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A memorable graduation gift can be a lifetime memento of a wonderful time in the graduate's life. 

I hope to give you a great range of ideas that will help you to find the right gift for the graduate.

I have the top ideas plus, budget, going to college, charity, technology and green gift ideas. 

Also there are cool extra value ideas to add to your gift presentation. I also have a great page on kindergarten gift ideas.

Top Gift Ideas

graduation gift ideas

These top graduation gift ideas may help you decide what to give. Generally the American Retail Association report that the vast majority of people give money, with gift cards the second favorite. Also 9% give electronic gifts and 10% give apparel. Each person's spending totals about $100 on 2 graduates.

graduation gift ideas

Money - The Number 1 Gift

Most people give money. You can look at money as adding to the college fund or perhaps it is intended for a special purchase. You can use the graduation year and give $20.18 as cash or check for example. You could also present the money in an origami shape. Very roughly you might give $20 to a friend up to $100 for family. As always stick to your own budget.

graduation gift ideas

Gift Certificate - giving a gift certificate can be very versatile. You could use a large retailer such as Amazon with a huge range of goods, a favorite store of the graduate’s or a store that will be useful for college such as a stationery supplier or the college's own store. You might give a homemade gift certificate.

graduation gift ideas

Apparel - buying apparel can help you set the graduate up for college, a job, a sport or travel. For fun accessorize the apparel and also add some surprises such as putting a lucky dollar in a pocket. Apparel is harder to buy but you can get advice from the graduate's family.

graduation gift ideas

Digital Camera - a cool gift, add photos of friends and family to the memory card. Although we all use our cell phones for photos there are many graduates who will take high quality photos.
The photos can be used for other graduation gift ideas such as calendars.

Laptop - this may be an essential gift for the graduate for college. Again you can add some fun to it by adding a video with your congratulations message and photos that will be keepsakes for the graduate. A printer may also be required.

graduation gift ideas

Pen - a personalized pen is a great gift which will give the graduate a constant reminder of how much you think of them. You can have a message added such as Congratulations, Simply The Best or Go Grad!, or just add their name.

graduation gift ideas

Watch or Jewelry - a fabulous watch or piece of jewelry, engraved, will be treasured by the graduate.

graduation gift ideas

Briefcase or Backpack - every graduate needs something to carry their college books and supplies. The coolest ones with the reinforced pocket for the graduate’s laptop are excellent. Add a surprise such as a dollar, photos, stationery, the graduate's favorite candy or a coffee mug, for example.

graduation gift ideas

Celebration - a totally exciting gift would be tickets to see the graduate's favorite band, theater group or even movie. Add in some money for merchandise, drinks and snacks.

graduation gift ideas

Travel or Luggage - the gift of travel opens up a whole world for the graduate. The travel can be for fun, interest or a beautiful location. You can accessorize the luggage, or give a passport holder or money belt, and pay for medical expenses or travel insurance . You can add surprises such as travel candy, a travel book, a fun sun hat, travel money or a disposable camera.

graduation gift ideas

TV - choose a TV that the graduate can take to college.

graduation gift ideas

College Care Package - there are a number of ways you can do this. You might put together a package with essentials such as laundry items, food and personal items such as toothpaste and soap You might make a fun package with treats, pizza gift certificate, DVD rental, books and an I-Tunes certificate. You could make a pack with college essentials such as paper, pens, highlighter pens, folders and other stationery. Hide a piece of candy, personal note or even a pizza gift certificate which the graduate will find during the college term

graduation gift ideas

Personalized Gifts - make the graduate feel a little bit extra special with a caricature, personal song, magazine cover or an acre of moon. Also monogrammed bathrobe, wallet, handbag, purse, briefcase or sports equipment.

graduation gift ideas

Exhilarating - give an extreme gift to thrill the graduate with a once in a lifetime session parachuting, mountaineering, rock climbing, paragliding or flying.

graduation gift ideas

Interests - research the graduate‘s interests and pick a gift that fits their passion. For example, a football fan will love equipment or tickets to a game. Another example for a golf fan would be personalized tees, golf ball and club covers. Most activities have related equipment, clothes, coaching, books, DVDs and live event gift buying opportunities to delight the graduate.

graduation gift ideas

Gift Baskets - can be anything you want to give to the graduate. You can buy a basket and fill it with all types of favorite foods, fruit, curry ingredients and a recipe book, a taste of a State with its best produce, personal care essentials, relaxing and spa essentials, candies and Starbucks items, for example.

Budget Graduation Gift Ideas

graduation gift ideas

There are many low cost graduation gift ideas which can delight the graduate. The graduation gift ideas are just as good as expensive gifts!

graduation gift ideas
  • Artwork and Posters - can decorate the graduate’s dorm room. Choose cool artwork or perhaps movie or rock band posters.

    • Books - find a book that the graduate will love. Of course there are book like Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss and college survival guides. You can add your own touches with a personal message on the inside cover and add some surprises such as a dollar inside the book and photos.

    • Branded Goods - buy some of the graduate's favorite brands such as a Starbucks coffee mug.
    graduation gift ideas
  • Crafts - Buy coffee mugs, water bottles, t-shirts, baseball caps, umbrellas, jewelry box or a backpack, for example, and personalize them with your congratulations message and stickers, for example.

