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i need help to make my speech interesting and less boring. funny quotes and jokes will help. Thanks

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Of course, give me a little time and I will see what I can do.
I am on to this one, can I just check it is a high school seniors graduation. In cased there is, is there anything about the class or school that is notable or unusual.
For example, funny stories are usually best when they are real.
I have a page of graduation type jokes at but you might want to have jokes that are less graduation centered - let me know.
On being more interesting, that is best achieved by avoiding the cliche type urging people to be the best they can be etc. Perhaps there is a real topic that would be perfect for your class, what has happened over the year that might define them as a class, perhaps the group love a charity or have something that motivates or totally interests them - let me know. I hope there is something here that can give a subject that the class will engage in.

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