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These free party games will bring fun and excitement to the occasion.

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I've listed all sorts of favorite party games here. There are classic, noisy, quiet, team, outdoor, homemade, graduate themed games and games for young children. I also have a unique range of printable games! 

These are all completely free party games and I've split them into several categories for ease of browsing. 

Graduation Party Games For Younger Children

Click here if you need party games for younger children

graduation activities

Please see the range of free printable graduation activities. The games include crosswords, matching pairs, code breakers and mazes. There are also printable certificates to present to your party guests once they have completed a game. 

Graduation Party Games Icebreakers

graduation party games

Please find below a selection of my favorite free graduation party games that are real ice breakers. Icebreakers are a great way for everyone to meet, it also allows a calm start to the party until everyone arrives. Guests do not need to stand around waiting for the graduation party games to start.

Guess Who (Suitable for all ages)

Place the name of a teacher on a sticky label. When a guest comes in, stick it on their back. They have to ask other guests yes or no questions about the teacher and guess who it is by the end of the night.

Musical Partners (Suitable for all ages)

This is one of the best graduation party games you can do to get everyone up dancing. Start with one couple on the dance floor. Stop the music and the couple have to split and select someone else to dance with. Simply repeat this until the dance floor is full.

Match of the Year (Suitable for all ages)

This is one of the more appropriate free graduation party games. What you do is try arranging lots of pictures of the grad at various periods throughout their school years on a table. You could turn this into a competition by asking guests to specify which photo belongs to which year.

Rogue’s Gallery (Suitable for all ages)

Set up a table with paper, crayons, pencils and pens. Everyone has to draw a picture of themselves and write their name at the bottom. When they are finished they are pinned on a board. Everyone gets a prize. I can still remember my granny’s self-portrait – it was a real hoot. 

Famous Person

Each person must act like a famous person and the other guests must guess who they are.

Pass The Hat (suitable for all ages)

Form a circle and place the hat on one players head. The player should pass the hat going around the circle without using their hands. If a player drops the hat he/she is out. The winner is the last one in the circle with the hat on their head.

I Remember When (suitable for all ages)

You'll need lunch bags, one per guest plus paper and pens to write on How to play: This one of the graduation party games is great for graduation parties. Set up the bags and the paper so that each guest can write something they remember about the other guests and place it in their bag. Be sure to stress to the guests that only nice things should be shared.

Spiders Web (suitable for all ages)

An easy to do puzzle is to have guests link hands in a totally random way. Each hand must be joined to a different person. Make them form a spiders web. They then get 2 minutes to unravel the links to try and form a circle without letting go of each other. They might not do it but it is a fun start.

Pass The Ball

Get three tennis balls. Everyone gets in a circle.They introduce themselves. They pass the ball diagonally.First, they start out with one ball. Then, progress to three balls. While they pass the ball to each other, they must tell everyone something interesting about themselves, what their plans are after they graduate, or what they will miss. Everyone passes the ball until all three balls are returned to the starting point.

Which is the Lie

Ask each guest to tell 2 or 3 apparent facts about themselves, one of which is a lie. The others must guess which is the lie.

Setting Up Teams

I love to help my guests get to know each other. A neat icebreaker is to let everyone choose a different colored ball when they arrive from a bowl. They then form a team with the others who have the same color of ball. This can be the teams that play games together.

Guest Details

Encourage guests to meet as many people as possible, remembering their names and a detail about them. The main point of the game is to meet as many people and remember them.

The detail could be shoe color, hair color, wearing glasses, eye color.

Some time after introduction, give players paper and a pen to complete the details. Ask them to record the guest name and detail from memory. You can use more then one detail!

Noisy Graduation Party Games

noisy party game

Please find below a selection of my favorite very noisy and still free graduation party games. These graduation party games can get the party started!

Limbo (suitable for all ages)

This is a good one of the free graduation party games for the garden. Play some fun music while your friends stand in line waiting to bend backwards low enough to fit under the limbo stick (broom handle, yardstick, etc.). In order to win, the limbo master must not touch the stick or fall on the floor while limbo-ing under the stick (which is usually held by 2 people).

Key and String (suitable for all ages)

This is one my mum showed me as a child and I've played it countless times since then. It's an absolute hoot! 
What you do is get two rows of people preferably in alternate boy, girl order and you need 2 rolls of string, each with a key tied to the end. 
The object of the game is for the string to go up (underneath the clothes) of one person and then down (underneath the clothes) of the next person and so on until everyone is threaded together. The first team to complete this challenge wins. 
You can also reverse it and see which team is un-threaded first. 
Watching someone trying to work a key up their trouser leg is hilarious. Similarly, watching girls trying to maintain their modesty while wearing a dress or skirt and the string is tightening is equally side-splitting.
So simple and so much fun.

Spot The Leader (suitable for ages 6 and up)

One person leaves the room and is the guesser. Choose one person to lead the others clapping or dancing. Put on some music. The leader must regularly change the rhythm and which body part they clap against. The others must follow. The guesser comes back in and tries to guess who is leading the clapping.

Chopstick Race (suitable for ages 5 and up)

An individual style graduation party games. Give each person 10 pieces of candy or rice. Also a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. The object is to get the candy or rice into the bowl individually. First person to complete gets a prize! 

