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Put a swing into the graduation party. Graduate in style!

I have tried to give you lots of ideas on golf invitations, golf food, golf decorations, golf costumes, golf games and golf favors which will be great for any venue. You may have a Home Party or alternative venue in mind.

Hosting the graduation golf theme party in conjunction with the school for example is a brilliant idea. 

That gives:

  • a good size of graduation party with better golf decorations and a more eye catching golf venue to get everyone excited

  • A budget, perhaps, to hire golf equipment, buy golf decorations and hire entertainers, such as a golf professional

  • Parents to help organise, raise funds and help at the golf party

  • Lots of party goers to take part in each golf party game

This gives the chance to set up a real golf theme party venue with great detail. 

With lots of funenergy and enthusiasm your graduation golf theme party can be a brilliant success. 

Golf Theme Party - Invitations

There are lots of great images to use on golf theme party invitations to get the party started. The invitations could be shaped as a golf bag or golf ball. Add golf stickers to the envelopes.

  • Golfers, Golfers swinging a club.

  • Golf course, individual holes, tee, fairway, rough, bunkers and green.

  • Golf clubs, putters, drivers and irons.

  • Golf balls and tees

  • Famous golf courses such as St Andrews, Augusta, Pebble Beach and Muirfield

  • Antique golf equipment

  • Bright golf clothing

  • Golf heroes such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Tom Watson, Ernie Els, Ben Hogan and Tom Morris.

  • Famous people who love golf such as Justin Timberlake

A brilliant way to design the golf theme party invitations is as scorecards, competition announcements or a course plan.

Also a good way to present the invitations is to add golf stickers which can also go on the envelopes. 


Use golf language:

The Graduate Open House Party 
Course Party Address
Date (example) 20 June 2018
Tee Off Time (example 4pm)
Play a round and celebrate the graduation.
Confirm your participation to (contact details as RSVP).
Dress Code: Strictly golf attire.

Before the graduate heads off for the New Course lets celebrate the Old Course record.
The event will be held at the Old Course (venue).
Tee of time is (date, time)
Bring your putter and wear your favorite golf attire.

The (Graduate) golf club are holding their annual prize giving.
Prizes for everyone who attends.
Lots of food, drink, prizes, dancing and celebration.
Strict golf attire dress code.
Start time is:
RSVP to club secretary.

The graduate has eagled the final hole and graduated. 
Come and celebrate this stroke of luck at a graduation party at (venue), tee off (time/date).
Golf Attire.
Golf games, food and drink at the 19th hole.
RSVP (details)

After a stunning last round of exams (name) has graduated.
Come to the 19th hole (venue) at (time/date) to celebrate.
Golf Attire

High School (name) graduation golf tournament.
Course (name).
Tee Off at (time/date)
After your round there is dancing, food, drink and games.
RSVP (details)

Jack Nicklaus (the graduate) invites you to power your drives down the fairway.
Tee Off at (time/date)
After your round there is dancing, food, drink and games. RSVP (details)

Come to the Graduation Ryder Cup Party and link up with your team
Tee Off at (time/date)
After your round there is dancing, food, drink and games. RSVP (details)

Calling all golfers
The graduation gold party will suit the graduates to a tee
Course details
Tee Off time (details)
RSVP (details)

Clip art Graduation Invitations

The simplest way to complete golf theme party invitations is to use clip art. 

golf theme party
golf theme party

  • Copy and Paste the golf graduation clip art image that you would like to use into your word document. Before you paste make sure your cursor is in the location where you want the clip art placed

  • Click on the image and arrows will appear on the corners. Use these arrows to stretch the image to the desired size.

  • Then I simply added wordart at the top of the page for a fancy title and added the party details in plain text underneath the graduation clip art.

Lots more detailed instructions on my graduation clip art page..

Photo Graduation Invitations

Also, simply arrange a good quality golf style photograph. A photograph of the graduate dressed as a golfer, set against a golf course background, would be perfect, and in keeping with the golf theme party. 

Scan it onto your computer.

Using photo editing software, change the picture dimensions to the size you need.

Then simply print onto flat card with the printed invitation details on the back. Instant invitations.

You could use a photo of the graduate's favorite professional golfer.

Free Printable Graduation Invitations 

Here is a free printable for you to use or get inspiration from: 

golf graduation party

Golf Theme Party - Confetti

One of the great graduation golf theme party ideas is to have personalized confetti.

The most amazing photo confetti maker can produce golf confetti using up to 10 golf photos and up to 3 accent colors. You can choose green and white for golf. They have packs to suit your occasion.

The golf theme party photos could be of the graduate golfing, at different ages and on different courses.

Golf Theme Party - Costumes

A golf theme party is pretty simple to prepare costumes for.

  • Bright golf attire including check sweaters in bright colors

  • Garish golf trousers in bright colored checks. Just like Watson and Nicklaus in the 1980's. The brighter the better!

