust that I had something useful to say. A great illustration of how the school teaches you to be a stronger person as well as the usual school work.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Opening

    To engage with your audience you do need to have a captivating start.

    Your audience may have been at the ceremony for a while, may be too hot in the sun, might be ready to party or may be enthusiastic to get home to watch a baseball game, for example.

    Find a start which will get the audience to sit up and take notice.

    For example: 

    • Formal words recognizing the Principal and the Honored Guests by name

    • Humor:  If you are confident that your humor will work, making everyone laugh will be a great start.

    • Quote: Start with a highly meaningful quote. For example, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” by Nelson Mandela

    • Enthusiastically congratulate your fellow graduates on their success.

    • State the Topic of your speech

    • Reference The Occasion:  For Example “how exciting to look out at a sea of Graduates – The Best Class of 2018”

    • Use Testimony or a Success Story: For example, you may have a College Dean’s testimony that the Graduates from this school are the top students at the college.

    • Surprise the Audience: For example tell them an inspiring, true, secret about yourself. A simple example could be that you would not have succeeded without the help of one of the teachers who helped you turn things around.

    • Ask a Question: For example “How many of you want to be the top college graduates in a few years time? In the next 5 minutes I will tell you how to do that.

    • Scenario: Describe a scenario that evokes emotion in the Graduates. For example: “Remember the dry throat and surreal feeling you have walking to your final tests before graduation. Well now you know how to deal with those nervous feelings.”

    • Story that Merges into the Speech: For example,  ” I had an interview after college and the interviewer complimented me on being a graduate of our school. Today you deserve to feel that same enormous sense of pride at your Graduation”.

    • News: Perhaps there is a prominent news story that day. For example an inspiring demonstration of triumph over adversity by someone.

    • You may also consider a bold statement which is backed up by your speech. I aim to give you the inside gossip on the most shocking mistakes made by any Class in the history of the school. Also who made them and how they were covered up - OK(kidding), how the learning points were used to benefit the Class.

    • For a speech about the benefits of persevering you could ask the audience if they want to know the biggest secret of success know to humans.

    • A guest speaker will need to establish rapport, and credibility, with the audience. Understanding their time at school, joining in their elation at graduation and providing positive insights into their future at college and work can successful.

    Main Part Of Speech - Gathering The Material

    Unique, well organised high school graduation speeches will be appreciated by the audience, and can be much easier to write and deliver. 
    Real material can come from the challenges the Class have faced over the years. Keeping your speech real can be best. 

    To start with you should brainstorm the material that you need. You may also need to do some research to find points to support your key messages.

    Once you get your material brainstormed you can use the speech topic to pick out the relevant material.

    Use these ideas to pull together the material you need:

    • Unique high school graduation speeches come from the unique people the graduates are and the unique aspects of the school.

    • You could think about how young you were at the beginning, how you have grown, how hard you have all worked, how you have overcome shyness and nerves

    • The best school dance

    • The best theme day at school

    • The best field trip

    • The best class party

    • The most successful charity day

    • Add genuine fun things that some people are famous for like the name of the person who ate a huge amount of pancakes and the person who told jokes for hours as part of a charity fund raising event

    • Outstanding individual contributions

    • Notable events at the school

    • Charity events

    • Times when the class really pulled together

    • Stories that support your speech topic. For example if your topic is The Power of education you can work in true stories on the excellent graduation rate, the tutoring support the class give younger children or the amazing futures the graduates have secured at college.

    • Outstanding teachers and their contribution

    • Significant class and individual successes

    • Fund Raising initiatives
    • Meaningful Moments - for example a time where the Class pulled together to help someone in trouble.

    • Thanks – who should be thanked?

    • Help given by the class to others, for example younger students

    • Important longer term educational skills. For example, good communication skills, lifelong learning skills, language, entrepreneurship, business, academic, science, arts, business, perseverance, philosophy, college readiness, employment, health and physical education.

    • Great memories the graduates have of their time at school

    • Although you are speaking on behalf of the class, a personal story, or two, may add real impact with your own insights into school life and the future.

    Prioritize your material, picking out the important points that make your speech a great one!

    For example, if your speech is about learning from mistakes, brainstorm the top mistakes by the class as a whole, find out exactly what happened, and the learning points that the class took from them. 

    High School Graduation Speeches - Organizing The Material

    Prioritize the high school graduation speeches material you have gathered picking out the top few items.

    Remember, as Cicero said, "Brevity is a great charm of eloquence"

    Arrange the material into a simple format. For a graduation speech the easiest way to do that is split your material between Past, Present and Future.