Eat The Chocolate (suitable for ages 9 and up)

This is a lively one of the graduation party games. In the middle of the guests place a large bar of chocolate on a plate, a knife and fork, hat, gloves and scarf. Taking it in turns, each guest rolls the dice. If a guest gets a six they have to put the clothes on as fast as possible and start eating the chocolate with the knife and fork. Keep eating till the next person gets a six then take the clothes off for them to dress up and eat as much chocolate as they can. If the number of guests is large you can split the group into teams of say 8 to 10 with their own chocolate and clothes.

Spin The Wheel (suitable for all ages)

Borrow one of those wheels of fortune and fill in the prizes you have on the wheel. That will include no prize and a forfeit if you want. Arrange the right person to host the game and get the audience participating madly.

Coconut Shy (suitable for older ages)

In an outdoor area set up a coconut shy. This will need holders for the coconuts. You could of course just balance the coconuts on a ledge. You can decorate the coconuts in the theme of your party which may just mean using the graduate's photo. Just supply balls to throw and set up a line say 4 or 5 feet away.

Bobbing For Apples (suitable for older ages)

Bobbing for apples is one of the better graduation party games. Set up a large pail filled with water and enough apples to cover the surface. Lay out plenty of towels. The guests using only their teeth must try and get an apple out of the pail. Usually hilarious and very messy!.

Octopus Tag (suitable for older ages)

This is one of the graduation party games where no one is out! A first person is chosen who is the octopus. The rest of the group are the fish. Each person tagged joins the octopus. Play continues until there is one fish left. 

Soldiers and Sailors

Arrange between 6 and 12 players into 2 teams. Also have an adult play as the ‘caller’. Play this game at the park, for example. Use string on the ground, jerseys or bag to mark off a center line and 2 safety One team is called soldiers and one sailors. The caller calls out one of the team names. They are the chasing team and must chase the other team to their safety line. Any player who is tagged must join the other team. The game ends when one team has caught all the others.

Shadow Tag

Just like normal tag except you play it on a sunny day and they stand on the shadows.

Stocks (suitable for older ages)

Set up old fashioned stocks with holes for the arms to 'lock' the unfortunate volunteers in. They should be seated. Then set up a line about 6 feet away and let the guests throw wet sponges at them. 

Talent Spots (suitable for older ages)

As a break from the normal graduation party games a talent spot lets everyone get a drink and watch the entertainment. Set aside a stage with lighting if possible with music pre-arranged to suit the act. You can ask the guests to prepare something in the party invitations and give them a theme if you wish. For example you could allow them to do anything, be a ringmaster or clown for a circus party, sing mambo no. 5 at a Mardi Gras party, sing backwards, act out a script for a Hollywood theme or tell jokes.

Blow Fish (or Ships) (suitable for all ages)

Arrange a pail with water. Also straws and either small boats which float in the water, or fish. Set up the players in two's who play against each other. The object of the game is to blow the boat to your opponents side. The players can get very wet, so remember to set out towels.

Goldfish Bowls (suitable for all ages)

Arrange say 10 goldfish bowls together on a table. Have balls which fit into the goldfish bowls but they are not too small. The object of this one of the graduation party games is for the players to stand behind a line and throw the balls into the goldfish bowls. Have prizes for the best.

Horseshoe Pitch (suitable for all ages)

Put a stake in the ground and have the contestants stand say 6 to 12 feet away depending on their age. Give each player some horseshoe to throw at the stake, the nearest wins. You can use balls if need be.

Jump Rope (suitable for all ages)

With some jump ropes, just have the guests play jump rope with the guest jumping for the most jumps the winner.

Sing A Long (suitable for all ages)

In a 'camp fire' style have the guests sing some classic songs in unison. A great effect.

Dance Competition (suitable for all ages)

Arrange a dance floor. Also have music in keeping with the party theme. Guests have to dance with a judge eliminating people as the music goes on. The last couple or person still on the floor wins. Good fun graduation party games.

Hire Equipment (suitable for all ages)

Graduation party games can be determined by the equipment you have. Consider hiring a Buckaroo, Fastest draw game, trampoline or golf game.

Name That Tune (suitable for all ages)

Set up music on a CD. Ask players how many notes they need to hear to name the tune. Play they number of notes and see if they get it right. This can make highly competitive graduation party games.

party games blindfold

Blindfold Games (suitable for all ages)

There are two graduation party games in this category.

Arrange an obstacle course which a guest guided by a partner must negotiate.

Put various objects in a box. The guest must identify them by touch alone. For older players you can set the scene by claiming to have horrible things in the box. Touching half a tomato can set their imagination running wild.

Blindfold Cotton Ball Game

Set out 2 fishbowls. One is filled with cotton balls. Each guest must transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to the other using a spoon. The catch is they wear a blindfold.

Blindfold Treasure Grab

Pair guest up with one of their team being blindfolded. Set up a course with a start line and an item of treasure at the end. The blindfolded team member lines up at the start with their partner standing on the side. Spin the blindfold players around and start the game. Their partner must guide them to the end of the course, help them pick up the treasure item and return to the start line. First in wins.

Ice Cube Race

Fill a large bowl with water and add a top layer of ice cubes. Guests must get ice cubes out of the bowl using their feet only.

Ice Cream Race

Give each guest a bowl of ice cream. They must finish the ice cream using no hands.


Find as many 3 or more letter words as you can in one minute from a prepared list of letters.

