Graduation party speech

by Mariam Kouyateh
(Monrovia, Liberia)

Hi. Please, l really needs your help. I will be graduating from highschool soon and I want to host a party. But I don't knows where to start my speech from. I wants to show gratitude to my brother for supporting me throughout my education and to the rest of the family.
I will be very grateful if you help me out with this,thanks you.

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Of course I am happy to help. Draft attached assuming you just want a short but meaningful speech and you will have family, friends, teachers and fellow graduates at the party. Simple to change the speech to account for who is there.


I wish to welcome you all to my graduation party. I am delighted you could all attend and it really does mean a lot to me. Celebrating graduation with you all is very special.

I wish to make a special thanks to my brother who really has been there for me all the way. I would not have graduated without you brother.

I wish also to thank all of you as you have been a big part of my life for so long. Supportive family, inspirational teachers, long time friends and of course my fellow graduates - congratulations to you too.

Enjoy your night, please have all you wish to eat and drink and I will make sure I catch up with you during the night.

Once again, thank you for coming.

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Jun 23, 2018
Graduation party
by: Anonymous

I need help writing a speech. Thanking my mom, and stepdad. My dad, and his girlfriend and to my aunt and uncle. Thank you!

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I am writing this on the basis you are having a graduation dinner or party at home, for example.

I would like to say a few words about my wonderful family. You have all given me so much love and support over many years. You are the most important people to me.
Thank you to Mom for doing almost everything for me. A kinder person and better person to talk to does not exist. Thank you to my Dad for believing in me and being there whenever I needed you. I always know you are with me. Along with (his girlfriend's name) you make a great team. Thank you to my stepdad, you have really been amazing, kind and fun.
Thank you to my Aunt and Uncle who have provided so much more support than any other Aunt and Uncle ever. I am proud to know both of you.

Once again thank you to my wonderful family!

May 24, 2018
really need help
by: Anonymous

can you help me write a speech to my big sister cause she just graduated high school and i have nothing to say.

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I am happy to help.

I have some ideas here to get you started. Please add your own thoughts and perhaps a special memory.

I wish to say a few words about my sister.
Here you are a graduate, and that is amazing. I have grown up with you and can hardly believe just how much that makes me feel about you.
First I am so proud of you. You have worked so hard and despite the pressure of exams and term papers you still have been the best sister.
I admire how you go about life positively, with a smile on your face. You are a great role model for all of us. There is a lot to learn from your approach to life.
I think you are the best fun ever. Spending time with you is always great fun, full of laughter, pranks, shopping tips, finding the best deals and talking all the time, sharing all our feelings and secrets.
Your graduation reminds me of how much I love you. I know you are going to college soon and I cannot even begin to think how much I will miss you.
But today I just want to say how much I love and admire you. And congratulations of course!

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