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Give a lifetime of memories with a scrapbook.

One of the most wonderful gifts you can give to a graduate is a graduation scrapbook. Everyone appreciates having something available that lets them journey back on memory lane. Plus, it is nice for a graduate to be able to organize photos, certificates, scholarship letters, and friends contact information all in one handy place. If you want to make something special for your successful graduate to take away to college, you will appreciate some helpful graduation scrapbook ideas.

For Starters: Front Cover Graduation 

Here is a nice simple graduation scrapbook ideas:

What You’ll Need:

  • fancy stick on lettering for the vertical "GRADUATE" lettering

  • a gold, silver or other colorful sparkly pen like jellyroll sparkle pens for completing the descriptions

  • a photo of the graduate

  • a piece of contrasting colored card that you can write the graduation month, day and year on.

Here is a template I created in Microsoft Word just to give you the layout:

Please note the descriptions used in this template are just examples. Obviously you can choose any descriptions you like that better suite the graduate.

Ones like:

G - grateful, generous, giving, gorgeous, gracious.......
R - righteous, riotous, radiant.......
A - athletic, amazing, academic .... 
D – daring, determined, darling, dashing, delightful....
U – understanding (gosh, can’t think of any more)
A – attractive, articulate.... 
T – tough, talkative, talented, tenacious ......
E – educated, eloquent, enthusiastic .......

In the Middle: Scrapbook Ideas for Content

You can use any graduation-themed notebook or photo album as the basis for your scrapbook. It is best if you have lots of pictures of the graduate to include, but if they are in a limited supply, use whatever you do have and supplement it with stickers and pictures from magazines that remind you of times you spent together. Write out any memorable moments you think the person might want to remember into the pages.

Some other graduation scrapbook ideas you may like to consider adding:

  • Graduation quotes - this link has loads to choose from

  • Graduation Song Lyrics - this link has a few graduation song lyrics which are really touching.

  • Movie quotes - that would remind the graduate of good times spent at school.

  • Graduation Speech - If someone gave a graduation speech on your behalf then adding the words to the graduation scrapbook would be a nice idea.

  • Newspaper clippings - if there are any, especially if the graduate had been a member of the marching band or sports or academic team.

  • Scholarship letters - would be great to incorporate, as would certificates of any school awards won throughout the high school career.

  • Autograph page - If you do not mind putting in some extra effort, get the graduate‘s favorite teachers and friends to sign an autograph page, and have them leave messages to the graduate. You may even be able to obtain a sports star to give an autograph.

  • Contact info - You can put a contact page in the back with friends contact information and future plans.

  • One thing! - Get the graduate‘s best friends to each write down one thing they will remember most about their friendship with the graduate, and the one thing they are looking to most in their friendship in the future. That way the friends can acknowledge times past but also look ahead to a new, exciting time in their lives.

  • Embellishments - my favorite of all the graduation scrapbook ideas - use sticky ribbons, braids, graduation stickers, graduation punches, rubber stamping and all sorts of lovely things to really make your graduation scrapbook come alive.

To Finish Off: Graduation Scrapbook Ideas for the Finishing Pages

Another of the best graduation scrapbook ideas is to add literature from the college that the person plans on attending to the end of the scrapbook as a kind of finishing touch. Bumper stickers or window stickers would be a nice detail on the finishing pages. Some great graduation scrapbook ideas are also:

  • Add metal charms to the pages. They can come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Add a ready made button to the page.

  • Use acrylic paint to draw your own designs and highlight the objects in the scrapbook.

  • Add glitter for effect.

  • Add feathers.

  • Use embroidery cotton to frame and highlights some items.

  • Add beads for color and design. You could simple glue some colored beads onto one of the pages.

  • Use magnetic sheets.

  • Add ribbon and lace for borders

  • Use rubber stamps to add your own design elements.

  • Make your own scrapbook tags by cutting out the size and shapes you want from say card. You can use them to add captions and thought bubbles.

With a little thought and planning, you can create a graduation scrapbook that not only calls to mind happy memories, but encourages a graduate to anticipate the future. Help your friend or loved one commemorate this special time in his life by giving him a gift that he will treasure for years to come.

Graduation Scrapbooks and Supplies

The best scrapbooks are the ones that are tied together carefully with a consistent theme. For graduation scrapbooks and supplies, try looking on ebay. They have the best array of graduation scrapbook crafts that I have come across. There are loads of different graduation rubber stamps, brads, graduation stickers, ribbons, papers, actual graduation scrapbook albums, graduation punches, seals, miscellaneous embellishments and even sticker frames - great for giving you lots of different graduation scrapbook ideas.

The great thing about a graduation scrapbook is that all you need to get started is an album, scissors, photographs, newspaper cuttings and glue to get started.

Graduation Scrapbook Ideas

Some further scrapbook ideas that may just help you with content are:

  • The graduate‘s car may be their pride and joy. The scrapbook may have a page with photos of the car, technical details and the manufacturers brochure.

  • You could use photos of the graduate‘s bedroom over the years. The various decorations over the years from being a baby to the current date as a graduate may show a lot about them.

  • The graduate‘s close friends may be able to supply photos and stories about key points in their lives together.

  • Perhaps you have many special occasions which have their own story such as family weddings, retirements, work promotions and other successes.

  • Do you have any pennants you can add.

  • There may have been some press cuttings which you missed out on over the years. It may be you can arrange some kind of reprint. Perhaps you can find the newspaper online, can arrange a reprint through the newspaper or have a copy of the newspaper created by one of the specialist companies.

  • Another one of the graduation scrapbook ideas that may work for you is to describe what was going on in the graduate‘s life at significant news events. You may for example use the inauguration of a new President as the event and show where the graduate was at the time.

  • Complete a page for each of the graduate‘s closest friends. Pick the best photo moments and memorabilia of the friend and of them with the graduate.

  • Organisze the graduation scrapbook in an ordered way using an A to Z system. Each page has the items that relate to its letter.

  • Have a page on the graduate‘s intended college as part of your scrapbook ideas. You can have a page decked out in college colors with a brochure, photos and the reasons that the graduate chose it.

  • Include a page on the graduate‘s favorite places that they have visited. That could be vacation spots, historical places or a coffee shop, for example. For example the coffee shop owner may give their own tribute to the graduate.

Well I hope these graduation scrapbook ideas help to give you some inspiration for making a really amazing graduation scrapbook that I'm sure the graduate will appreciate very much.

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