Mad Painting

Have each guest wear a pair of large gloves. Give them paints, brushes and paper. have them paint their own masterpiece. Judge who has the best one.

Chocolate Eating

Give each guest a large pair of gloves, and a knife and fork. Also they get a bar of chocolate. They have to eat as much chocolate as they can in 2 minutes using only the knife and fork.

Builder (suitable for all ages)

In 1 minute time you are to build the highest possible tower, using Lego. If the tower falls over and you have some more time, just begin from the very beginning. The number of points for the players depends on the number of Lego pieces in the tower. This can be one of the noisy graduation party games if your other guests cheer them on.

Wink Murder

All guests sit in a circle and closes their eyes. The host taps one person on the head and they are the murderer. Tell everyone to open their eyes as the game now begins. The murderer must successfully wink at say four or five guests without getting caught. 

All guests winked at must show they are murdered by giving their best dying person act. If you catch someone winking you immediately raise your hand and secretly tell the host. If they're right they win, if they're wrong they "die" and the game continues until the murderer winks at all the victims.

Name That Pop Star

Put some Pop star names in a hat. Ask your guests to take it in turns to pick one out and then to sing a verse of one of their songs. The other guest must try to guess the pop star.
You can award prizes for the best performance.

Alphabet Minute

At the beginning everyone writes down a conversation topic that they like such as weather or a news item, for example, along with a letter of the alphabet. The papers are folded and put in a hat. Each player takes a piece of paper. The first player must converse on the subject for 60 seconds but with a twist. Their first sentence must start with the alphabet letter specified and each sentence after that’s starts with the next letter of the alphabet. The winner gets the furthest round the alphabet in 60 seconds.

Fizz Buzz

This is one of the tougher graduation party games. Guests are to try and count from 1 to 100. The trick is that for any number with a 3 in it or is divisible by 3 they must say Fizz instead. Also for any number with a seven in it or is divisible by 7 then they must say Buzz.

I Went To Market

Player must take turns saying, in alphabet order, which items they bought at market. For example the first person would say “ I went to market and bought apples”. The second person says I went to market and bought apples and bananas” and so on. The list of items grows and gets a lot harder to remember.

Ping Pong Race

To set this up you will need small boxes such as tissue boxes, pink pong balls, string and a short course for players to run. Attach string to the box which is long enough to be ties round the player’s waist and still have the box lying flat on the ground. Fill each box with ping pong balls and get the players to race along your course. The winner is has the most ping pong balls left in their box.

Act Out

Players have to act out a short scene and their level of applause will determine if they are prize winners. Some scenes you might like to use are:

  • Wakening up to find a snake in the bed.

  • Seeing a very scary scene in a movie.

  • Getting into a car and driving away.

  • Eating a very hot curry.

  • Being stung by a bee.

  • Playing tennis.

  • Walking on hot sand.

  • Eating spaghetti

  • Swimming

  • Trying to hold a sneeze in.

Balloon Drive

A great game is a balloon drive. The players have to drive, like a cattle drive, 20 balloons along a short course. The winner gets them all over the line and into a box. The players are not aloud to catch on to any balloons.


A balloon kicking game to play indoors. Set up a goal. Place a balloon a short distance from the goal. Youngsters can try and kick the balloon into the goal. Perhaps for older guests they can be blindfolded

Balloon Hockey

Each guest is given one round balloon for the ball and a long balloon for a hockey stick. Set up a goal which can be those mini soccer goals or a box on its side. Players take turns to try and score by hitting the balloon from an agreed distance into the goal. Each player gets 5 attempts and the highest scorer wins.

Balloon Headers

Ask guests to walk along a short course while keeping a balloon up in the air using only their head.

Water Balloons

To set this one up, fill balloons with water and tie them off. Set up a short course in your backyard or park, for example. The Players pick up as many water balloons as they can carry. They have to run the course and the one with the fastest time and the most intact balloons wins.

Balloon Kangaroos

Players line up with a balloon held between their knees, they can only touch the balloon to put it back if they drop it.
Players jump like Kangaroos along the course you have set up.

Graduation Party Games – Eat or Wear (for adults and older children)

2 players compete in this game. Arrange a quiz (you could use the graduate quiz), with each question there is a corresponding item to eat or wear. These items could be chocolate sauce, glass of milk, egg, spreadable cheese, mayo, BBQ sauce, ketchup, cold gravy, or breadcrumbs, for example. Be sure to avoid guests’ food allergies and keep everyone safe. Each contestant in turn answers a question. If they get it wrong they must choose to eat or wear the item. The guest who has eaten or worn the least number of items wins.

Quiet Graduation Party Games

quiet party games

Please find below a selection of my favorite free graduation party games that are nice and quiet and will help calm the children down. 

Pass the Parcel (suitable for all ages)

Although this game has music it is excellent for calming everyone down after something active. There are two ways you can play this:
1) Wrap the present up as many times as possible and a layer of paper is ripped off each time the music stops – repeat until there is no wrapping left and there you have the lucky winner.
2) Wrap the present up once and the person left holding the present when the music stops is out – repeat until you have a winner.

Memory Game (suitable for all ages)

You can make this game as difficult or as easy as you like depending on age of the children playing it. Arrange several objects on a tray and cover them with a cloth. Give everyone a pencil and a piece of paper. Remove the cloth and give everyone 1 minute to memorize all the objects. Then they have to write down as many of the items as they can remember. The person who remembers most correctly wins.

