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Free thank you poems to help you word your thank you cards or just enjoy the moment.

You can use any of the poems here to help word your graduation thank you cards.

There are poems to parents, teachers, grandparents and friends. 

I hope you like them. 

Thank You Poetry - To Grandparents

graduation thank you poetry

Thanks for the amazing graduation gift
Whenever I use it I’ll think of you
A gift that will give great pleasure
From people whom I treasure

You have been my sitters
You have given me total support
You have been my mentors
You have given me real love

My graduation gift is fabulous
I hope I can repay you
By giving you a generous
Helping of thanks and love

Thanks Gran and Grandad
I love you

© Jean Dempster

Thank You Poetry - Touching

Thanks for remembering me this way
Your beautiful graduation gift came today
I am extremely thrilled and happy
By your amazing generosity

I haven’t seen you in a while
I hope you are very well
Mom and Dad are thinking of you
And I will call be very soon

Graduation has an excitement
That does not seem to end
Parties, nights out and celebrating
Are incredibly thrilling

However the most touching of all parts
Are the beautiful gifts and cards
It is truly humbling to know
That I am in your thoughts


© Jean Dempster

Thank You Poetry - To Teacher

graduation thank you poetry

You taught us from early years
Fresh faced, some in tears
You held our hands and guided us
Your teaching is so glorious
You taught us to believe in ourselves
To enjoy life and face challenges
We passed exams and met new friends
We grew, matured and laughed
Today we are graduates
Without you it would not have happened
Thank you to the best teacher
The best guide and mentor

© Jean Dempster

Thank You Poetry - To Parents

graduation thank you poetry

Finally now I can see
You have done it all for me
Brought me up to be tough
Gave me self belief and love
All through school you helped
So I could be educated
No matter what happened to me
You stuck by me all the time
Many things in life you sacrificed
So I could have the tools I needed
With your help I have graduated
You decided that should be celebrated
Thanks, thanks and thanks again

© Jean Dempster

Thank You Poetry - To Sister

graduation thank you poetry

Sister, thank you for my graduation present
A beautiful gift it is too!
You are generous, fun and decent
This gift will always remind me of you

© Jean Dempster

Thank You Poetry - To Brother

graduation thank you poetry

To my fun loving brother
Thank you for my graduation present
A gift from you is a treasure
I’ll keep it by me forever

© Jean Dempster

Graduation Thank You Poetry - To Family

Just received your generous gift
Another way to celebrate our friendship
I know I would not have graduated
If you were not so supportive
I am grateful for everything
That you have freely given
I hope we stay in each others lives
Remaining friends through time
So, thanks for the beautiful present
And for being an awesome friend

© Jean Dempster

Graduation Thank You Poetry - Simple Verse

Thanks for sending me a gift
I am thrilled by your wonderful gesture
Your generosity gave me a lift
The perfect start to my new adventure

© Jean Dempster

Thank You Poetry - Memories

Thanks for remembering me so kindly
I am touched by your gesture
Your gift suits me just perfectly
Thanks again for your generosity

© Jean Dempster

Graduation Thank You Poetry - Best Friend

graduation thank you poetry

Thanks for your graduation gift
I find myself truly touched 
When I am at college it will give me a lift
Every time your gift I used

As a friend you are totally amazing
You are kind, supportive and generous
Have made our friendship ever lasting
Thanks for just being you

© Jean Dempster

Graduation Thank You Poetry - Generous

I am totally excited
As well as quite touched
Your gift is really stunning
Your generosity is amazing
Thank you for your gift
I really do love it
In the future I hope I may
Repay you in some way

© Jean Dempster

Thank You Poetry - Cards

thank you poetry parents
graduation thank you poetry aunts and uncles
thank you poetry for neighbors gift

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I hope you like the graduation thank you poetry.

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