  • Dark trainers for golf shoes. Golf shoes would ruin your flooring.

  • Golf hats of all shapes with logos on them The logo could be personalized with the graduate's name or the high school or college. The colors could be school colors or the graduate's favorite.

  • Golf gloves, again with a personalized logo on them.

  • Plus Fours and any old fashioned golf wear. You could just tuck your pants into long socks to create the effect. Golfers did wear tweed jackets with shirt and tie. You could add mustaches and old fashioned hats for effect. Top that off with an old style hickory shafted club and you are an 1800's golfer.

  • Golf clubs, just bring one favorite club to carry for effect.

  • A caddy outfit, with name of graduate on the back, topped off with golf hat.

  • The Tiger Wood's lucky last day outfit with a red top and black pants

There is no need to buy anything for this. You should be able to borrow all costume items for this great homemade graduation party theme!

Golf Theme Party - Decorations

Use those great golf theme party images, like pictures, clubs and clothing, which are all readily available. Anything you don't have you may be able to borrow.

  • Golf memorabilia. Old fashioned golf clubs, balls, pictures and attire, if you can borrow some

  • Golf Clubs, set out lots of them. Stage setting them within casing or just setting them out on a green cloth with a golf ball and some tees. Effective lighting can showcase your display.

  • Life sized cut outs of golfers, which can be used for photos.

  • Cut golfing pictures from golf magazines. That can be photos of courses, golfers and golfing shots, amazing tournament winning shots, famous golfers winning trophies, famous golfing shots and famous moments.

  • Display golfing cartoons from golf magazines, golf humor is very sharp.

  • Tees, napkins, and golf themed plates.

  • A putting green, use one of the putting games which come complete with the 'carpet' and hole, just provide a putter and balls.

  • Big scorecards. Even a blown up photo of a famous scorecard. That could be a course record round or a final tournament winning scorecard.

  • Golf course maps. there are many, many great courses that your guests will be interested in.

  • Pictures of golf courses and golfers. Great to have St Andrews, Pebble Beach, Augusta and Muirfield. Many courses have famous landmarks like the Road hole at St Andrews and the Lighthouse at Turnberry

  • Show videos of classic golf matches. The duel in the sun at Turnberry between Watson and Nicklaus makes a great video. I like Tiger winning his first US Masters.

  • Golf hats, gloves, umbrellas, tees

  • Put up photos of Ryder Cup teams and competitions.

  • Put up photos of famous trophies.

  • Balloons and Streamers, colored green and white. Hang them from light fittings, on chairs and on doors. Balloons look best in bunches.

  • Flags, just like the flag sticks at each hole.

  • make your won bunting with card and thread.

  • Locker room, if you are using the school as a venue it may well have a locker room to decorate. Golf courses usually have well stocked locker rooms with golf shoes, towels, clubs, and the odd torn up scorecard!

  • Trophies, borrow them or make fake ones by cutting out a trophy shape in cardboard and painting silver. Write Graduate Tournament on them. Showcase real trophies on say a purple cloth and with some spot lighting.

  • First tee, build a fake first tee with some green carpet, a signpost with details such as Hole 1, 400 yards, par 4.

  • Starters Hut, perhaps you have a hut that can be dressed as the starters hut. Use it to check everyone in to the party

  • 19th hole, where food and drink will be served. This can be signposted and have a banner above it.

  • Picture of the graduate golfing over the years from that first tentative swing.

  • Play videos of the graduate golfing.

  • Play videos of famous golfing moments

  • You may be lucky and there is a major tournament playing on TV at the same time as the party

  • If you have an artist friend ask them to draw a giant golfing mural, which could be of the golfing graduate. The guests can color it in, draw on it and leave messages for the graduate.

  • Golf Shapes - cut out all kinds of golf shapes from cardstock. You can cut out golf balls, tees, clubs and flags. Color in the shapes to give a realistic effect. Where the manufacturers name of club name would appear on for example the golf balls write the graduate‘s name or the class name. These can be fixed to the wall or make hanging decorations.

  • Celebrate the Ryder Cup with an area of the graduation golf theme party dedicated to the famous competition. The photos and anything else you will be able to display will have a great snapshot of the world‘s best golfers at the time.

  • Display caricatures of famous golfers and the graduate as a golfer. You can find them in stores and online.

The golf theme party table centerpiece can be a golf hole, the 19th hole and have balls, tees and a flag stick with a graduate themed golf flag. Have a green table cover, golf plates and napkins. You could have a white table cover that you draw golf images on. You may be able to use one of those stamp sets. 

Decorate your guests, this is a brilliant way to add to the golf party and get your guests in the graduation party mood!

  • Golf hats, sunglasses, sun visors and gloves

  • Give guests a mask of a famous golfer

  • Use face paints to paint a hole and flag, golf ball or golf club on the cheek of each guest.

