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A cake pattern can help you design just the right graduation cake. 

Your cake may well be the focal point of the celebrations where everyone has a chance to cheer the graduate. 

Your graduation cakes may be photographed and videod so you will want them to look good.

graduation cakes pattern

Using these patterns is very simple. 


You may wish to resize the image to fit your cake. This is easy to do in MS Word.

  • Right click on the image and select copy

  • Open up a new doc in your word processing tool - I use MS Word - and right-click your mouse again and select "paste". This will paste the image onto your doc.

  • Now click on the image and little squares will appear in the corners. Click your mouse on one of the squares and drag your mouse inwards to reduce the image or outwards to increase it.

  • Now simply print.

Using The Pattern - The Pin Prick Method

Now for the steps to transpose the image to your cake:

  • Using a pin around the outline of the image every so often so that the back of the paper has a "Braille like" look.

  • Next, lie the paper on your cake bumpy side down and smooth it with your hand lightly pressing down.

  • When you remove the paper, you will have indents on the cake giving you a pattern to follow.

Tip - practice transposing the pattern onto wax paper and piping your icing onto it.

More Ideas

There are many possible patterns to use. You can use the pin prick method here with a message or indeed any image you like. Simply print off the pattern and follow the instructions here.

I hope the cake pattern helps you make a wonderful graduation cake.

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