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I hope to give you an extensive range of clipart. 

I have a full range of clip art and also great project ideas such as making invites and customizing envelopes.

There is also a full set of instructions to help you make them.

I love these great clip art examples: 

graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art

Click here for the full range of clip art. The page also has excellent techniques like rotating, re-sizing, text wrapping, applying a washout to it etc. The clip art includes

  • Scrolls

  • Caps

  • Borders

  • Animated Clip Art

  • Backgrounds

  • Kindergarten

  • Fun and Colorful

  • Graduates

Now for the amazing things you can create with graduation clip art, plus some great black and white clip art that you can also color in: 

Party Printables using Clip Art

Co-ordinate all your party stationary. You could choose your favorite graduation clip art and use it to create any of the following. These projects all use graduation clip art from the various links above. Scroll down to find instructions for each of the projects listed below.

  • Announcements using Clip Art

  • Graduation party invitations

  • Save the date fridge magnets

  • Envelopes and envelope seals

  • Thank you notes

  • Graduation party favor tags

  • Place cards for a sit down meal

  • Party hats

  • Game certificate awards

  • Make a t-shirt with the clip art.

First of all The Basics

How to copy the graduation clip art from these screens to your word processing package:

  • right click your mouse over the image and select "copy" (Cntrl + C)

  • enter your word processing package and select “paste” (Cntrl + V).

How to set your clip art to the right size:

  • click on the picture and re-size it by placing your mouse over the little squares at the corners until arrows appear and then left click and drag your mouse until the picture is the desired size.

Graduation Announcements

Color The In Black and White Clip Art with Gelly Roll Pens

I love this idea. Imagine creating your graduation announcements as follows:

  • Open up your word processing tool.

  • Copy and paste one of these black and white graduation clip art images to the top corner (or anywhere else for that matter).

  • Add a lovely invitation verse to the middle of the card.

  • Print onto some lovely white quality flat card.

  • Color in the clip art with some fantastic color Gelly Roll pens. I have ones that give a glitter effect and it looks amazing.

  • You are done - what a fantastic, yet simple way of making your own graduation invitations or graduation cards.

Here is some graduation clip art that would be ideal for this project.

graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art


graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art


graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art


graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art


graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art


graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art


graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art


graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art


graduation clip art
graduation clip art
graduation clip art

Graduation Party Invitations

This invitation above was so simple to make you won't believe it. Just follow these steps:

  • Copy and Past the clip art image that you would like to use into your word document (see directions for this above). Before you paste make sure your cursor is in the location where you want the clip art placed
  • Click on the image and arrows will appear on the corners. Use these arrows to stretch the image to the desired size

  • Then I simply added wordart at the top of the page for a fancy title and added the party details in plain text underneath the graduation clip art.

I have made lots more examples like this. Visit free printable graduation invitations for a look.

Save the Date Fridge Magnets using Clip Art

How about this idea. They don’t just need to be “save the date” fridge magnets, you could also make your announcements or party invitations into fridge magnets.

All you need to do it choose some lovely graduation clip art, add some text and maybe a nice border, print it off on some good quality card and stick a magnetic strip on the back. This way nobody will misplace your save the date/invitation/announcement cards and they will be able to admire your novel idea every time they visit their fridge.

How to Decorate Envelopes using Clip Art

You could make your envelopes stand out by adding some clip art to them. Add it to the top left hand corner so that there is plenty of room for the stamp on the other side. Alternatively you could add one of the vertical graduation clip art borders down the left hand side (top to bottom) of the envelope.

Another way of decorating the envelope is to seal it with a graduation themed stickers. You can buy ready made envelope seals or you could make your own using some clip art (or a photo) and choosing a suitable Word template.

Perhaps a simpler way yet is to create your own address labels (I think they look best when the color of the label matches the envelope). You can always add a small free graduation clip art image to the corner of each label.

Thank You Notes using Graduation Clip Art

This is so simple. Just choose any of the clip art at all and copy and paste it into your word document. At the top and in the middle of the page is ideal and that's it. You could personalize it with some wording underneath saying "With Thanks From Alice" if you like.

Party Favor Tags using Graduation Clip Art

Yet another amazingly simple idea:

  • Just choose your favorite graduation clip art and copy and paste it into your word document

  • Click on the image and arrows will appear on the corners. Use these arrows to reduce the size of the image

  • Add some text to the side like "Thank You for coming to share my day. xxx" - using word art to make the text as fancy as you like

  • Copy and paste the clip-art and wording to fill your screen (you can fit loads on one page)

  • Print them off and cut them out

  • Punch a hole in the corner and tie some curling ribbon through it and obviously use the ribbon to attach the tag to your favor.

Place Cards using Graduation Clip Art

If you are having a sit down meal then you can easily make your own personalized place cards with graduation clip art.

The instructions are a bit like the favor tags. Just add some clip art and the persons name. Print them off and cut them out. When cutting them out I'd recommend using a craft knife, Acrylic ruler with metal edge and a cutting mat - this will give a far superior finish. To make the fold use a ruler and a blunt knife to make a score prior to folding. Alternatively you could purchase some blank place cards from a local store looking for great quality and already pre-folded.

