Graduation open house confusion

by Belinda

My daughter is graduating, her graduation isn't really a problem because she only gets six tickets so really no inviting to worry about. However she has chosen to have her open house about 4 hours away from where we live because that's where all of our family is . However we have lived here her whole life so we have a lot of friends here. I'm confused on how to do the Facebook evite(as far as only people close to where the party will be or everyone with sort of a disclaimer that we understand that most won't be able to attend) . Then the invitation to the party in the mail, who do I send those to... and lastly the announcement, who do I send those to, I still want everyone to know about her accomplishment but I know it's a wierd situation with her not having her open house where we live..... ugh..... I'm so confused please help!!!

Thank you so much😊

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Firstly congratulations to your daughter.

There are no real etiquette issues so i can only give a personal opinion.

For the Announcements they normally go to those not attending the ceremony or party. You can choose to send them to anyone you want and keep in mind who might not travel to the party.

On the party do you have an idea of who may attend? The idea of an open house is people can drop in and also attend some other parties. I would think through who may come both locally to the venue and from the school.

For wording on evites you can of course simply include the usual detail including things like time, date and venue. Just add "we understand that you may not be able to travel to the party, but if you can we would be delighted to see you" or something similar that lets the guest feel comfortable declining but also feeling very welcome to attend.

Party invites can just go to those you want to attend again with a disclaimer for those who would have to travel.

I would be very happy to keep discussing this one so please feel free to use comments.

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