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How do you give your graduate the celebration of a lifetime, without getting into debt to do it?

You can throw a great party at a low price without any of your guests suspecting that you did it on a budget with some of these inexpensive ideas. You can save money and stretch your budget that bit further at graduation. They include buying well, doing simple things like using free printable graduation invitations and lots more ideas. 

Before you begin, you might want to create a budget sheet outlining what you are willing to spend.

Joint Party

The first thing you might consider to save money is by throwing a party in conjunction with several other families. You could pool all your resources and save money by buying party favors, food, and other items in bulk. If you rented a building for the party, you could split the rent. 
How you divide expenses is up to you. The important thing is that by collaborating with other families, you might be able to throw a bigger party for a more affordable price.

Money Saving Ideas - Anticipation Buying

One area that some people are excellent at is getting the best bargains over a long period. They know where to get coupons, free stuff and who has a clearance sale. For example you could anticipate what you may need well in advance of graduation and stock up on favor bag items. 

You can get lots of things like perfumes, detergents, nail polish, soap, toothpaste, razors, lipstick, crayons, pens, pencils, coloring books, lip balm and soup packets, for example. 

For a group of graduates going of to college this may be perfect. 

If you plan far enough ahead, you can save a lot of money on paper goods. Just keep your eye out for napkins and paper plates in school colors. This might be possible at a season sale, or if shades of those particular colors happen to be discontinued. 

Keep your eye out for cheap party favors that are simple but fun. You can find cheaper deals and end of season supplies from Shindigz, the World's Largest Party Superstore .

There can be extra savings if you order in bulk. A great gift idea might be a survival kit, which could include notebook paper, coins for the phone and Laundromat, and coffee for late nights spent studying.

Money Saving Graduation Ideas - Weeknight Parties

A good idea is to have your party on an off night, like a weeknight. Caterers will be less in demand and a room will be easier to rent if you try to have your party on a day that other people are not as likely to have theirs.

Similarly entertainers may prove to be cheaper.

Money Saving Graduation Ideas - Buying Well

Another graduation ideas is to check out price comparison sites to see if you can improve on prices for the supplies you need. 

You can also look for your items on auction sites like eBay. Take a look at the current auction for graduation party supplies: 

Money Saving Graduation Ideas - Borrow Or Make

You can decide that no matter what your budget is, some items are only going to be used one time. For that reason why buy them? If you bought you could always place them on an auction site afterwards and try and sell them on.

You could also try and borrow and make as much as is sensible in the time you have. Ask around family and friends to see if you can borrow some of the items. Of course if you or a family member can make some of the items you need on time then that would be great. You may have family and friends with a particular expertise who can make decorations, act as the entertainment or can negotiate outstanding deals. Ask around and see what you can do. 

Some ideas of less obvious things you might borrow are:

  • Plants and shrubs

  • All kinds of lighting

  • Xmas tree lights

  • Pool toys

  • Towels

  • Outdoor games like mini tennis

  • Paintings to cover your walls.

  • Music

  • Photographs of the graduate and guests at the party. Just print some of the guests photos as the party goes on.

  • Other people’s photos of the graduate

  • Tables and chairs

  • Cutlery and plates

  • Serving bowls

As you can see, there are many graduation ideas that help you throw a party without breaking the bank. Just keep your eyes and ears open and be ready to grab the opportunities that come along!

Money Saving Ideas - More Fun

There are lots of rather good tips and techniques and money saving ideas.

  • Control the graduation party food costs with sandwiches, soups, stews and pasta dishes. Also ask for food contributions from some guests. If you want to have a buffet, make it a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite dish.

  • Create a money saving menu using local produce.

  • For a very large party ask a local radio station to host the party. They get a radio show and you get great music.

  • For a school party that is a recognized event ask for donations from local businesses. Organize a fund raising event in advance. For example you can have a school fete. The parents can contribute lots of items for sale. All proceeds go to the graduation party fund.

  • Share standard items like banners, tinsel and lighting with other families having a graduation party on a different day.

  • Buy in bulk with other families to get large purchase discounts. That can apply to everything from decorations to envelopes, for example.

  • Use a simple color theme and save on decorations.

  • Make your own banners and other decorations

  • Save on postage by e-mailing or texting party invitations. Be careful here as it is easy to make a quick reply saying you will attend the party and as with social media some people do not follow through by attending.

  • ake you own accessories like photo confetti on your computer
  • Choose a lower cost theme like Going Green where lots of the decorations are homemade and made from recycled materials. As with everything check the pricing thoroughly.

  • Choose a theme (like Luau) that has an excellent supply of decorations from party supply stores with highly competitive pricing. Some simple research online will help give you some low cost graduation ideas here.

  • Use the talents of your family and friends to give you graduation ideas. If you have an expert videographer, photographer, cake maker, DJ or chef, for example ask them to help. Someone who is great at crafts can help make banners and graduate tribute boards. A photographer can help take all the photos and they can also be used as favors. A musician, caricaturist or entertainer can provide the party entertainment. An artist can create murals and other paintings. You may get more money saving graduation ideas from this group.

Money Saving Graduation Ideas

Do you have any great money saving tips or techniques. If so please take a moment to share them by submitting them here. Your idea will be featured on our site and your money saving graduation ideas which will inspire family, friends and other visitors.

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