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You can make a really fantastic looking table using the great graduation decorations available and some imagination. 

I have tried to give you ideas that will suit any venue, be it a home party, a park or say a party at the school.

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Here are some ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration. 

Graduation Table Decorations Covers

I prefer a nice crisp white table cloth which looks great with a scattering of metallic confetti over it and maybe even a metallic fringe skirt. There are also a great selection of wipeable tablecloths out there though if you think that would be more practical.

For a kindergarten graduation using seamless paper for a table cover is an excellent idea. Simply add a jar of pens to the center of the table and the little guests can doodle till their hearts content. The kids can also use stamps such as graduation cap stamps to decorate the cover.

Of course, if you are protecting a good table you may decide on a plastic table cover!!

Graduation Table Decorations Centrepiece

Now for the table centerpiece:

Option 1 - Place a mirror on the center of the table and put some beautiful color candles on top of it. Add some confetti to the mirror and even some metallic curling ribbon (if your candles are tall) and it really does look stunning.

Option 2 - Another favorite table centerpiece is a bouquet of 10-15 latex balloons filled with helium and tied together with strands of curling ribbon attached a balloon weight. You can use color balloons belonging to your color theme or beautiful silver and gold star balloons and float them 3 to 4 feet off the table so that your guest’s view of one another is not obstructed. 

Option 3 – If you’d prefer something with the graduation theme then the either of the following Graduation Centerpieces would suit perfectly. They would look even better with a few sprinkles of sparkling confetti scattered across the table! 

graduation table decorations
graduation table decorations

If your table is outside and you want to sprinkle some confetti on it then spray it lightly with hairspray to stop the confetti blowing away. If it’s a sit down dinner then it’s always lovely to have candles. Safely use the candles with perhaps three or four candles of different sizes in a group. I especially like these gel candles that double up as place settings: 

graduation table decorations

Graduation Table Decorations Ideas

Some other great ideas:

  • Pictures of the graduate. It is their day and pictures from baby photos to an up to date graduation photo would be perfect. One great way to do this is to cover the table with the graduates photos and cover it all with a clear tablecloth.

  • Fresh flowers will always look beautiful. Use vases filled with fresh cut flowers in the colors you wish. You can upgrade your graduation table decorations by making an excellent flower arrangement.

  • Candies of all colors. You could also have a mini jelly bean dispenser.

  • Decorate the table with stars. They can be gold, silver and the graduate's favorite colors.

  • You can use all sorts of colors for the graduation table decorations. That could be school, college, university or the graduate's favorite colors.

  • Have a sweetstation centerpiece. Everyone loves to eat them.

  • Photos can be very useful. You can create photo place mats, photo cubes as the centerpiece and photo place cards.

  • Use the graduate's favorite childhood toy as the centerpiece.

  • Perhaps you can make origami shapes and surprise your guests with amazing origami table decorations.

  • Have an ice sculpture centerpiece.

  • Using a white tablecloth you can decorate your table in any way you require for the theme and decorations you have. For example if you have a dinosaur theme you can have dinosaur prints and foot prints. A Luau theme can have palm trees for example.

  • Using confetti can add quite a bit to the table. Confetti with pictures of the graduate is excellent. Also confetti can come in the party theme. For example your Mexican, Superheroes or casino party can have great confetti on the table.

  • Perhaps one of the helpers has a talent that can be used to produce a centerpiece. A sculptor can make a small easy to do sculpture and a baker can make a great graduation cake.

  • Graduation style tableware just adds to the effect.

  • Perhaps you are setting up your desserts on a separate table. There are some table decorations ideas that may help you: 
    Create a platform of varying heights to display your desserts. You can do this by placing different size bowls under the table cover. Also you can use small boxes covered in colored wrapping paper.
    The colors you use may help highlight the food. For example if you use black and white colors you may show off your strawberries. You might use silver plates to help your display.
    Add some accessories to compliment the food such as a silver candle holder, a crystal vase, graduation confetti and placards with the names of the desserts. Hopefully you can add to the graduation table decorations in inventive ways.

  • Tie up bunches of cutlery for each guest with colored ribbon.

  • String alphabet beads spelling the name of the graduate or the guest onto colored wire which you can use to tie their napkin. Adding a flower to the napkin ring is one of the neat graduation table decorations tips.

  • Perhaps you could combine candy, fruit and cakes to create a beautiful centerpiece.

  • Sometimes it is good to sprinkle the table with confetti, dried flower petals or even rosebuds.

  • Good luck with your graduation table decorations!!

Save time and energy and search through the World's Largest Party Superstore.  You can get great table decorations, balloons, decorating ideas and brilliant graduation and themed party supplies. 

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