Blindfold Drawing (suitable for ages 4 and up)

Arrange paper and pencils or pens. Blind fold half the guests. Then tell them what they are drawing, perhaps something that relates to the party theme. Give them enough time to complete their drawing. You can make it more fun by breaking the drawing instructions down into parts. The other guests can try and help with instructions. Then swap with the other guests taking a turn to be blindfold.

Shell Painting (suitable for all ages)

Arrange a shell for each person and ask them to paint it. A prize of course for the best design! You could ask for the shell to be painted in the party theme.

Painting (suitable for all ages)

Painting of any kind makes good graduation party games. The subject can fit the party theme and can be masks, kites, fans, hats or parasols for example.

Drawing (suitable for all ages)

Drawing something fitting the party theme is great fun. Just set out pens, pencils, and paper!

Message In A Bottle (suitable for all ages)

Give everyone a plastic bottle, paper, access to sand, pens, mini shells, and any other materials you wish. Ask them to create a scene in the bottle and add a message. Crafts graduation party games do give a creative outlet.

Paper Clip (suitable for all ages)

Give each person a piece of paper and pencil for this mental agility graduation party games. Each person has 2 minutes to write down all the things they can think of to do with a paper clip. This is a true test of each persons creativity. It is likely that most people will get 3 to 4. When reading out some of the mad answers remember no one said what color, size, or materials made up the paper clip. Creative people will have it used for a coat hanger, colored purple to use as a mood enhancer, huge size to use as a boat and lots more ideas!

Jar Game (suitable for all ages)

Fill a jar with candy and ask each guests to guess how many items in the jar.

Memory Game

One of the good graduation party games for relaxing the pace a bit. Give each guest some paper and a pen. Set out various unrelated items on a tray and cover it up. Take away the cover and give everyone 1 minute to memorize the items. They must then wait 1 minute before they write out what was on the tray. The guests' ages will determine how many items you use.

Graduation Party Game Ideas - Graduate Treasure Hunt

Using all the graduate’s memorabilia set up a treasure hunt throughout your home. You can set this up by putting a letter on the bottom of each part of the treasure. Once guests find the piece they write down the letter and then put it back. Once they have all the letters they must unscramble the letters to form a word that is meaningful to the graduate. That could be the name of the graduate’s college, for example.

Eggs Transfer

You will need a box of 6 eggs for each competitor, 6 egg cups, a chair, plus paper towels and towels to clean up afterwards. Using only their bare feet, players must move one egg at a time from the box to an egg cup. Only unbroken eggs count! The winner will get the most unbroken egg into the cups in the shortest time.

Marble Transfer

You need chopsticks, 2 bowls and about 30 marbles. Fill one bowl with the marbles and position them on a table about 2 feet apart. Give each player 1 minute to move the marbles to the other bowl using only the chopsticks.


Give the players a starter word such as think or brush plus pen and paper. They just change 1 letter at a time to from anew word and keep repeating that process until they can no longer make a new word. The person, or team, with the longest cascade wins.



Team Graduation Party Games

team party games

Please find below a selection of my favorite free graduation party games for playing in teams. Team graduation party games can be the best fun and bring the party together.

Blow and Suck (suitable for all ages)

The first of the team graduation party games is an old faithful that can be enjoyed by people of any ages. 
All you need is a pack of straws, a ping pong ball or card and two teams of people. You simply pass the ball or card from the front of the team to the back using only the straws. 

Pass The Orange (suitable for all ages)

This fun-filled game is inexpensive and simple. The only supplies it requires are 2 oranges and people with both a neck and a chin. Divide the group into 2 teams. When the person (not actually playing the game) says "Go!" the people must pass the orange from neck to neck using only chins and necks. The team that can get the orange to the last neck in line the quickest without dropping the orange wins.

Pass the Sand (suitable for all ages)

Obviously one of the good free graduation party games for the beach or even the garden. Divide the group into 2 teams and line them up. Have the person in each line grab a handful of sand from a container. They must pass the sand to the next player, who passes it to the next, and so on down the line. When the sand reaches the last player, he/she pours what is left of it on a plate. The team with the most sand wins the game. (You may have to weigh the sand on a food scale if it's close.)

Cross Dress Relay Game (suitable for all ages)

For this game you need 2 piles of clothes. One pile would consist of ridiculous looking male clothes including braces, pipe, beard, mad shirt – anything goes really. 
The other pile of clothes will be equally ridiculous female clothes. This could include tights and bra with oranges etc. You then arrange 2 rows of people, one for boys and one for girls. Each person takes it in turn to dress and undress. The boys would put on the female clothes and vice versa. 
The team that completes the task first wins. 
Obviously you need to get your camera ready for this one.

Bum Shuffle (suitable for all ages)

Now this is my favorite of all the team graduation party games. Divide the teams into about six people. They have to sit in a line with their legs wide apart and their arms around the waist of the person in front. When you say “go” they all have to shuffle forwards on their bums. If the line is broken then they have to start again. The winning team is the first team across the finishing line. 

Balloon Bang (suitable for ages 5 and up)

If you have a suitable space with room to run around, or even better outdoors this is a very active game. Brief the teams not to stamp on the person, just the balloons. Split everyone into 2 teams. One team has balloons tied to their ankles with ribbon. The second team have to burst all the balloons. 