    • Past: Review the past using the material you need to make the points you wish relating to your speech topic. For example, if your speech is about learning from mistakes you can add the biggest mistakes and the lessons learned.


    • Present: Celebrate the Graduates’ achievements and mark graduation day fittingly. You may have some special mentions, for example, for those who arranged the ceremony.


    • Future: Here you can use your inspiring material, say goodbye, talk about the dreams and hopes of the class, round up your key points and end with a bang. For example, in the learning from mistakes speech you could say what impact learning from past mistakes will have on your future and how you will make a great future using your learning points.


    • Tip: Break the speech up with some humor and a well chosen quote or two.


    • Tip: Write the speech in positive, active language. For example, a speech about overcoming obstacles will have lots of motivational wording demonstrating the extent of the challenge and the significance of how the graduates overcame those obstacles.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Ending

    To have that effect on your audience you would love you need to end your speech enthusiastically, leaving your audience in no doubt you are wrapping up. Go out with a bang!  Typically, you would be inspiring the graduates to create a thrilling future.  You might also wish to congratulate the graduates one last time.

    Some ideas to help you create a memorable ending are:


    ·         Emphatic: Give the audience an emphatic ending reinforcing your key points. For example, using a “learning from mistakes” topic, I stated at the start of my speech that I would expose the shocking truth. The truth is we have made some big mistakes. Luckily we have learned so much from them. I hope we can continue to have many more shocking errors in life as they will show that we are alive and trying the new things we need to learn from.

    • Emotion: The Graduation audience have a lot of emotions on the day which you can bring out. You can make them a little sad by talking about saying goodbye to each other. You could inspire them to maintain their euphoric graduation feeling by imagining their bright future. Or, you could evoke feelings of pride by talking about the achievements, qualities, talents and potential of the graduates. 

    • Quote: Use a meaningful quote to leave your audience feeling the way you want. For example ready to take action or inspired to believe they can succeed. "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." By Michael Jordan. Or you could merge the quote into the final passage, for example, by making the statement “I urge you to persevere in all your activities for as Louis Pasteur said "Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal, My strength lies solely in my tenacity."

    • Drive Home Your Message: Find a simple yet effective way to drive home the message in your speech.For example by repetition, “You have the skills, You have the determination, You have the intelligence, You have the belief, You can do it!

    • Complete The Message: If you have weaved a message or story through your speech this would be the point where you complete the story, or message. Of course, in a memorable way. Similarly you can go back to your speech title and round up your points.   

    • Challenge: Challenge the audience to apply what you have told them. For example you have demonstrated how important it is to take part in charity work. Your ending should challenge everyone to do it right away. 

    • Repeat a Key Word to Emphasize Your Ending: For example the word Yes might help the audience say yes to your suggestions. You could use ”Say Yes to building your own future, say Yes to succeeding, say Yes to having a plan, say Yes to setting goals!”

    • Of course, wish the Graduates all the best for the future.      

    High School Graduation Speeches - Review Your Draft Speech

    Write out your first draft speech once you are ready. Then you can review it and start to polish it into your final version. Ask yourself

    • Does it give your audience a good start they would enjoy and a great ending?

    • Is the speech inclusive

    • Does it come in on time?

    • Are all the points you make clear and understandable to everyone

    • Does the speech flow well?

    • Could a quote, or a few lines from a poem, help in any area of the speech?

    • Is the English flawless?

    • Have you used any jargon?

    • Perhaps there is a point where a metaphor, simile or analogy would aid understanding or add impact

    • Would anaphora, which is the repetition of a phrase at the start of the sentence, add impact. For example President Obama said “It’s the answer told by lines stretched around the schools…..It’s the answer spoken by young and old, … It’s the answer….." Or, use epiphora does the same but at the end of the sentence.

    • Would stronger verbs help? Using the active voice to get your points across works well.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Delivery

    So, now you have written a good high school graduation speech. You have checked it with a few people. 

    Now some simple preparation steps will make your delivery live up to the great high school graduation speeches.

    • Practice, Practice, Practice it out loud as many times as you can, and time yourself. Graduation speeches are much less nerve wracking if you feel totally prepared.

    • Visit the venue and be comfortable with the surroundings and the equipment, if you are using it.

    • If using equipment practice with it

    • Remember to speak slowly and clearly, we can all get a bit excited and rush it. You might want to vary your tone to emphasize various points

    • Be sure you know all the pronunciations correctly, particularly where you are using a name.

    • Stand up straight

    • During your speech keep eye contact with the audience

    • Dress properly, looking sharp and feeling sharp can help bring confidence to your high school graduation speeches.

