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I hope to give you lots of ideas that will help you provide all your guests with a treasured memory of the graduation party.

Below you will find ideas on regular favors, favors based on the venue, games, entertainer, personalized, photos, food, humor, staying in touch and a collection of quite different favor ideas.
Also you can go green and use environmentally friendly favors. 

The favors ideas also include Homemade favors.

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Entertainer Graduation Party Favor Ideas

Guests can love to learn a great new skill at your graduation party. You can also provide some excellent favors that compliment their new skill. Depending on the entertainer you have:

  • A magician can teach your guests some simple magic tricks. The favors could be the equipment (such as cards, a magic wand and a magicians rope) so that guests could perform the tricks at home.

  • A juggler can teach guests to juggle say 3 balls. The favors could be 3 soft juggling balls.

  • A caricaturist can teach guests to complete a basic caricature. The favors could be artists pencils and paper.

  • An origami expert can teach guests some beautiful shapes. Guests can have the equipment they need and instructions.

Hopefully guests will be using their favors for some time to come practicing their new skill. 

Graduation Party Favor Ideas - Based On Venue

The party venue may give you some ideas for additions to the favors bag.

  • If you have a beautiful historic home add a picture of your home, with a thank you message on the back, to the favors bag.

  • If you are having the party at a famous park then add a picture of the park, say a postcard, and a card with the historic details. For example in Stanley Park in Vancouver there is lots of information cards and photos available of this beautiful park

  • Your party may be at the beach, in that case you can add a photo of the beach and perhaps a beautiful sunset taken from the beach.

  • A theme park will have photos, cards and merchandise to use as graduation favors.

  • Some buildings like The Empire State Building come with their own cards and merchandise.

  • Some restaurant chains have their own merchandise including recipe books. A local restaurant may include their Chef’s cooking tips in a book you can give as a favor.

  • If the venue is at a museum, sports stadium or theater, for example, give tickets for an event, tickets for a tour of the venue and gifts from the gift shop.

  • The theme of the venue may give great ideas. For example at Vancouver Aquarium the gift store has wonderful toy Beluga Whales which could be favors totally in keeping with the venue.

Graduation Party Favor Ideas - Keep In Touch

Give your guests favors that will help you all keep in touch. It will take a little preparation beforehand but the rewards should come through as you stay in contact.
For each favor add in your contact details. You may well pre print a contact details card and attach it to each favor. The favors this can work with are:

  • Pen plus notepad. The pen can be engraved and the notepad could be personalized.

  • Address book which you could give out at the start of the party. Guests can fill the address book during the party.

  • Photo album with a picture of the graduate and the guest.

  • Magnet made up as your contact details which they can put on their fridge, or things like coasters.

  • Label a make up bag or toiletries bag with contact details for the graduate.

  • Make fun certificates for everyone to take home. You can make up lots of fun wording and designs to suit your graduation party and guests. Again contact details can be on the certificate.

  • Burn a CD with your favorite songs from the past year, or indeed songs from the past few years that are very meaningful to the class. Put a contact label on the CD.

  • A calendar made up of photos of the graduate and their best friends with their contact details included. If the graduate is a great photographer the calendar could be made up of their best photos and just include their own contact details.

  • Give business type cards with the graduate‘s details. Ask guests to do the same.

  • Graduate Memory Book - give each guest a notebook and a set of questions to answer that prompt them. The idea is to create a highly personal memory of the graduate. The questions can include:
    When did you first meet the graduate.
    What is your best memory of the graduate.
    What is your funniest memory of the graduate.
    What is the graduate‘s best achievement
    What do you expect the graduate to achieve in the future
    What will you do to keep in touch
    Guests can keep the notebook or sign it and send it to the graduate. They can also add any photos and write anything they wish.

The trick here is to work out what favor your guest would keep and actually use for years to come. 