Balloon Hockey (suitable for ages 6 and up)

A great competitive game. Each player has a round balloon and a long balloon to use as the hockey stick. Set up a goal which can be a large box on its side. Players take turns to try and score by hitting their balloon from a set distance into the goal. Give each player say 5 attempts, with the winner scoring most times. 

Balloon Volleyball (suitable for ages 5 and up)

Put up a volleyball net, or even just a rope, at the right height for the age of the guests. You can play by fairly loose volleyball rules.

Super fast Drawing (suitable for ages 8 and up)

This is a version of Pictionary. Before the party have at least 20 cards with meaningful words on them such as skull, treasure etc. Split everyone into teams and give them pens, pencils and paper. One person from each team comes to you and you show them a card. They return to their team and quickly draw a picture representing the word. No gestures or speaking allowed. Keep a score. 

Feed The Baby (suitable for ages 6 and up)

Split everyone into teams of 2. Have the right number of chairs, bibs, bowls of fruit puree and spoon. Line the teams up 10 to 20 feet from the chairs. Say go and the teams run to the chairs, they put the bib on one of them who sits down. The other team member feeds the sitting on the puree. The winners finish the puree and take off the bib. 

Double Packers (suitable for ages 7 and up)

Split everyone into teams of 2. Each person must hold the hand of their partner. Give each pair an object to wrap such as a shoe box. Also give them ribbon, wrapping paper and sticky tape. Start the game and the teams must wrap their present using their free hands. The first pair to complete wins. I like graduation party games where the teams must rely on each other so much.

Knee Jerk Relay (suitable for ages 6 and up)

This is one of the rather silly graduation party games. With the right music and noisy atmosphere it can be excellent. Split the guests into 2 teams. Set out a course say 20 to 30 feet. Give the first player an orange or balloon to hold between their knees. They must walk the course keeping the object between their knees and pass it to the next team member. If the orange drops the player must start again. First team to complete wins.

Stepping Stones (suitable for ages 8 and over)

Split everyone into 2 teams, pair the people in the teams up and arrange a short course. Ahead of the party cut a big pair of feet from card. In the teams one person is the foot person, the other the stepper. The foot person places the feet in front of the stepper who must only walk on the card feet. They must go up and down the course and then the next pair can start. First team to complete wins. 

Three Ball Relay (suitable for ages 6 and up)

Different graduation party games. Split the guests into 2 teams. Give each team 3 balls of widely different size. Set out a course. In turn each player guides the 3 balls using only their hands up and down the course, handing over to the next player. First team finished wins. 

Chinese Whispers (suitable for ages 6 and up)

Arrange everyone in a line. Have a message of at least 10 words ready in advance. Whisper it to the first person who whispers it to the next in line, all the way along the guests. The last person says out loud the message, compare that to the original. Play music to make it tougher. 

Yes/No (suitable for ages 7 and up)

yes no party game

A classic among graduation party games. This game requires quick thinking. Set up a small stage area. Bring out each player and ask them questions which they must avoid saying yes or no to. For example do you like milk, have you been on holiday yet, did you graduate. Allow up to 20 questions per player. They are also out if they hesitate for more than 5 seconds. Use the questions on the free printable here if you wish!

Where Am I Going (suitable for ages 7 and up)

One of the lively team graduation party games. Set up an obstacle course which is safe for the youngest player. Split the guests into 2 teams. Blindfold the first person and start them off. Their team must shout instructions to them to get them round the course. They then pass the blindfold to the next person. First team round the course wins. 

Face Painting (suitable for older ages)

As well as an guest decoration exercise face painting can be a good graduation party games for teams. In keeping with your theme you can challenge the teams to paint each others faces. That could be as a clown, pirate or tiger for example. Prizes could be for the best overall team.

Plate Race

A fun and noisy graduation party games. Mark out a river about 6 feet wide. Split the kids into 2 teams, half of which sit on either side of the river. Give the first child from each team 2 good size paper plates. They must cross the river, once you say go, by putting down the first plate, standing on it, then placing the second plate in front of them and standing on it and so on. Once they have crossed the river standing only on the plates they pass the plates on to the next one in their team. First team to get everyone across the river wins.

Googly Balloons

Put a marble into each balloon and blow them up. Split the kids into small teams and give them some balloons which they must keep up in the air. Perhaps 2 balloons per person. The weights in the balloons makes them act really strangely. This is one of the laugh out loud graduation party games.

Boat Race

Divide the guests into teams of 6. Set out a start and finish line. They sit in a line with their legs apart and arms around the person in front. When you say go the crew must shuffle themselves forward to cross the finishing line. The crew must remain unbroken, otherwise they start again.

Water Balloon Walk

Divide the guests into teams of say 4. Set out a short course which can have obstacles. Give the first person a filled water balloon and each person gets 2 sticks. The first person walks the course with he water balloon balanced on the sticks. They hand the balloon over to the next person without using hands. First team to complete wins.

If you have more graduation party games please fill in the form below and help other visitors to have a better graduation party.

Outdoor Graduation Party Games

outdoor party games

Please find below a selection of my favorite and free graduation party games for playing outdoors. Make sure you have a safe play area for your graduation party games.

Scoot Them Away (suitable for all ages)

This is a good one for a back yard party. Simply line up some empty tin cans on a wall and knock them off using water pistols.