  • Funtoos

  • 2018 Glasses

  • 2018 Beads

  • Graduation caps

  • Cap Medallions

  • Lots of glow sticks and bracelets

A great idea is to have a box of guest decorations at the golf party entrance, along with golf balls, tees and scorecards, and hand them out liberally!

Golf theme Party - Food and Drink

A golf party requires simple food. Signpost the food area as the 19th hole. You could announce the courses as Tee off (starter), Fairway (main course) and Green (desert).

  • Hot Dogs with all the extras

  • BBQ with chicken, spare ribs, burgers, and sausages

  • Sausages

  • Buffet, with lots of cold cuts, coleslaw, potato salad and all your favorite buffet dishes.

  • Green salad and lots of other salads

  • Bowls of fruit and berries

  • Bowls of carrots and celery

  • Make golf balls from chocolate balls covered in powdered sugar.

Golf party drinks, non alcoholic champagne, grape juice, ginger beer, fruit smoothies and water. 

The golf theme Cake it could be shaped as a golf hole, golf club, putter, golfer, or trophy. Bake a simple cake and use icing to create a green complete with flag stick. Write congratulations graduate on the green.
The next section has full cake making instructions.

Graduation Cake

The golf party cake is very easy to make as all the ingredients are mixed together in the same bowl.

The Graduation Cakes page gives full details on cooking tools, ingredients, cooking instructions, recipe, frosting instructions and how to write your message. Lots of ideas on cupcakes, graduation cap cakes, cake decorations, themed cake decorations, and lots more ideas.

Shape your cake as a golf green with some undulations. Add in a hole and a golf ball. Then write the graduation message on the cake.

You could also make cupcakes with a tee, mini golf flag or mini golf club as the topping.

Golf Theme Party - Games

Golf party games:

  • Mini Golf, buy one of those mini golf games and set it out in your backyard, or at the park.

  • Have a golf fashion show with guests walking down the runway to show off their golf costume. Prizes for the best and worst!

  • Putting contests, using a carpet based putting surface and hole. Organize a scorer to keep a record of the scores. Sudden death play off for a tie. Arrange a trophy

  • Crazy Golf, you could try and make your own crazy golf course using drainpipes, plant pots and lots of other garden equipment.

  • Golf Trivia quiz on golfers, golf courses and Open tournaments. Again, a trophy for the winner.

  • How many tees in the jar, fill a jar with hundreds of tees.

  • Design a golf flag game.

  • Hire a computerized golf game. There are fantastic almost real computer games where you can actually swing the club and the screen takes you round the course.

  • Bunkers, hide golf balls in a sand box. The young kids are to find them for a prize.

  • If you are able to set up a completely safe area you could create a sandpit bunker and a hole. The challenge is to play the bunker shot with the closest to the flag being the winner.

  • Blindfold putting, work in teams of two. The sighted partner instructing the blindfold golfer on directions, without touching them.

  • Guess Who, have some well known guests photographed dressed up in vintage golfing attire. The game is to guess who they are. Have guests record their answers and give a prize to the winner.

  • Another guess who could be to ask guests to dress as their favorite golf star with other guests guessing who they are. They could even do this as say 10 questions allowed to try and guess who they are.

  • Guess the Year, display golfing photos of the graduate over the years from their first swing. The guests are to guess the year each photo relates to.

  • Golfers love their cartoons and jokes. Have a best joke contest.

  • For smaller children you could have a crafts table. You could have golf coloring in and decorate a golf hat, providing a blank hat, pens, feathers, stickers and safe glue. Also you could provide a golf jigsaw.

  • Have a fitness exercise. Ask a qualified fitness instructor to put volunteer guests through a genuine golfing warm up and fitness routine. Guests can then be ready to play golf.

  • Observation test - discretely display 6 to 10 pictures of golfing stars, or golf balls with names on them, around the venue. Near the end ask guests to complete a sheet on what they observed. Ask for the people in the pictures and location of the pictures. Have prizes for those getting all answers correct.

  • What Happened Next. Line up a series of videos with the most amazing and amusing moments in golf. I love one where a squirrel pops out of the hole and runs off with golfers ball. The idea is to show guests the footage in the short period leading up to the amazing event. Then they guess what happened next. Lastly you run the video on showing them what happened. You should be able to get amazing incidents. Perhaps there is time to show 3 or 4 of these.

  • Guess the Star, cover large photos of well known golfers stars almost completely except for say a distinguishing nose, their eyes or even a tattoo. Guests must guess who they are, and again prizes for getting them all right.

  • Disguise a guest with say a wig, beard and sports glasses. Video them playing golf for 2 minutes. Show the video at the party. Guests must guess who they are. First to guess wins the prize.