    • If your speech is long break up your notes with highlighter pen. I put a big red dot if I am to pause briefly and a big green dot for a change of emphasis

    • Write in the top half of the page so as not to take your eyes too far down and away from the audience. Some eye contact will help your speech be well received by the audience.

    • If the audience do not laugh at your humor keep going. Don't repeat the punchline.

    • If you use visualizing techniques for say a sport, you may want to try that out and visualize successful high school graduation speeches with the audience clapping and cheering loudly. Recognize the successful feeling inside!

    High School Graduation Speeches - Reminders

    • Use flawless English - jargon can confuse and poor grammar can let you down.

    • Avoid complex language

    • Make sure your speech comes within the allotted time.

    • Keep it real, the graduates may not like exaggerated statements such as we are the greatest class ever!

    • Use the power of three to emphasize a point. For example the graduate is kind, loving and always smiling. The three just seems to work.
    • Use metaphors, similes or analogies if they really would help

    • Hard work and good preparation will make sure you succeed.
    • Practice, practice, practice

    High School Graduation Speeches - Critique

    graduation speech critique

    Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

    This simple speech appears to cover the main points required from any graduation speech. However reviewing it based on the techniques here you can see that it lacks personality, real feeling, real stories and humor.

    There is a critique attached to the speech which covers some simple improvements in each area such as a more powerful opening, more forceful message at the end and just remembering that the audience give the speaker their attention voluntarily, so grab their attention and keep it.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Introductory Speech

    Some simple guidelines to help you give a solid Introductory Graduation Speech.

    • Speaker - Use some biographical facts, words on them as a person and cover why the graduation audience will love their speech. To do this you will need to be well researched. You should talk to the speaker beforehand and check out their Bio.

    • Find out about achievements, published material, are they a leader in their field, special events in their life, and perhaps a little known fact.

    • Give the audience a sense of the speakers topic.

    • Remember you are the "warm up act" for the speaker.

    • Build up to a climax. The ending should raise a real sense of anticipation. The audience should be very keen to hear the speaker after listening to your build up.

    • Consider that old announcers trick of elongating the speakers name just before you hand over.

    • Don't speak too long.

    Introductory High School Graduation Speeches Example 3

    I am very excited to introduce James Khan.

    Although you may not have heard of James, he has a hugely impressive CV, and will truly inspire you with his speech.

    James is the Chief Executive of Milton Engineering which makes high pressure valves for the oil and gas industry. He has led his company through difficult times to be the main supplier to the oil industry in our region. He is a passionate advocate for Engineering and Science. Indeed he sits on the Government Advisory Committee for education furthering the cause of science and engineering teaching and work experience.

    From humble beginnings James graduated High School and then paid himself through College and University working in cafe’s, summer work on oil rigs and temporary office work. He has sold engineering products worldwide and can communicate fluently in 3 languages. His wife and 3 children all help James raise money for Type 1 Diabetes which his youngest daughter has. They also help raise awareness and teach schools how to care for a diabetic child.

    James is one of the most energetic people I have ever met and I know you will be totally engaged in his speech. 

    Please give a huge welcome to JAMES KHAN 

    High School Graduation Speeches - Thanks

    Making a thank you high school graduation speeches at Graduation or at a Graduation Party is simple to do and will always be very well received. Follow some simple steps and you will do well:

    • Make a list of all the people you want to thank.

    • Categorize the people as say parents, teachers, friends, and mentors.

    • List the reasons for thanking them.

    • Pick out some of the most important people to thank first.

    • Be clear about the time you have and be brief where possible.

    • Start the speech by saying who you are making the thanks on behalf of.

    • End the speech on a high. For example, by adding a special dedication to someone or an inspiring point on how bright the future is for the graduates as a result of the help they have had.

    Thanks High School Graduation Speeches Example 3

    On behalf of all the graduates, I am honored to thank all of those who have helped us on our way to graduation.

    Principal Heaton has been an inspiration. She has been actively involved in encouraging us to be our best and helped all of us with any issues we have faced, backing her teaching staff effectively.

    Thanks to our teachers and mentors for not only doing their jobs but going beyond what is expected to make sure we learned all we needed to and also were able to pass tests and complete term papers.

    Thanks to the support team at the school. From the dinner team to the janitorial services, everything happens in a friendly but efficient way. 

    A huge thanks to our parents. They have supported us personally, volunteered at school, raised money, bought books and paid for field trips. Oustanding!

    Thanks to our Class. Laughter, support, study buddies, taking time to talk to each other, teamwork and charity work. I will miss being amongst this group every day.