Volleyball (suitable for ages 7 and up)

Set everyone up into teams and have a normal rules volleyball competition. For the younger kids you could use a balloon and a lower net. You just need enough room for this one and a marked out area.
A fun variation is to arrange teams of 2 who have a towel. The ball is replaced by a water filled balloon. The idea is to use the towel to launch and catch the balloon with the towel. The first team to burst the balloon loses! 

Treasure Hunt (suitable for all ages)

In advance hide lots of items in the garden (or indoors). Tie in the objects with the party theme. Give everyone a sheet with the hidden items listed (or drawn for youngsters.) Time the teams or individuals as they find the items. For example for a pirate theme party you could hide fake coins. Have prizes for the winners.

Races(suitable for all ages)

Races of any kind make great outdoor graduation party games. I like the ones where the players wear clown shoes or flippers. 

Sandcastles(suitable for all ages)

For a beach party or a sand area at home. Have a sandcastle building competition. Prizes, of course, for the most creative and best made sandcastle. Graduation party games for all ages are good!


Layout one square, then two alternately so that there are 10 squares in total. This can be achieved by using chalk on the ground. To start throw a small pebble on to square one making sure it lands squarely inside the box. Jump over the square containing the pebble landing your left foot on square 2 and your right foot on 3. Go up the line and back, picking up the pebble from the first square. Each time you successfully finish the course throw your pebble to the next square in sequence.

Favorite Graduation Party Games

Not sure which category of party games this one falls into so here’s to my all time favorite of free graduation party games. It’s hilarious!


It’s one of the fantastic graduation party games for everyone to join in no matter what the age. What you do is get a handful of coins and clench as many as possible between your buttock cheeks. Then you have to walk to the other side of the room and squatting over a bucket you have to drop the pennies into the bucket. The person who deposits most coins obviously wins. 

Graduation Party Games Based On The Graduate

graduate party games

Graduation Party Games - Beat The Graduate

If the graduate thinks they are great at a sport or game set up a “Beat The Graduate” part of the party. Guests have to challenge the graduate and win to get a prize. This will need to be a short game to let many guests try.

Some fun challenges could be (some based on current world records):

  • Sock Sorting: Give the graduate and the contestants a pile of unsorted socks. The aim is to arrange as many into pairs as possible in a minute. The world record is 17 pairs.
  • Egg Transferring: Using their feet contestants have to move eggs from a box into egg cups. The world record is 6 eggs in about 42 seconds.

  • Marbles: Each contestant gets an empty bowl and one filled with marbles. The aim is to move as many marbles as possible from one bowl to the other using only chopsticks.

  • Water Transfer: Give contestants one large bowl filled with water and an empty measuring jug. The idea is for contestants to transfer the water using only their hands. The winner has the most water in the measuring jug.

Graduation Party Games - Graduate Makeover

Only for the very brave graduate. Have the graduate sit and supply guests with make up. They have to make the graduate over within a time limit.

Graduation Party Games - Older or Younger

Find 10 pictures of the graduate at ages from birth till now. Mix up the order and pin them backwards to a board in a line, except the first one which faces the front. For each photo in turn the player guesses whether the graduate is older or younger than the last photo. Mix the photos up for the next player. The winner is the first one to guess them all right.

Graduation Party Games - Stickers

Give the graduate a large number of graduation cap stickers. They have the put the stickers un-noticed onto the back of party guests. The guest with the most stickers when you call time must perform a forfeit. A variation on this game is periodically to shout “GRADUATE” and give all those with stickers on 10 seconds to remove them. If they don’t make it they perform a forfeit. A suitable forfeit could be to impersonate the graduate.

Graduation Party Game - Graduate Mind Reading

The idea is to ask each guest to fill in what they think the graduate would answer to the questions on each of the printable games. The graduate can fill out their answers prior to the party and put their answers in an envelope which is opened once the guests have made their predictions. Of course, have a prize for the winner.

Graduation Party Games - Graduate Modelling Game

Using modelling clay, ask the guests to make a sculpture of the graduate. You can have a prize for the best one!

Graduation Party Game Ideas - Time Capsule

Ask guests to predict the future for the graduate. They will write down their opinion of where the graduate will be and what they will have achieved in say 5, 10 or 15 years. The guesses are buried in a time capsule and will be recovered at the right time. This graduation party idea will make your guests think.

Graduation Party Game Ideas - Memory

Set out say 15 to 20 items of the graduates on a table, covered by a cloth. Give guests paper and pens. When they are ready you remove the cloth for 20 seconds. Guests must try and memorize the items. After 20 seconds cover the items up and ask guests to write down all the items they remember.

Personal Advert

Split guests into teams and give them a pen, paper, scissors and paper glue. Also give them a page, or long article, from a newspaper.
They must construct a personal Advert for the job seeking graduate by cutting out words from the newspaper. 
For example, hard working, comedian, convicted felon, seeks work cleaning crime scenes and teaching sports.

Graduation Party Games – Graduate Auction

Auction a number of the Graduate’s items for charity at the party. Choose say 10 items that guests would love to have and the Graduate agrees to let go. You could have a silent auction or have fun being the auctioneer.