Graduation Party Favor Ideas - Humor

Perhaps your guests would just love something humorous. There are lots of funny things you can get for them including:

  • Joke Books

  • Funny photos of the graduate and friends

  • A magazine made up from the graduation party gossip

  • Tickets to a favorite comedian’s show

  • Funny DVDs

  • A funny book by a great author

Graduation Party Favor Ideas - Green

There are many great Green party favors. Some great ideas include:

  • Dedicate a tree to the party guests

  • Give wildflower seeds or seed sticks to each guest

  • Give herbs to each guest

  • Sustainable wooden toys like a Yo-Yo and pencils

  • Make a small donation to a Green organisation and present the certificate as part of the favors

  • Recycled crayons

  • Fairtrade chocolate or coffee

  • Bamboo photo frames

Also you can use cotton party bags. 

Personalized Graduation Party Favor Ideas

There are a huge amount of other great personalized graduation party favor ideas. Indeed it can be great fun to consider the personalized graduation party favor ideas and also to come up with your own ideas.

  • A key chain with a joint photo of the guest and the graduate in it.

  • T-shirts and baseball caps with photos of the guest and the graduate.

  • Coasters and mouse mats with photos of the graduate and the guest.

  • using the photos taken at the graduation party create a montage of the photos with the each guest in them. Send each individual guest the photo story of their night at the party.

  • Football fans can have jerseys with Team Graduate and their name on the back. Similarly baseball, basketball and soccer fans can have jerseys to take home.

  • Golf fans can have their name on golf balls and golf towels.

  • Car fans can have toy cars with their name on them like rally drivers.

  • Singers can have their karaoke songs taped. Cds of their signing can be burned and you can send them the CD of their singing after the party.

  • Make a Mardi Gras mask from an impression of the guests face.

  • Guests can make their own personalized graduation party favor. For example they could make their own Lei, baseball caps, coffee mugs and t-shirts at the party.

  • Put each guests name and photo on their favor bag.

  • Give each guest a monogrammed piece of clothing and accessories like a tie, scarf or belt for example.

  • High end favors would all be engraved. For example you could arrange a one off piece of jewelry for each guest.

  • Have each guest‘s caricature drawn at the party.

  • Perhaps you could have beautifully crafted items created for each guest with their name engraved on them. That could be an ornament for their home or say a memory box, for example.

  • Create a small gift basket for each guest. For example if you have a chocolate loving guest you could give them a basket with chocolate cake, chocolate cake, chocolate drinks and a mug.

  • A flower basket with the guests favorite flowers

  • Baseball and tennis balls with the guest’s name on them. This can be done with sweat bands and other items of sports equipment

  • Notebook with a photo of the guest and the graduate on it, the same can be done with coasters, mugs and mouse mats, for example.

  • A cupcake with the guests name on it

  • A basket with the guest‘s favorite candies

  • Burn a CD with some of the guests favorite music which has an introduction recorded by the graduate. This personalized graduation party favor can be played for a long time.

  • Blow up balloons and write a personal thanks for coming to the guest by name on them. Deflate the balloons and add them to each guest‘s favor bag.

  • Write a thank you message on one of those blank jigsaw puzzles to each guest by name. Break up the jigsaws and add them to each guest‘s favor bag.

  • Create fridge magnets with a picture of the guest and the graduate. The graduate can write a personal message of thanks to their guest. Quite an unusual personalized graduation party favor idea!

Photo Graduation Party Favor Ideas

There are so many excellent favors you can create with a good photo of the graduate. For example:

  • Calendar

  • Photo stamps

  • Bookmarks

  • Jigsaw puzzles

  • Photo postcards can be a fun thing for guests to use.

  • Coffee Mugs or Water bottles

  • Water Bottles

  • T-shirts, sweatshirt, necktie, pillows, towels

  • Playing cards

  • Mouse pads, coasters, cubes, place mats

  • Stickers

  • Photo key ring

Graduation Party Favor Ideas - Games

A game that can be played long after the graduation party can be an excellent favor.

  • If you have a large number of guests the you can bulk buy great items like board games such as Monopoly, Pictionary or Scrabble. Also clothing such as t-shirts and sports jerseys, all kinds of jigsaw puzzles, puzzle books, DVDs, CDs and even car accessories like those toys that hang from your rear view mirror.

  • Deck of cards or dominoes

  • Travel puzzle set. There are some great cheap sets with backgammon, chess and checkers all in one box.

