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Party venues can certainly help make your graduation party that bit more special. 

I have a lot of ideas that hopefully can help you find the perfect venue for your party.

I hope to give you lots of ideas on possible party venues and also the questions you could ask yourself to help you design the party layout.

Setting Up The Party Venue

Designing in a simple way the layout of your party can be fun. A few simple questions will give you the ideas you need to make a success of your layout. 

  • How will your guests enter the party. If you are clear how they will walk in then you can arrange your welcome decorations.

  • Where will you store and serve the food and drinks. Be sure there is plenty of room for people to be served safely.

  • Where will your guests sit at the meal. If you don’t have enough tables and chairs borrow them from friends and family.

  • Where will you play games, remembering to have enough room for spectators too.

  • Where will guests socialize together?

  • Where will you display and cut the cake?

  • Where will you display the graduate’s tributes and photos?

  • If you are outdoors, where will guests shelter from the sun or rain

I like to draw up a simple sketch of the party areas and use that to lay out the party furniture and decorations.

Graduation Party Venues

Some great venue ideas are:

  • Community Centers or YMCA offering a real blank canvas for your theme decorations and a good sized facilities. You can host a big party at this kind of venue.

  • A tent, there is something special about a Marquee, especially a beautifully decorated one. This can be very flexible, coming in different sizes and you can raise the sides if the weather is good.

  • Country club which can have a wide range of facilities. The Country club will have lots of expertise hosting parties. For that reason they should be able to give you lots of help on all aspects of the party.

  • Health club which may have a party room. The Health Club may be able to arrange entertainment and games. For example, it may have a swimming pool and a Gym hall. The hall can be used for the party and even activities like aerobics.

  • Apartment complex party room

  • A church hall

  • Ballroom

  • The Park offers a great outdoor venue with great flexibility. Let people relax outdoors on a great day. Organize fantastic games, outdoor food and really have fun. The safety of smaller children should be part of your planning, they must be in sight at all times.

  • The Beach is a great place for a Luau and beach party. Be sure you can safely have a party there and can have a lifeguard on duty.

  • Sports Center - they can often provide a function suite and of course activities. For younger children they will be able to provide soft play and fun things to do.

Party Venues - Experience

Party venues that offer a real experience are:

  • Theme parks like Disneyland would be out of this world graduation party venues.

  • Yacht or Cruise Ship. A Cruise ship will have an enormous range of facilities. They will be able to cater for just about any kind of party and activities you would require.

  • Historic Mansion where you may also have an exciting murder mystery party. You may even set up a marquee on the front lawn to host the dancing and food.

  • Car Dealership. The Car Dealership will have lots of photos, accessories and of course cars. You can arrange to view the cars. You could also set up a model car race track game as part of the fun.

  • Shopping mall for a large lock in style party. There are other big graduation party venues that will be able to cope with an all class party.

  • Aircraft Hanger which may have planes on display and lots of photos and equipment to view.

  • A Hair and Nail Salon could be great for a group who just love being pampered. Our local salon has a party room and will coordinate party activities and pampering.

  • Soccer five a side arenas can be good for a group of soccer enthusiasts. You can arrange a mini tournament and perhaps have a famous player attend.

  • A Ski Center can be perfect for Skiers. Most have restaurants and can be turned into party venues.

  • A favorite or sought after vacation spot can be great. Take a small group away to party, do some sight seeing and enjoy just relaxing together.

  • A city break can be good too, getting the chance to experience one of the world’s great cities and all it has to offer.

  • Local Museum - they can often be dedicated to a local person or perhaps something like a local mine. They can be considered if they have the facilities and can cater for your graduation party.

  • A sun kissed island paradise.

  • The great hall of an ancient university.

  • A hot air balloon which may be able to host a small group subject to all safety regulations.

  • Attend a rock concert and party the night away with the band afterwards.

  • Theater, this could just be a show and then a meal, or it could be for a fun theater workshop. The theater may arrange a tour where you can meet the actors and see how it works behind the scenes.

  • Upmarket store where guests can view all the goods privately.

  • A fashion show with guests viewing the fashions and then attending an after party.

  • Ski Chalets can be rented, particularly out of ski season. Around the Chalet may be some activities like skiing or mountain biking. You may have a schedule of events for the party and these can form part of it.

  • TV show, your guests could be part of the TV audience. Perhaps you can meet the actors, director and production crew.

  • Also a paintball center, kids play type facility, aquarium, swimming pool, Circus if it is town, facilities at the local Zoo, Craft Shop, Science (or train, car, natural) Museum, Concert, Trampolining (safely) or Farm

Party Venues - Themes

Theme based party venues could be:

  • For golf, hire a Driving Range or Golf Club facilities.

  • For Baseball, hire part of the local baseball stadium, similarly to a football theme

  • For Bowling, hire a bowling alley.

  • For a Barnyard theme perhaps a safe old barn.

  • For Horse Riding, hire the ponies, horses, equestrian venue and qualified teachers

  • For Ice Skating, hire a skating rink and perhaps a coach to help the young ones learn. (Same for rollerblading)

  • For Tennis hire a coach and tennis courts

  • An animal theme party could be held at a Zoo.

  • A Dinosaur party could be held at a natural history museum.

  • A Mardi Gras party may be held a as street party.

  • A Wild West theme party might be held at a Wild West Museum.

  • A Travel theme party can be held at a travel agents office.

  • A European theme could be held at a cafe

  • A Friends themed party can be held at a coffee shop.

  • For certain groups you could have the party at a convention center which is hosting a computer games, star wars or some other suitable convention. Graduation party venues like this would determine your party theme.

Most of these graduation party venues will have the facility to provide hot food and catering. These graduation party venues may also be able to help organize games, activities, prizes and assist with the graduation party favors. If you need more graduation party venues ideas you could ask previous graduate's families what they did, or even ask caterers which ones work best in their opinion. I hope these graduation party venues ideas help you get the right one for your party. Graduation party venues can make it all the more special.

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