Graduate Charades

graduate charades at school
graduate charades movies
graduate charades tv
graduate charades based on film characters
graduate charades food
graduate charades game

Write out charade cards (you can click on the ones above and print onto card) which each have an item relating to the graduate. The charade items can represent events in the life of the graduate, for example starting school, sitting exams, a birthday party, learning to cycle or taking part in their favorite pursuit. Also the cards can have the graduate’s favorite movies, books, TV shows, film and TV characters, food, bloggers, gaming titles or places.

graduate memorabilia game

Guess The Memorabilia

Put various items belonging to the graduate in a bag and close it. Guests can touch the bag and feel the contents, without opening it, and then guess what the items are. For example, the items could be a watch, baseball cap, brush, glasses, birthday card, photo, socks, medal, soft toy, toy and an item of jewelry.

Graduation Party Games – T-shirt Letter Game

Buy enough blank t-shirts to allow 1 letter on each to spell the Graduates name. That is for 2 teams. Use a t-shirt pen to add one of the letters to each t-shirt. 
Split guests into 2 teams with enough players to spell the Graduates name. Put the t-shirts in a stack and start the game. The winning team puts on the t-shirts and stand in line so that the Graduate’s name is spelled correctly.
A twist on this game is to hide the t-shirts around the party venue.

Graduation Party Games - Spot Prize

Have some fun spot prizes which you can announce at various times during the party. Give a prize, for example a candy bar, to the first person to say they have:

  • A penny, with them, from the year that the graduate was born

  • The same star sign as the graduate

  • The same drink as the graduate

  • The same first name as the graduate

  • A selfie with the graduate

  • The exact same model of cell phone as the graduate

  • The same shoe size as the graduate

Graduation party games - Improv

Guests can be creative and play the graduate in various true to life and embarrassing scenarios. Each Improv  can last 30 seconds. Pick a great MC! Use the free printable ideas here to give you the scenarios which will stretch your guests creativity and entertain the audience. 

Graduation Party Game Ideas - Scavenger Hunt

Do It Yourself Graduation Party Games

do it yourself graduation party games

Bean Bag Toss

You will need bean bags and paper plates. Decorate the paper plates in, for example, school colors, then add numbers 1 to 6 to say 4 plates each. Set out the plates in your yard with the higher numbers furthest away from your line. Guests throw the bean bags and get points if they land on a plate. Give guests 3 bean bags to throw and add up their score. As ever have a prize for the winner.

Bean Bag Throw

Pin up photos of the graduate on a line using clothes pegs. Guests stand behind a line and throw their bean bags at the photos. Add up the number of times they hit a photo.

Ring Toss

You will need soda bottles (plastic) and plastic rings which will easily fit over the bottles. Decorate the bottles and partially fill with sand to weight them down. Set out the bottles a few feet away from a line. Guests stand at the line and try and get their rings over a bottle.


Decorate plastic soda bottles, say 12 of them. Arrange the bottles in a skittle formation with 1 on front line, 3 next line, 4 on next and 5 on the final line. Give guests 2 light plastic balls to roll at the skittles.


Buy a blank jigsaw and give each guest a piece. Guests write their message and sign their piece. Guests can put the jigsaw together. You can glue it and frame it as a great memento of the graduation party.

Palm Tree

On an A3 or A2 piece of cardstock draw a bare tree with trunk and branches. Using finger paints , guests can leave a finger or palm print on the tree. They can sign it too.

Outdoor Twister

Simply paint a replica of a twister sheet onto your lawn.


Paint or draw letters on large pieces of card. Play Scrabble outdoors! The letter distributions are:

  • 2 blank tiles (scoring 0 points)

  • 1 point: E ×12, A ×9, I ×9, O ×8, N ×6, R ×6, T ×6, L ×4, S ×4, U ×4

  • 2 points: D ×4, G ×3

  • 3 points: B ×2, C ×2, M ×2, P ×2

  • 4 points: F ×2, H ×2, V ×2, W ×2, Y ×2

  • 5 points: K ×1

  • 8 points: J ×1, X ×1

  • 10 points: Q ×1, Z ×1


Give each player 2 chopsticks, a marble and a blindfold. Using 1 hand they hold the chopsticks together and level with the ground. They place the marble on the chopsticks and balance it so it is steady. Blindfold them and then ask them to get along the short course as quickly and possible without dropping or touching the marble. If they drop it they must locate it and put it back onto the chopsticks before proceeding. For safety you may wish to have helpers making sure no one falls over another competitor.


Print the outline of 10 countries, or trace the outline from an atlas. Pin the outlines on a board. Give guests a pen and paper and ask them to record their guesses as to which country has which outline. They may play in teams. Most correct wins.

Photo Graduation Party Games

photo party games

Scavenger Hunt

A great way to play scavenger hunt is to have everyone take a photo of the item. Just place a number of items around the venue and give the players a note of them. First one to get them all wins a prize.


Give a prize to the first person to get a selfie of themselves and each individual guest.


Set out lots of dressing up items such as huge glasses, boas, hats and scarves. Ask each guest to put on 2 or 3 items and take a group photo.

Quick Change

Set out lots of dressing up items for distinct costumes. That could be the graduate’s clothing, sports gear, Gran or Grandad’s clothes, a uniform, relaxed outfit, school clothing and a funny outfit. Make sure your camera phone is ready to take photos. Give players 60 seconds to dress in each outfit and take a selfie. They will need to be very fast to do this on time.