  • Create a drawing of the graduate in normal clothing, for example, wearing a graduation cap. Give each guest one and ask them to complete it and mail it back after the party. Send a prize off to the best and funniest ones.

  • A word search created using key words that reflect the graduate such as their place of birth, middle names, school or college names, favorite pursuit and street name, for example, can be good.

  • A jigsaw made using the graduate's photo which you might make on printed jigsaw paper.

Graduation Party Favor Ideas - Food

Delight your guests taste buds with your best food favor ideas.

  • Cupcakes or a piece of graduation cake

  • Cookies or brownies

  • Candy of all kinds which can be chocolate or even colorful candies.

  • Give homemade jam

  • Mini doughnuts

  • A piece of the graduate's favorite pie.

Luxury Graduation Party Favor Ideas

Perhaps you have a strong budget and wish to give your guests luxury favors.

  • Engraved pens

  • Watches, engraved with perhaps the guest and the graduate‘s names on them.

  • Perfume

  • Jewelry, you can provide jewelry specific to both women and men which may even be quite unique. Of course you need to be clear guests will like it.

  • Soaps could come in a luxury range presented in a gift basket.

  • A luxury hamper of say food from a particularly sought after store. Guests can enjoy the luxury foods over a period of time.

  • Tickets for a sought after event. For younger kids that could be a theme park. For other guests it could be to a movie premiere or even for the theater.

  • Luxury gift certificate to be pampered at a Spa or stay in a hotel.

  • Leather bound books which can be the classics

  • Sometimes a party favor just needs to be from the right store. You could buy them from a luxury store. The brand stamped on the high end favors, and the gift bag, will make them feel extra special.

More Graduation Party Favor Ideas

  • Prints of great paintings for art lovers

  • Books on great cycle routes for cyclists

  • Books on business, management and leadership

  • Books on fun summer activities

  • Summer pack with sun screen, hat and Frisbee

  • For sailing enthusiasts, give them an engraved compass, sailing books, copies of amazing sailing photos, boat bath toy or even a sailing boat to use on a local pond.

  • Crafts can make great favors, give guests craft kits for making jewelry, paintings or paper shapes, for example. You can even give a gift certificate for a craft store.

  • Soaps and shampoo or other similar personal items

  • Scented candles

  • Coasters or mouse mats.

  • At a candy store you may be able to find mini candy jars and candy dispensers. Candy can be a real favorite with guests of all ages. You can provide:The graduates favorite candy
    Retro candies from the graduate's younger days
    Weird candy
    Arrange bowls of all kinds of candies, a scoop and bags which guests fill with their choice of candies.
    Candy to go with the theme. For example if you have a French theme then you can give France‘s favorite candies.
    You may just find packaging that fits, for example there are lots of ordinary candy bars with great wrapping to say they come from New York, for example.
    Eco friendly candy can be purchased from local makers, also Fairtrade brands can be used.
    Ask a candy maker to demonstrate their craft at the party and give guests a graduation favors bag of candy.

  • Not just a water bottle but a long lasting aluminium one

  • Fun paper lanterns

  • Rubber graduation bracelets

  • Colored wallets can be fun

  • A glow in the dark rubber duck

  • A tassel key chain

  • Graduation styled pinwheels

  • Graduation style Rubiks cubes

  • Autograph books

  • High achievers motivational accessories such as posters.

  • Box of brain teaser puzzles could be excellent. Include a Sudoku, graduation themed Rubiks cube, Kubix and word search.

  • Be environmentally friendly and use recycled paper bags for your graduation favors. You can decorate them with school details, the graduate‘s details or even just a smiley face.

  • The graduate's major subject may be the theme for the party. That could be math, physics, biology, engineering, business studies, marketing, psychology and geography for example. Favor ideas could include an Einstein t-shirt, a famous poem and a famous inspirational quote.

  • Cinema, tickets to see a movie.

Of course you need great Favor Bags, they can compliment your party and delight your guests!

graduation favor ideas

I hope you have lots of graduation party favor ideas. Please leave a comment below. 

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