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There are lots of great entertainment ideas to help make your graduation party ideas great.

I hope to give you some party entertainment ideas based on the graduate and family being the entertainers, plus ideas on professional entertainers and great equipment to hire. 

Party Entertainment - Family

While not every family can be the Von Trapps , we are all capable of putting on some kind of show to entertain our guests. As a group we can sing a favorite family song, a graduation song or a song that is a tribute to your guests. Also you could consider:

  • performing a short play based on a fun moment in the graduate's life

  • playing a musical piece

  • Recite a poem that reflects the occasion

  • The family could be comedians and tell the graduate's favorite jokes.

Graduation Party Entertainment - Guests

graduation party entertainment

You may also have a lot of talent among the graduates and the parents. Their talents can be used in a great way to compliment the graduation party entertainment. The talent could be:

  • Musical instrument players in any genre. Someone would play the piano at the food area, there could be a rock band and also chamber music if that suits the party.

  • Entertainers like magicians and ventriloquists

  • Guests with a talent like origami who can give demonstrations

  • A Choir

  • Comedians suitable for the audience of all ages.

  • Artists who can demonstrate drawing and also capture some of the party guests.

  • A sculptor who can create a figure live at the party.

  • Barber shop singers

  • Ice cream maker

  • A team who can do a cooking display

  • Guests with a craft speciality which they can demonstrate at the party

  • Hair stylist

  • Nail artist

  • Head massage

  • Makeup artist

  • Someone who can make up some jokes about the graduate and tell them in a brilliant way

  • A demonstration of memory skills

  • The guests can very much be part of the entertainment. Hand out tambourines, maracas and whistles.

  • Improvisation - set the scene for guests to create improvisation acts in teams.

You should give guests a few weeks to prepare.

Party Entertainment - Professional Entertainers

graduation party entertainment

Professional entertainers can certainly give your party a huge lift if they are the right ones for you and your guests. Some ideas are:

  • Hire party enhancers like an MC, dancers and party motivators.

  • Clowns

  • Puppeteers

  • Jugglers

  • Hire a band after getting recommendations and seeing them perform if you can.

  • Acrobats

  • Caricaturists

  • Actors to perform a play or murder mystery

  • Comedian who is appropriate for the age of the guests

  • Ventriloquist

  • A theater group who will perform a sketch. This could be funny or serious and also have great audience interaction.

  • Tightrope or tight wire act.

  • Bollywood themed entertainers.

  • Children‘s characters

  • Arabian themed entertainers

  • Space themed entertainers

  • Fortune teller

  • Stunt teams

  • Puppet show

  • Dancers of all varieties

  • Cabaret acts

  • Story teller

  • Roman themed entertainers

  • Strong persons act

  • Escapologist

  • Mime act

  • Robotic act

  • Medieval entertainers

  • Bagpipers

  • Plate Spinners

  • Look a likes and Impersonators

  • Contortionist

  • Living statues

  • Street entertainers

  • Glow artists

  • Circus acts

  • Stilt walkers who can be dressed in theme costume

  • DJs of all genres like Bhangra or Bollywood

  • Improvisation Comedians

  • Quick change act

  • Art In Action type act, I love the ones that create giant murals based on themes and ideas they get from the audience.

  • Game show and host

  • Trampoline shows

  • Yo Yo act

  • Mentalist

Also you can consider demonstrations ideas where guests may become involved:

  • Roller skaters who can also teach guests.

  • Ice skaters to perform at an ice rink.

  • A craft workshop team

  • Airbrush temporary tattoo artist

  • Ice sculpture demonstration

  • Face painters

  • Sports activity organizers

  • A dancing display team to perform.

  • Movie screening equipment and movie to show.

  • Bonsai tree care demonstration

Graduation Party Entertainment - Professional Entertainers Tips

graduation party entertainment

There are many other types of party entertainment. Be sure to:

  • make sure the entertainment is age appropriate for your guests.

  • check references, indeed insist on it.

  • prepare their stage properly with decorations and lighting and check it works for them.

  • prepare an enthusiastic introduction for the act.

  • publicize the act with posters at the party.

  • establish if the act can socialize with guests after their performance.

  • talk to last year's party givers and find out which act was rated as excellent.

Graduation Party Entertainment - Equipment

graduation party entertainment

Renting some great equipment can help guests to enjoy being part of the fun too.

  • Hire basketball hoops to play a game

  • Baseball batting games

  • An original jukebox

  • Fairground type kiosks and stall with games like penny roll and throwing balls into fish bowls.

  • Games arcade equipment

For a large party, good graduation party entertainment ideas include having wandering entertainers like magicians and jugglers who wander around entertaining the guests. You may even be able to set up kiosks where the entertainers perform. Unusual entertainers can be a great addition to your party. The party entertainment may have an unusual twist on a standard act like magicians or be totally unusual. You may find a balancing act or even a local actor whose act fits the graduation party entertainment you require.

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