    Thanks to local business for taking us during our work experience week. We were made to feel welcome and given useful jobs to do. 

    Thanks also to all those who set up our Graduation Day. What a wonderful event set in a great location.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Graduation Toast

    Write a highly personal tribute to the graduate. 

    • Use personal stories.

    • Talk about the graduate’s main accomplishments – for example, grades, sports, pursuits and charity work.

    • Describe the most amazing things that happened in their life.

    • Family memories are great to use – for example vacations, special occasions and touching moments.

    • Talk about their future – for example college, job, personal goals and leaving home.

    There are 3 Graduation Toasts and a selection of short and meaningful graduation toasts.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Graduation Toast Example 1

    Proudly I look at you Ellie and see an impressive young adult. 

    Only yesterday, it seemed, you walked into Kindergarten carrying a bag twice your size! 

    Over the years you have tackled your challenges with determination and achieved many great things. Your grades have been exceptional, you passed your ballet exams, worked in Grandad’s store and have been a great friend to all of us. Everyone who has spent time with you loves your sense of fun and the enthusiasm you have for life. 

    Family times have been very special. Those days at the beach, vacations, anniversaries and birthday parties are treasured memories. One of my favourites was at Crieff Hydro in Scotland with 3 generations of family all having fun. Playing all day and attending the dance at night, outstanding! 

    This is a special time for you and I hope you love your party. Certainly all your family and friends are here to honor you – thank you to them all for being here. 

    Looking ahead you will be a Math major at University with a whole new life to lead away from home. Your future will be so bright. 

    I want to congratulate you and wish you all the best for the future. 

    I love you Ellie.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Graduation Toast Example 2

    With enormous pride I propose a toast to our daughter Lisa. 

    I remember that determined little girl who went to Elementary school with no tears, just a quick kiss goodbye and in your went. You have now blossomed into a very successful young adult.

    I have always wondered how a constantly smiling, even tempered girl could cope with some of the challenges she has had along the way and still keep smiling. But you did cope and worked hard in a very determined way to graduate. 

    Today we get to celebrate your graduation from High School – a true milestone as you go through your life. This point where you leave school successfully, and move on to College, is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your life so far. It is also great to do it with all the people who have been part of it. 

    Lisa leaves in the Fall to go to college in New York. I know you will take it on with your normal calm but highly determined approach. 

    Please raise a glass and join me in wishing Lisa Congratulations!

    I wish you all the best in everything you do.

    I love you 

    High School Graduation Speeches - Graduation Toast Example 3

    They say hard work is its own reward. That must be the case for Jim. I have never seen a child work so hard. Your determination to succeed is enormous. There is a great quote “there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going”. You certainly did not use any shortcuts. I am so proud of you and I am delighted to congratulate on your richly deserved success. Graduating from High School really is a major milestone. I hope you take a moment to enjoy your success and your summer vacation. 

    Jim is not all about hard work. He has been a great friend to all of you and a loving son and brother. 

    I am sure you will be equally determined to succeed at college studying economics. I know you will be the most excited student on earth on your first day at college. Your hard working approach will make you just as successful at college.

    I still remember my amazement when you told me you wanted to work at London School of Economics or Harvard. I do believe you will make it.

    Let us all congratulate you and wish you every success in the future.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Short and To The Point

    • May graduation be the start of a life full of exciting challenges and great success.


    • To (graduate’s name), Graduation is a fitting moment to congratulate you on your success, and to wish you all the love happiness and success you dream of in the future. To (graduate’s name)


    • Real happiness comes at the successful end of a challenging journey. Let me congratulate you successfully completing your first big journey and wish you every happiness in the future.


    • A wise person once said that true fulfillment comes from enjoying the journey. It is a credit to you ( graduate’s name) that you have been such an inspirational person through all the challenging times. To (graduate’s name): long may the real you shine through!


    • To endless possibilities, dreaming big and living life with passion.


    • Let us toast (graduate name), you are a credit to yourself as a student, person, friend, and family member. I hope your future is as distinguished and you are proud every day. To (graduate name)


    • May passion be your driver, dedication your engine and success your regular pit stop.

    High School Graduation Speeches - Graduation Party Welcome Speech

    Welcoming your guests to the Graduation Party is a nice touch. I have a Free Graduation Party Welcome Speech which I hope you can use to help you get started.

    Welcome Speech

    A warm welcome to you all.

    I feel honored that you have come to our home to help us celebrate Ellie’s graduation.

