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Here is a picture of one of the graduation invitations containing a color photo but with the same photo in black and white used as the frame.

You'll also find all the instructions and equipment you need.

What you Need

  • Color Photo
  • black and white version of the color photo
  • metal ruler
  • craft knife
  • cutting mat
  • self-adhesive foam spacers
  • sheet of acetate
  • selotape

I get my materials from

How to Make

1) Use the craft knife, cutting mat and metal ruler to cut out a frame from the black and white photo.

2) Mount the black and white frame on top of the color photo with self-adhesive foam spacers. You may also cut a piece of acetate to sandwitch between them for a faux glass look. 

3) Stick another piece of card onto the back of the photo graduation invitations containing all the graduation invitation details - check out invitation etiquette for your photo invites.

Sharing Your Graduation Photo Invitations

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Good luck with your graduation invitations. A photo is the best way to personalize your invites.

Click here for another idea on how to create a box frame for your photo and add some sequence in the box.

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