Party Hats using Graduation Clip Art

These are great for kindergarten graduation parties. Try the following idea:

  • Copy some graduation clip art onto some A4 paper and print them out

  • Cut a semi-circle out of each piece of paper

  • Roll it up and staple it in place

  • Use a needle and some elasticated thread to make a chin strap.

You could use some black and white graduation clip art and ask the children to color them in before you staple them.

Game Certificate Awards using Graduation Clip Art

Another great idea for kindergarten graduation parties. It could read something like:

This Certificate is awarded to


(add clip-art image here)




Date_________ Signed _____________

Make a T-shirt using Graduation Clip Art

Do you like the idea of making kindergarten graduation T-shirts. If so, then it could not be easier and you’ll be so proud of the end result. You just need some cheap T-shirts, and some Photo Effects Ink Jet Transfer Paper, an iron and a cotton pillow case. The clip art you’ll find via the above links will look fantastic on white t-shirts or you could use a photo instead if you prefer. You can even personalize it with the child’s name and say something like “Ellie‘s Kindergarten Graduation“ on the back and the picture/clip-art on the front.

Alternatively you could try placing a smaller version of your design on a sleeve just like a logo or you could use a shirt with a collar and place your design on there.

If you fancy giving it a try then here are the instructions:

  • Choose clip art that you like and paste it into Microsoft Word (this is what I used anyway but your own word processing package should have similar options.)

  • If you want to add text right next to the clip art then you will have to group them together. To do this you have to do the following simple steps:go to the Picture toolbar
    select square as your text wrapping option for both the text and clip art.
    You can now group the text and clip art together by selecting each element while also holding down the SHIFT key.
    Then right-click the image and click the Grouping option. The image and text should now move as a single piece.
    Select the image, and then on the Drawing toolbar, point to Draw and then click Rotate or Flip.
    Finally, click Flip horizontal. This creates a mirror image of the clip art that will appear correctly when ironed onto a T-shirt.
    Print the document, and set it aside to dry.
  • Follow the printing instructions on the transfer paper package.

  • Note You might want to print a test version on draft quality to make sure the image has been flipped correctly.

  • Using scissors, carefully trim the transfer paper, leaving a ¼-inch margin around the printed image. Because the blank areas will transfer, it is important to trim the excess.

  • Preheat the iron to the hottest setting.

  • Prepare your ironing surface by placing a cotton pillowcase over the surface and ironing out any wrinkles. Lay your T-shirt over the center of the pillowcase, and iron it until completely smooth. Your T-shirt must be wrinkle-free and completely dry. Position the transfer paper with your design face-down on the T-shirt, in the exact location where you want your design to be.

  • Place the iron over the transfer paper and then press, making sure to apply at least 50 pounds of pressure. Using both hands with elbows locked, start at the corners and move the iron in small circles around the perimeter of the transfer paper, and then start moving toward the center. Make sure your iron overlaps the edges and corner so that all areas of the paper get transferred, and keep the iron moving.

  • Refer to the transfer paper packaging for recommended ironing times.

  • Set the T-shirt aside, and let it cool.

  • Tear one corner of the transfer paper away from the fabric. Continue to peel using one hand to hold the fabric, while the other hand lifts the paper. If the paper begins to tear, start peeling from another corner.

  • After the transfer paper has been removed, your customized T-shirt is ready to wear. When you wash it, turn it inside out and wash it in cold water. Place in the dryer immediately after washing to prevent the colors from bleeding.

Graduation Clip Art Paper

Choosing the right paper is one of the important decisions to be made.

You can easily buy printer paper at your local store. However there are so many options with colored paper, heavier paper, blank invitation paper, cardstock, scrapbook, text, cover, and so many other kinds of paper.

I like to use cardstock or blank invitation paper as it fits my printer and gives a quality feel.

How to Make Gift Tags with Graduation Clip Art

Clip art is perfect for making your own personalized gift tags. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Just copy the graduation clip art of choice into Word or whichever word processing tool you are using.

  • You could add a message to the bottom to personalize it.

  • Print it out and then decorate it using glue and glitter.

  • Then punch a hole in the top corner with a hole punch and thread some ribbon through it.

Wrapping - I buy white tissue paper in bulk and just use this for wrapping all sorts of presents from birthdays to graduations to thank you's etc. The beauty of it is that it suits any occasion. I need to use a few sheets at a time because it is quite thin but it is still an extremely cost effective way of doing it when compared to buying conventional gift wrap. It's also easier to store and I never run out. To personalize it I just add blue curling ribbon if it's for a boy and pink if it's a girl and my daughter loves to put stickers on it if it's for a child. 

Making this gift tag is another great money saving, unique, personalized idea with that special homemade touch added - I always cherish and keep things that I receive that are homemade as opposed to just displaying bought cards for a while and then discarding them.

How to Make Bookmarks with Graduation Clip Art

It is so easy to make graduation bookmarks, just follow these steps:

  • Choose a graduation clip art image or images that you like. Print and cut them out, then paste them onto a strip of card.

  • In addition to the image you could also add a message.

  • Your bookmark will be more durable if you laminate it.

  • To add decoration use a hole punch to make a hole near the top and tie some ribbon through it.

I think a wonderful graduation gift idea is to buy a book for the graduate. The book can be anything from a cookery book if they are leaving home to attend college or university or a book on their favorite hobby. Adding this personalized bookmark to it with a message from yourself shows a bit of extra thought has gone into their gift.

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