    Many of you have been part of Ellie’s life for many years and it is fitting that you are here today. We thank all of you for all you support and interest in Ellie over the years. Some of you have traveled far to be here, the effort you have made is greatly appreciated. Thank you, also, very much for the gifts you have given her. 

    Let me congratulate the graduates here. I have known you all for so long and feel very proud of you too!

    Ellie will be going on to study Math at University, leaving in the Fall. We are very proud of her and look forward to the next steps in her young life. I do admit, though, that we will miss her a lot. However we have all summer to enjoy and I am sure she will make the most of it.

    We have, I hope, a great party lined up with games, food, entertainment and a lot of fun. I look forward to spending time with each of you. Meantime I hope we can create some special memories of a great occasion.

    Thank You

    High School Graduation Speeches - Closing Remarks

    High School Graduation Speeches - Resources

    You might like to add a special touch to your high school graduation speeches using;

    High School Graduation Speeches - Learn From Others

    There are brilliant high school graduation speeches delivered each year. Take a look at some excellent high school graduation speeches examples:

    Steve Jobs Speech At Stanford

    Bill Gates Speech at Harvard- contains lots of highly personal messages and a great insight into what he holds dear. Learn from the highly personal words and the way the speech is written. 

    Good luck with your high school graduation speeches. 

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    Principal Horton, Honored Guests, Graduates and Families Let me congratulate the Class of 2018. You have graduated - how amazing! Graduation is a …

    2018 Grade 6 Graduation Speech Ready to Face Life's Challenges 
    Principal Hughes, Honored Guests, Graduates and Families I wish to congratulate the Class of 2018. I see from the beaming smiles on your faces that …

    2017 High School Graduation Speeches 
    I don't know where to even begin! I am my school's valedictorian and I have been at my school for nine years (it is a kindergarten through high school …

    2017 Elementary Graduation Speeches 
    Principal Houghton, Honored guests, families and Class of 2017. Congratulations to the Class of 2017. I am very proud to be here speaking to you …

    2016 elementary school graduation speeches 
    Principal Jamieson, Honored Guests and Teachers of Park View Elementary School. Congratulations Class of 2016. I am thrilled to be here with you …

    2015 Graduation Speech Importance Of Education 
    Hi there. I have been invited to speak by my high school to speak at this year's commencement exercises. The theme is the importance of quality education …

    2014 Graduation Speeches For High School and Elementary 
    i was invited to be the guest speaker on March 19, 2013 during the recognition ceremony of my elementary school with a Theme: “Building the Nation’s Future …

    Daughters High School Graduation from Kempler High school 
    i am planning a graduation party for my daughters high school graduation. She is my only child. I am interested to get help on how to deliver a good speech …

    Graduation party speech  
    Hi. Please, l really needs your help. I will be graduating from highschool soon and I want to host a party. But I don't knows where to start my speech …

    Fountain-Fort Carson High School 2017 Commencement  
    I am the School Board President and as part of that title, comes the responsibility with giving a commencement speech. I am a 1985 graduate of this same …

    2018 Graduation Speech Related to the things you hear Not rated yet
    I need help with beginning my speech in not a common way because 4 of my classmates are giving speeches too. We each have a different topic and we went …

    help Not rated yet
    i need help to make my speech interesting and less boring. funny quotes and jokes will help. Thanks In Reply Of course, give me a little time and …

    I need help with my grade 8 speech Not rated yet
    I need help with my grade 8 graduation speech to impress my grade 7/8 class. In Reply Thank you for getting in touch. I would be delighted to help …

    5th grade graduation Not rated yet
    I am senior returning to my elementary school and I am not sure what to really talk about since there is an 8 year age difference. In Reply …

    moving up speech for kindergarten Not rated yet
    pls help me,i am the guest speaker and this is my first me to make my speech for kindergarten moving up entitled sabay sabay na hakbang tungo …

    Preschool Sabay-sabay na Hakbang Tungo sa Maunlad na Kinabukasan Not rated yet
    Congratulations to the class of 2017 Preschool is just about the best time of your lives. You have had great fun every day. I have seen the excited …

    Principal of Summer School Not rated yet
    I would like to deliver a short speech reflecting the importance of grit and perseverance. We are graduating 20 students at the end of this week from a …

    Valedictorian for my dental assistant protean Not rated yet
    I need all the help I can get please. I need to submit a copy by the 16th and am very nervous and don't know how or where to start. Can you please help? …

    2016 high school graduation speeches Not rated yet
    I was just told I need to make a graduation speech at a lunch tomorrow. It is for an Indian Culture Committee of senior citizens who take high school seniors …

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