    • Clothing - there are many ways of buying great clothing including e-bay and store sales. Find a piece that the graduate would love. Add a personal note to one of the pockets or a photo as a keepsake.

    • Dorm Trunk - can be a great place to store the graduate's belongings at college and transport them there.

    • Flowers - the gift of flowers can be wonderful. For the right graduate their favorite flowers or a special arrangement, including a beautiful card with your personal message, can be the perfect gift.
    graduation gift ideas
  • Food - bake cakes, cupcakes and cookies which you can personalize with, for example, a graduation cap design and the graduate’s initials. Also you can give the graduate’s favorite candy. Also give a basket of useful foods such as tins, cookies, chocolate, coffee, pasta and breakfast oats.

    • Fun - a Chocolate Calculator or buy gifts from a joke store. To add some fun to your graduation gift ideas you can hide any gift and give the graduate a series of clues they must solve to find it.
    graduation gift ideas

      Humor - make up joke cards, buy funny books and buy DVDs that will make the graduate laugh. This laughter package can include a video of the graduate’s friends telling their favorite joke.

    • Jewelry - buy jewelry at the right price or make your own using beads.

    • Memory Box - Buy a wooden box from a dollar store and personalize it with the graduate’s photo and name. Add treasured keepsakes to the box such as photos, sports tickets, theater programs, favorite movie stills and school certificates. Or aMemory Jar filled with folded pieces of paper. Each piece of paper has a special memory on it.

    • Photos - simple photo of the graduate signed by all their friends inserted in a photo frame would be great. You can have fun with photos by taking some with friends holding their congratulation message, for example.

    • Poem - frame a copy of the graduate's favorite poem or one that really does bring out their special qualities.
    graduation gift ideas
  • Postcards - the idea is to give the graduate a number of postcards which have the mailing pre-paid. The graduate then occasionally writes to you letting you know how life is going. Similarly air-mail letters can be used.

    • Stationery - go to a dollar store and fill a bucket with essential college stationery items. Or, give personalized items such as a ruler, pencils and pens.

    • Travel - find cheap flights or train travel, or hotel deals. A great gift would be travel to the graduate’s favorite place.

    • Sports - the graduate’s favorite sport will have great accessories they will love. Personalize things like golf balls or baseballs

    • Venue - if you have a wonderful venue for the party they may sell jigsaw puzzles, history books, calendars and posters.

    Graduation Gift Ideas For College

    graduation gift ideas

    Going to college means the graduate needs many things. Some graduation gift ideas to help you choose:

    graduation gift ideas
    • Laundry bag

    • Bedding - including sheets, pillows and blankets.

    • Secure box to hold valuables or cooler bag
    • Equipment such as a coffee maker, mini fridge or microwave

    • Toolbox with basic equipment and flash light
    graduation gift ideas
    • first aid kit with some basic medicine may help the graduate in a time of need.

    • Desk light and mini whiteboard plus marker pens
    • Emergency cash, roll of quarters for laundry and book of stamps

    • Urban guide to the college‘s city

    • DVD rental or Netflix subscription

    • Personal items such as soap, shampoo and shower flip flops

    • Magazine or online newspaper subscription

    • Simple to do cookbooks into which you can add a few of the graduate's favorite recipes.

    • Games to play with new friends such as Monopoly.

    • Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox

    • Shower Flip Flops

    • Fitness - the graduate may like to stay fit, you could give a membership to a gym, dance studio or yoga, a healthy body and a healthy mind do go together.
    graduation party ideas
    • Stationery items

    • Car kit with car shampoo, polish, wheel cleaner, interior cleaner and cloths

    • Pay the moving expenses

    Technology Graduation Gift Ideas

    graduation gift ideas

    The best technology graduation gift ideas are simply, laptop, cell phone, gaming station and games, tablet, printer, camera, speakers and headphones.

    Some additional items to complement the graduation gift ideas are:

    • Booq Python Pack . This is the stylish laptop carry bag, with storage for camera, Ipod, water bottle and cell phone. Booq’s Python Pack is fully padded with high-density foam and a water-repellent nylon exterior to protect your notebook. The bag comes with a secure ID which you register on their site.

    • The SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Plus comes with an AES-encrypted password, so nobody else can access term papers, party photos, or class notes, and the files are backed up on’s BeInSync online servers. BeInSync provides six months of free storage.

    • Waterproof AM/FM radio for the bathroom.

    • Solar powered gadget charger

    Green Graduation Gift Ideas

    graduation gift ideas

    Consider Green graduation gift ideas with the emphasis on saving the planet. Some green graduation gift ideas are:

    • Buy recycled pots and pans which can be purchased online.

    • Buy eco-friendly bed sheets made from natural cottons and they are dye free.

    • Luggage made from recycled materials.
    graduation gift ideas
    • Gift certificates for green retailers and organic food outlets.

    • Buy coffee and chocolate which is one of the fair Trade brands

    • There are also green variety shampoos, soaps or detergents.
  • Arrange an eco-tourism vacation.

  • I hope you have found the graduation gift ideas you need. Some of the graduation gift ideas are a little different but I hope they help! 

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