  • Caddy Race, set up a short course and some golf bags with a few clubs in them. Ask guests to race along the course carrying a golf bag. This could be set up as a relay race.

  • Golf Skill Challenge, set up various golf skills challenges for guests to show their stuff. The skills could be pitching into a pail, keeping a ball of the ground using a sand wedge only or long distance putting, for example.

  • Play Wii golf which is just perfect for a party at home.

Golf Theme Party - Favors

Great graduation golf theme favors are golf bags with lots of golf balls and tees. Use golf bag tags on the favor bags.

Also hats, sun visors, divot repair tools, towels, gloves, socks umbrellas, photos of the graduate's favorite professional player, t-shirts, mugs, pens and stationery in golf theme. Any of the favors could be personalized. 

As part of a golf party lucky dip include some Wii Sports that have the golf game on them.

Other favors could be customized golf balls with the graduates name and graduation date on them, or the date of the party. 

You could also make golf theme party Thank You cards in the design of scorecards.

Golf Theme Party - Music

Play sound tracks from golfing films. The theme track for the film Tin Cup would be one example.

Another golf theme party idea is to play the sound tracks for the best golfing television programs.

Golf Theme Party - Ideas

Golf theme party ideas:

  • Take a photo of everyone in golf attire against a golf course scene.

  • Arrange face masks of famous golfers for guests to wear.

  • Show the Golf Channel on TV.

  • Play movies like Happy Gilmour or Caddyshack.

  • Sign the graduate's scorecard.

  • Organize a professional golf demonstration and lessons for guests.

  • Have fun with the name tags. Choose famous names to go with each person.

  • Hire a real golf club as the golf theme party venue, crazy golf park or driving range.

  • Dedicate various areas of the graduation party to exceptional and famous golf courses. You can have an area for the home of golf, St Andrews Old Course. You can have areas for the magnificent Augusta, Pebble Beach, Muirfield and lots of other beautiful courses with great history attached to them. The dedication can be an enlarged course map, a scorecard, photos of various holes and photos of various famous golfers playing the course. They may have merchandise which you can display and also books on the history of the course.

  • Similarly to the golf course dedications you can do the same for famous golfers and famous tournaments at the golf theme party. Show photos, posters and lots of detail on the golfer or tournament.

  • Dedicate an area of the golf theme party to the history of golf. You can show posters and photos of the early days of golf in Scotland, the early days in USA and also for golf local to you. There are fabulous eras of golf to display and inform your guests about. Those early golfers like Tom Morris, the great Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and many stages right up to the current day. Have books and facts on the courses, the history and the people.

  • If you have a professional golfer and teacher available to join the golf theme party then you can do lots of things. They can give a slideshow talk on their favorite golf courses, golf techniques, golfers and tournaments. They can relate lots of their own golf stories including about great golfers they have played with. They can give each guests some tips and feedback on their swing and putting. Perhaps the best part would be giving the graduate a complete lesson on their set up, stance, swing, and putting which can be captured on video. They may also be able to demonstrate some trick shots for the golf theme party guests.

  • Have team games set up as the Ryder Cup with USA verses Europe. If the other guests form a vocal crowd in a fun way it could give lots of atmosphere at the golf theme party games.

  • If you can create a highlights slideshow or video that would be good. Some guests may have their best golf moments captured on video or photo. Set up the highlights show to entertain guests.

  • There will be lots of gifts for the graduate. Thank You notes written by the graduate are the best!

  • Write out rough timings for the graduation party, including expected games times and when you want to serve the food

  • Young kids need some free time just to play, arrange activity areas where they can choose what to do, or just run around exploring the graduation party ideas

  • Stick to games the kids know, it can be too much to teach a new game

  • If you have young children at the party, try to avoid games where some kids are out. An increasing number of bored kids will not help the party

  • Protect your furniture, graduation party ideas can be messy

  • Talk to your neighbors in advance of the golf theme party.

  • Save money and have a joint golf theme party with other graduates.
    This can give excellent cost sharing, lots of people to do the work and help find items at cheaper costs.

  • Save money and book golf theme party venues for the cheaper weeknights

  • Think about the golf theme party venue and the likely weather. A crazy golf venue, tent, YMCA, local park or school gym can be great alternatives. An outdoor facility is great for a golf theme party.

Share Your Graduation Golf Theme Party

If you would like to share your complete golf theme party with us send us your graduation party story and photos and we will create your own golf theme party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your graduation party and comment on your ideas.) If you share your complete golf theme party details you will be automatically entered into our next contest. This year we are having a bumper $100 prize fund. There will be an overall winner and runners up prizes. The winner will be the best overall graduation party story and photos. 

For golf theme party favors, prizes and great golf theme party supplies search throughthe World's Largest Party Superstore  

A golf theme party is one of the great graduation party ideas, particularly where the graduate loves golf. The party goers should find it simple to dress in costume and will love your golf theme party.

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