Using a whiteboard draw the height lines showing each inch from 5 feet to say 6 foot 6 inches. Using white card write a fake reference number, Los Angeles Police Department and the name of the guest. Have each guest pose for their mugshot.

Graduation Party Games – Fun Photo

Hold a fun photo competition. The winner will be judged to have the best, fun, photo with the Graduate. The best photo could be, for example, the guest is a yoga pose with the Graduate.

Dinner Graduation Party Games

You could use these games to just have fun or brighten up a quiet moment at the dinner party. You may not even play the games all the way through but just let everyone have fun. 


The game lets dinner party guests use both their memory and have fun with the graduate.

Going round the dinner table, the first guest starts the game with a sentence about the graduate. The sentence could be “The graduate came to a party and brought a scroll”.

The next guest expands on the sentence, for example, “The graduate came to a party and brought a scroll and a college scarf”.

Each guest must remember the full sentence and expand on it. The third guest may say “The graduate came to a party and brought a scroll, a college scarf and a box of chocolates.”

If the guest gets the sentence wrong they are out! Keep playing until there is 1 player lift, who wins!


This is a simple game but difficult to win. Players must concentrate and use their memory. 

The first player listens while the other guests say a color in order round the table. 

For example, in a clockwise order the guests may say the colors purple, red, blue, yellow, orange and brown. Once they have all given a color, the first player must say the colors in the correct order. If they are wrong they are out (but they still say a color in their turn for the other players). Then the next guest takes a turn and so on until everyone has their turn. 

In round 2, the guests say 2 colors each and again the player must repeat the colors in order. 

If there is a round 3, guests say 3 colors. Keep playing until there is one player left, who wins. 


A very simple game to play. Give guests a word and in turn they must give a word associated with it, particularly trying to use words relating to the graduate. For example, graduate, successful, achiever, strong, resilient, competitive, winner, happy, fun ....

You might like to start with some word relating to graduation such as graduate, determined, student, gifted, valedictorian, salutatorian, scholars, party, celebrate and happy.


Put a quote about graduation under the place mat of each guest. One at a time ask guests to read their quote and the guests can discuss what the quote means to them and the graduate. 

You might use this game if the conversation has temporarily dried up and you may just need to use a few of the quotes. My quotes page has many quotes to use, for example:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 
Attributed to Mark Twain, unconfirmed

“Don't let anyone else take the measure of your worth and capabilities. Always stand proud in who you are!”
By Margaret Spellings 


Give each guest a phrase which they must put into the conversation during the dinner. The phrase could relate to the graduate and graduation. For example: 

“The graduate (name) wants to be President” 

“The graduate (name) certainly breaks wind a lot” 

“I am truly magnificent” 

“My underwear is cutting in to my skin” 

“The graduate (name) eats worms” 

“I am at my happiest when I sing Karaoke” 

“The best part of the graduate (name) is their friends” 

“The food makes my skin crawl” 

You need to decide what would make your guests challenged but entertain all the others. Guests will be highly creative with how they add their phrase! 

Graduation Party Games - Guest Choice Awards

Guests’ Choice awards can be a fun game to play. Guests can vote for anything that they like. To give you a good start there are 3 FREE PRINTABLE versions of the game here. Party guests can vote for the best graduate mimic at, for example, dancing and laughing, or the best at the main party activities. For a class party, guests can vote for the Most Likely To in categories such as be on TV.

  Make the presentations fun by having a great MC and a small trophy to win.

Graduation Party Games - Logic Puzzles

Each of the puzzles here has 3 categories with options within each category. Each option is used once and only once. Your goal is to figure out which options are linked together based on the clues. Using simple logical thinking, find the unique solution to the puzzles. 

Print out the puzzles and try and solve them. The answers are provided. 

Graduation Party Games - Drop Quotes

Party Forfeits

When you have great graduation party guests it can be excellent to have forfeits for losing party games. Simple forfeits can be quick and great fun. 

For example: 

  • Sing a song

  • Dance

  • Do an impression of someone famous

  • Tell a joke

It all adds to the fun!

Graduation Party Games - Preparation

Party Games do need good preparation to make sure they go well.

  • Choose the graduation party games to be played.

  • Arrange the helpers you need, including someone to take photos

  • Set out the courses for races and be sure they are safe.

  • Choose the music to accompany the graduation party games.

  • Check you have all the equipment you need.

  • Check MP3 player.

  • Check batteries and any other equipment work.

  • Buy and wrap the prizes.

  • Finalize a running order.

  • Tell the neighbors if there are outdoors noisy graduation party games.

An example running order for graduation party games would be:

  • Welcome

  • Ice Breakers

  • Quiet game

  • Food

  • Noisy game

  • Quiet game

  • Break

  • Noisy game

  • Noisy game

  • Quiet game

  • Favors

  • Leave

Graduation Party Games - Tips

party games tips

Some simple tips can help your graduation party games be more successful.

  • Avoid, if you can, games where younger kids are out of the graduation party games. Just in case set up a coloring in table and self play area, perhaps even face painting.
  • Be sure you have a safe approach for dealing with balloons. Safety is important with all graduation party games. Think of the younger children and have a safe way of storing and disposal of balloons and burst balloons.

  • If outdoors be sure the area is clean and safe for your graduation party games.

  • Mix teams up so people can meet.

  • Don't play too many noisy or quiet graduation party games back to back.

  • Get lots of helpers. Graduation party games take a lot of setting up.

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