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If you would like to use this fun Pirate themed graduation invitation then please help yourself as it is completely free for your own personal use.

This is just one of the themed printable graduation invitations available. If you click on the “themed printable..........” link above you’ll find loads of other themed invitations. Themes like golf, magic, safari and circus.

If you’d prefer a non-themed graduation invitation then there is a great selection if you click on the following link - free printable graduation invitations. 

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pirate graduation invitations

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The full set of instructions for using the Pirate themed invite is on the making graduation invitations page. The instructions will help you copy, print and personalize the Pirate invite. For ease of use this link will open a new window so you can work with the invite and the instructions. Just close the window to come back. 

Below you’ll find a great range of Pirate wording, simple to do Pirate photo invite ideas, paper and Pirate themed projects. 

Pirate Themed Wording 

Avast me hearties. Put some Pirate talk into your graduation invitations and announcements. This can let the guests know this is a real Pirate party.

For example:

Captain Jack (graduate) invites you to join the graduation party treasure hunt. 
The ship sails from dock (venue) at (date/time).
Sail off into the sunset and discover a world of adventure and hidden treasure, maps, games, singing and dancing.
Pirate dress required, no landlubbers
RSVP (details)

Splice the mainsail and set sail for a pirate graduation party with the graduate.
The good ship (venue) sets sail at (date/time)
Lots of vitals and grog.
Pirate dress required
RSVP (details)

Set sail at (time/date) for treasure island (venue) with the captain (graduate) and crew.
Pirates only.
RSVP (details)

Capn (name of principal) be invitin you to set sail on the pirate adventure of your life.
To graduate to the next adventure you are invited to seek out the treasure at (venue).
Be at the pier at (date, time) in your pirate costume.
Beware, we'll be battling skeletons, seeking treasure, sailing uncharted waters and splicing the mainsail.
Aye Aye shipmates! 

Pirate Invites Paper

The free printable pirate themed invite is great on normal printer paper. You may even like to use a thicker quality paper like cardstock. 

Colored paper can improve the invitations by choosing a color to match, for example, a desert island.

For a treasure map you could use a yellow paper. If you have time you could burn the edges and crush the paper some to get an old look and feel. You can try for the same effect with white paper stained with tea and dried out.

The same paper can be used for Pirate thank you notes, Pirate themed place cards and pirate announcements. 

Pirate Graduation Invitations Photo 

The graduate can be dressed as a Pirate, Captain Jack, Captain Hook, or Red Beard. Arrange a photograph of the pirate.

The photos can be loaded on to your PC, sized and printed onto graduation invitations.

It is a simple task to handle the photos. The Homemade Graduation Invitations. has full instructions.

This creates amazing personalized invitations.

Pirate Graduation Invitations and Announcements Projects

graduation invitations and announcements

graduation invitations and announcements

Pirate images and pirate talk will be all around the party venue. You can do the same with the party stationery. As well as graduation invitations and announcements, using clip art you can make Pirate envelopes, Pirate favor tags, Pirate place cards, Pirate party hats, Pirate game certificates, Pirate T-shirts, and Pirate save the date fridge magnets. the pirate images are striking and kids will love them.

See the Graduation Clip Art page for full instructions.

Click here if you’d like some great pirate theme party ideas. The page gives great ideas on pirate costumes, pirate games, pirate favors, pirate food and drink and lots of pirate theme decorations.

Click here to see another printable invite - the next one is for a Safari theme party.

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